Diary of Frederick Archer Ludlow, December 1941 to June 1942.




December 1st 1941 - June 7th 1942

Scope and Content

Includes daily entries recording day-to-day life during the Occupation, including references to rationing, food substitutes, exchanging brandy rations for food and the black market. Also includes a list of Red Cross letters exchanged between 14 February 1941 and 26 May 1942, lists of books read in 1940, 1941 and 1942, and extracts from, and notes on, books read.


Anthoine, Mrs
Baker, Reginald Stanley
Bradley, Janet
Bradley, Ursula
Chinn, Mr
Churchill, Winston
de la Haye Family
de la Mare family
du Val Family
Floyd, Thomas Nicholas
Gordon, Dr
Grimley, Reginald Fearn
Grimley, Margherita Boninzella, née Pieri-Nerli
Harrison, Mr
Heritier, Mr
Hines, Herbert Samuel
Johnson, Sally
Jones-Parry, Thomas
Kent, Mr
Kirschner, Rudolf
Labey, Mr
Langois, Jim
Le Poidevin Family
Le Riche, Mr
Ludlow, Denis
Ludlow, Donald Ernest
Ludlow, Ernest Horatio
Ludlow, Frederick Archer
Ludlow, Madeleine Beatrice
Ludlow, Marcia
Ludlow, Mary Ethel, née Rodgers
Ludlow, Mollie
Ludlow, Walter
Minck, Herbert
Moore, Mr
Mounsey, Kate
Mumme, Ethel Agnes Foster, née Lyle
Mumme, Henry Lobnitz
Mumme, Isabel Lyle
Pesant, Edith Louisa
Pheasant, Miss
Rossignol, Mr
Veitch, Alice May, née Allard
Williams, Jenny
Evening Post
Food Control Committee
Grand Hotel
Jersey Library
Jersey Opera House
Links Hotel
Red Cross
St James' Church
St Luke's Church
St Saviour's Church


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