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Images of the final day of the water polo season at Fort Regent. Includes images of the Tom Blake Junior League Trophy champions De La Salle B and their matchday opponents The Rest, who beat De La Salle B 6-2 on the day to win the Jersey Water Polo Association Trophy [A-C]; and Dave Cummins Senior League Shield champions Old Victorians who beat The Rest 4-2 to win the John Killminster Rest Trophy [D-E] [from JEP 11/05/2020 p 34].

Negatives have been scanned at 1,200 dpi and can be downloaded as high quality jpg files. The quality of the scanned image is dependent on the condition of the original.




May 6th 1981 - May 6th 1981


Angell, Mr
Armstrong, Mr
Bowen, Mr
Briggs, Mr
de Carteret, Mr
Donaldson, B
Donaldson, S
Farina, Mr
Gallichan, Mr
Gautier, Mr
Harben, Mr
Horsfall, Mr
Jewell, Mr
Jordi, Mr
Jouault, Mr
Kempster, Mr
King, Mr
Lagadu, Mr
Le Corré, Mr
Lower, Mr
Mahoney, Mr
Margorou, Mr
McFarling, Mr
Minty, Mr
Minty, Mr
Parker, Mr
Philpot, Mr
Reynolds, Mr
Skinner, Mr
De La Salle College
Jersey Water Polo Association
Old Victorians Water Polo Club


Fort Regent | leagues | shields | Sports | swimming pools | team portraits | trophies | water polo


5 35mm negative



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Closed for preservation. Please view digital image.

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Photographer Peter Mourant
JEP Photographic Job Number 1981/7421.


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