Draft manuscript of Lest We Forget: Escapes and Attempted Escapes from Jersey during the German Occupation 1940 - 1945 by Roy Thomas.




1992 - 1992

Scope and Content

Contents include: acknowledgements; bibliography; foreword by Sir Robert Le Masurier; Bailiff of Jersey 1962-1974; a historical note about Jersey and the Occupation; maps of embarkation points in Jersey and landing areas on the French coast; an introduction; an appreciation of the tidal flow around the Channel Islands by Captain Roy Bullen, Harbourmaster of Jersey; seventeen chapters on various escapes and attempted escapes by a number of individuals during the Occupation; a postscript; and seven appendices, including a list of escapees. Includes copies of photographs and maps, notes in manuscript, and a list of notes of errors in the reading draft.


Abraham, M S
Allo, A J
Allo, E
Amy, H T
Audrain, Denis
Aune, André
Bedane, Albert
Bertram, Charlie
Bertram, Clarice Janet
Bertram, Emily
Bertram, Ida, née Poskitt
Bertram, John
Bertram, Ronald Claude
Bertram, Thomas Claude
Bertram, Wilfred John, Deputy
Biddle, Drexel, Colonel
Biles, Charles
Bisson, Madeleine
Bisson, Ronald
Blacker, Lieutenant
Blampied, Gladys Louise, née Vibert
Blandin, David Sidney Peter
Boisnante, Jacque
Bondis, Charles Louis Augustus
Bonney, Frank George
Briard, Garnet
Brown, Wing Commander
Bullen, Roy
Burger, Mark George Cave
Cabot, P G
Carter, D
Cavey, Bernard Edward
Ching, Mary Ann Georgina, née Thomas
Clark, Edward Robert
Clayton Green, Mr
Collins, Kenneth John
Constantine, Georges
Costard, A
Costard, H F
Cotillard, Philip
Couilliard, James Terrance
Coutanche, Clive
Craigie-Burnet, F W
Crill, Peter Leslie
Cruickshank, Charles
Curwood, John
Curwood, Peter
Davey, Douglas George
Davies, Dorothy
Davies, Thomas James
Desvergez, Pierre
Deveau, Florence Mabel
Deveau, June Francis
Deveau, William Henry
du Parcq, Lord Justice
Duquemin, K
Floyd, Elise
Floyd, John
Foster, F
Fremin, Jacqueline
Fremin, Joseph
Fremin, Pierre
Ginns, Margaret
Ginns, Michael
Gladden, William
Godfray, L
Gorvel, André Louis
Goudré, Valentine
Gould, Maurice
Greene, Belza Althea, née Turner
Greene, Reginald
Gretz, Mr
Gruchy, Charles
Gruchy, Edward
Guiton, Peter
Haas, George, Lieutenant
Halliwell, A C
Hamon, Eric
Hanna, John Ridgway, Doctor
Hassall, Peter
Hamon, Eric Charles
Havard, Marie-Louise
Havard, Paul George André
Havard, René
Hedouin, Mr
Hoar, John Wymark
Holmes, Mr
Horman, Oscar Sidney
Houghton, George
Huelin, Lewis
Huelin, Victor Patrick
Hughes, Eileen Margaret, née Bertram
Huson, Mr
Hutchings, Barbara
Inverness Bathe, Mrs
Jehan, Peter
Jennings, Peter Stanley
Jesty, Kenneth
Journeaux, Colin Robert
Kensole, William Douglas
Keiller, Enid
Keiller, Frank
Killer, Frank
Killer, Stanley Thomas Bradney
Kleinstein, Arthur Samuel
Kleinstein, Martha Helga
Kosta, Siebe
Krebs, Joe M, Lieutenant
L'Amy, Major
Langdon, Mr
Langley, Barbara, née Hutchings
Langley, John Elgar
Langlois, Eddie
Langlois, Edward
Langlois, Marguerite
Langlois, Mrs
Larbalestier, Bernard
Larbalestier, John
Laurens, George
Laurens, Oscar
Lawrence, Richard Charles
La Cloche, Hugh
Le Brun, Anthony
Le Brun, Basil
Le Brun, Clarence
Le Brun, William
Le Calvez, Frank
Le Calvez, Olga Gwendoline
Le Clercq, Mike
Le Clercq, Sydney
Le Corre, Edward
Le Cornu, Martin
Le Couteur, Fay, née Vibert
Le Couteur, George
Le Couteur, Ian
Le Couteur, Susan
Le Couteur, Tracy
Le Cuirot, Dennis Philip
Le Cuirot, Leonard Thomas
Le Feuvre, Donald
Le Gallais, Caryle
Le Gallais, Joe
Le Gallais, Philip
Le Gros, Ted
Le Lievre, Donald
Le Marchand, Douglas Vivier
Le Marchand, Stanley John
Le Marquand, George
Le Masurier, Edward
Le Masurier, Joe
Le Masurier, Sir Robert Hugh, Bailiff of Jersey 1962 - 1974
Le Miere, Paul Andre
Le Poidevin, Leonard
Le Riche, Silver
Le Sueur, Eileen
Le Sueur, Francis
Le Sueur, Guy
Le Sueur, John
Le Sueur, Max Edward
Le Sueur, Robert
Lerouille, Roger
Liot, Phyllis, née Hamon
Love, Robin
Luciennes, Roy
Luxton, Clarence Arthur
Macdonald, Jock
MacFarlane, Harry
Machon, Basil William
Manley, Major
Marett, Arthur
Marett-Crosby, Suzanne, Jurat
Marie, Colin
Marie, Mrs
McCann, Daphne
McKinstry, Robert Noel
McLinton, Dennis
McQueen, Dorothy
Mière, Joe
Mitchell, Mrs
Mitchell, Peter Dorland
Moignard, John
Morrison, Major
Mourant, Roy
Murphy, Leonard Francis
Neil, Michael Xavier
Newey, John F
Nicolle, Frank Henry
Noël, Peter
Noel, Philip
Norman, Arthur Gibaut
O'Connor, James
Osmont, Raymond
Parris, Kenneth William
Perrin, Rosanna
Payn, Bertram
Perchard, Mr
Picot, John
Pinel, Francis
Pinel, John
Pirouet, E
Poignard, Dennis
Poignard, Mrs
Poingdestre, Mr
Prain, Eric Harding
Price, James
Price, Michael Gregory
Quérée, Cyril
Querée, William
Queripel, Richard
Rault, Denis Charles
Rault, John Francis
Raymonde, Marie
Renouf, Albert
Renouf, Alex
Reybold, John
Richardson, Denys
Ridley, Charles Stanley
Robert, Réné
Rowley, John Selwyn
Rumball, William
Ryan, Dennis
Ryder, Jack
Samson, Jim
Sarre, Gwenda Mary Burdon, née Young
Sarre, William Francis
Sinclair, Olga Mary
Sinel, Leslie
Smith, Mr
Smith, Patrick Owen
Stuart, Gordon Campbell
Taylor, Graham
Thomas, Roy
Touzel, Frank
Touzel, M
Troughton, Fred
Turner, Belza Althea
Turner, Edith Mary
Turner, George
Turner, Violet
Valpy, Peter
Verger de Peter, Mr
Vibert, Denis
Vibert, Ralph
Vibert, Ruth
Voisin, Edward
Voisin, John
Volante, Dominic Antonio
Wakeham, Thomas
Webb, Dennis Patrick
Wheeler, Charles Alfred
Whithy, George
Woodrow, A, Captain
Woods, Robert Lionel
Yates, Captain
Ann Street Brewery
Bashford's Nursery
Channel Islands Occupation Society
Channel Islands Refugees Committee
Cleveland Garage
Crill and Benest
Field Command 515
German Underground Hospital
HMS Brocklesby
Jersey Agricultural Marketing Federation
Jersey Evening Post
Jersey Farmers' Co-operative Limited
Jersey General Hospital
Jersey Milk Marketing Board
J W Huelin Limited
La Haule Books Limited
Noel and Porter
Norman Limited
Organisation Todt
Pomme D'Or Hotel
Professional Colour Services
Ragamuffin (Boat)
Victoria College
War Office


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