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Typed copy of the memories of Robert C Bennett based upon notes written by him during the Occupation.

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October 1st 1940 - 1945

Scope and Content

Includes an account of life on board the MV Spinel and a photograph of the said vessel, and information about his father Captain B W Bennett, including an account of Captain Bennett's journey to Antarctica in 1916 to find Sir Ernest Shackleton, his experience as captain of Lady Trent's yacht Aphrodite and events surrounding his death. Also includes an account of Robert Bennett's deportation to Germany and internment at Ilag VIII/Z Kreuzburg in Poland, detailing life in the camp, recollections of other internees and an account of the liberation of the camp and of hearing of the liberation of the Channel Islands. Also includes an account of the journey across Europe back to Jersey and his eventual return to the island after the war.


Baden-Powell, Lady Olave
Bataille, George
Bennett, Arnold Benjamin
Bennett, Benjamin Wilfred, Captain
Bennett, Marie Melanie, née du Jardin
Bennett, Robert Cyril
Boot, Florence
Breuilly, Mr
Collins, Mr
Corbel, John
Cuirot, Mr
Cummings, Mr
Dale, James Cyril
de la Haye, Mr
Dent, Mr
Eve, Mr
Fishel, Maurice Bernard
Hauffman, Bill
Hooper, Mr
Houguet-Poole, Eric
Jesty, William James
Joss, Mr
Kirk, Mr
Lawrence, Mr
Leister, John
Lempriere, Dick
Martin, Charles
McDonnell, Leo
McDonnell, Mavis Edith, née Bennett
Nicholas, Frank
Palmer, Felix
Pike, Mr
Pleasant, Mr
Pleasants, Eric
Price, Bill
Richardson, James Francis
Richmond, Henry James
Richter, Mr
Rossi, Jean Marie
Rossi, Marcel Fortune
Shackleton, Sir Ernest
Solomon, Dr
Sowden, George Henry, Captain
Stuart, Jock
Trent, Lady
Trent, Lord
Vernn, Dr
Woodman, Fred
British Broadcasting Corporation
Castle Irwell Hotel
Channel Islands Committee in London
Duchess of Normandy
E Farley and Son
Henry Robb Limited
Highland Light Infantry
Jersey Airport
Navy Army and Air Force Institutes
Pomme d'Or
Red Cross
Royal Air Force
Southern Railways Shipping Company
SS Diamant
SS France
SS Normand
States of Jersey


Alderney | Ancona | Antarctica | Berlin | Bremen | Bridge of Weir | Canada | Chausey | Cherbourg | Cromwell Road | Demi des Pas | Dijon | Dresden | Dunkirk | Elizabeth Castle | Frankfurt | French Lane | Gibraltar | Glasgow | Granville | Greenock | Guernsey | Halkett Place | Hill Street | Ilag VIII Z | Italy | Kreuzburg | 19, La Motte Street | La Motte Street | Leith | Les Minquiers | Mont Félard | Mont Millais | Monte Cassino | Munich | Naples | New North Quay | Nuremberg | Paisley | Park Lane, Westmount | Pescara | Poland | Ravena | Rimini | Rome | Salzburg | Snow Hill | Southampton | Spittal an der Drau | St Malo | Udine | Upper Grosvenor Street | Upper Silesia | Venice | Vienna | Villach | bombing raids | diaries | expeditions | internment camps | Navy | Notes | Occupation | Prisoners of war | Rationing | Second World War | Ships | Vessels


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