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Admission Register of La Moye School, St Brelade.This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. Please consult PDF for entries.

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June 14th 1902 - June 20th 1938


La Moye School
Adams, Percy
Ahier, Louise
Allenet, Gladys
Aller, Felix
Aller, Yves
Allez, George Walter
Allez, John Peter
Allez, Lena
Allez, Peter
Anffray, Edward John
Anfray, Doris
Anfray, Eugene
Anfray, Florence
Anfray, Gladys
Anfray, Harold
Anfray, Henry
Anfray, William
Auffray, Doris
Barette, Mavis Mary
Bartholomew, Ivy Gladys
Becquet, Harold Ralph
Belanger, Marie
Bell, Arthur McDonald
Benest, Cyril
Benest, Harold
Benest, Sidney C
Biard, Eileen Phyllis
Biard, Elsie
Biard, Patricia
Biard, Percy
Birbeck, Graham John
Birbeck, Norma
Bisson, Adèle
Bisson, Adèle M
Bisson, Arthur Victor
Bisson, Charles
Bisson, Edward Seale
Bisson, Florence
Bisson, Florence A
Bisson, George
Bisson, Gladys
Bisson, Henry
Bisson, Janet
Bisson, John
Bisson, John Roy
Blanchet, Louis
Bons, Adèle
Boomer, Aubrey
Botrel, Anatole A
Botrel, David
Botrel, Louis
Botrel, May
Bottrel, Louis James
Bottrel, Phyllis
Boüetté, Eric
Boustorler, Elise
Boustoulier, Alain
Boustoulier, Raymonde
Briard, Herbert Frank
Bull, Dorothy
Bull, Edith
Bull, John
Bull, Lilian
Butel, Angèle
Butel, Arthur
Butel, Bertie
Butel, Blanche
Butel, Clarice Simonne
Butel, David
Butel, Edmund
Butel, Ernest
Butel, Florence
Butel, John Francis
Butel, Joseph
Butel, Lucille
Butel, Peter
Butel, Simonne Angele
Caddick, Vera Constance
Cadec, Cecile Kathleen
Cadec, Francois
Cadoret, Albert
Cadoret, Alfred
Cadoret, Alfred Louis
Cadoret, François
Cadoret, Françoise
Cadoret, Jeanne
Cadoret, Louis
Cadoret, Peter
Cadoret, Roselle G
Cadoret, Snowdon
Cain, George
Carlston, Charles
Carroll, Thomas
Cassim, Simonne
Clapham, Nellie E
Colin, Anne
Colin, Doris
Colin, Joseph
Colin, Louis
Colin, Rénée
Colin, Yves
Collin, Doris
Collin, Renée
Collin, Yves
Coombes, Alfred
Coombes, William
Cornière, Laura
Coupelon, Peter J
Courval, Andre
Courval, Emile F
Crawford, John
Crewe, Elsie
Crewe, Percy
Crewe, William
Cronière, Louisa A
Crosse, Frederick
Cuirot, Gordon R
Cummings, Arthur
Cummings, Elsie
Dagorne, Henry
Danto, Anne
Daubert, A Nelson Le F
D'Aubert, Adolphus
d'Aubert, Elsie
David, Billy
de Caux, Brian
de Caux, Snowdon
de Gruchy, Donald
de Gruchy, Dorothy
de la Cote, Doris
de la Cote, Florence
de la Côte, Francis
de la Côte, George
de La Haye, Agnes
de la Haye, Andrew
de la Haye, Arthur
de la Haye, Bertram
De La Haye, David
de la Haye, Eva
de la Haye, Gerald
De La Haye, John
de la Haye, Joseph
de la Haye, Mary
Deslandes, George W
Deslandes, Joshua
Deslandes, Laura M
Dibben, Dorothy K
Dimmick, Alfred J
Dimmick, Ethel
Dimmick, Francis
Dimmick, Lilian
Dimmick, Linda
Dimmick, Raymond
Divers, Beryl
Divers, Kathleen
Dorland, Stanley
Drouin, Lydia
Du Bois, Cyril Thomas
du Bois, Harold
du Bois, Olive
du Feu, Albert
du Feu, Eva
du Feu, Gwendoline
Du Feu, Hedley
du Feu, Marie
du Feu, Maud
du Feu, Mavis
Dubois, Arthur Stanley
Dubois, Edmund S
Dubois, Emile
Dubois, Emile Edmund
Dubois, Zilda
Duffett, Dorothy
Dunell, Gladys
Dunell, William
Dunn, Edward A C
Dunn, Mabel K M
Dunn, William V
Durner, Arthur C
Durnford, Arthur James
Durnford, Betty J
Dutot, Clement
Dutot, Olive
England, Dorothy M
Eyres, Queenie
Eyres, Thomas
Ferey, Lilian V
Findlay, Dolly Winifred
Findlay, Joy
Finlay, Dolly
Finlay, Joy
Finlay, Violet Joan Daphne
Fiott, Adolphus
Fiott, Arthur
Fiott, Edith
Fiott, John Gibaut
Fiott, John W
Fiott, Moses B
Fiske, Clifford
Fiske, Harold
Fiske, Wilfred
Fleury, Ernest
Fontaine, François J
Foot, Edwin
Foott, Louisa
Foster, Gladys
Foster, Ivy
Frotin, Jean
Frotin, Selina
Garatte, Ada
Gavey, Agnes
Gavey, Elsie
Geast, Edmund
Genee, Francis Raphael
Genee, Gordon Philip
Gilbert, Jean
Gilbert, John Russell
Gilbert, Thomas Albert
Givens, David
Givens, John
Givens, John
Goarin, Christopher
Goarin, Alice
Godefray, Francis
Godefray, Paul
Gouarin, Ernest C
Gougéon, Marie
Gourio, Jean
Gourio, Juliette
Gourio, Louise
Gourio, Réné
Grenelle, Alfred
Grenelle, Alice
Grenelle, Ellen
Hamel, Beulah
Hamel, Christabel
Hamel, Clarence
Hamel, Claude D
Hamel, Lilian
Hamel, Mabel
Hamel, Olive
Hamel, Peter
Hamel, Philip J
Hamel, Rhoda P
Hamel, Sylvia Doria
Hardy, Margaret Norah
Hardy, Norah
Haynes, George Frederick
Heathcock, Percy
Hebgin, Jean
Helleur, Amelia
Helleur, Francis Philip
Helleur, George
Hepper, James Peter
Hill, George L
Hiron, Florence
Horman, Francis Alfred
Horman, Louisa May
Horman, May Louisa
Horn, Nelly
Huchet, Francis
Huchet, Violet
Huelin, Livingston C
Jacob, Alice
Jacques, Louise
Jacques, Marcel
Jaffrelot, Violet
Jandron, Albert
Jandron, Francis
Jandron, Olive
Jandron, Phyllis
Jarais, Ellen
Jolly, Joyce
Jolly, Phyllis
Jones, Alice
Jones, Bernard
Jones, Beryl
Jones, Charles Henry
Jones, Joseph
Jones, Llewellyn F
Jones, Olga
Jones, Reginald
Jones, Robert
Juilling, Adrienne
Kruderwig, Alice
Kruderwig, Phyllis
Laffoley, Arthur James
Laffoley, Beatrice
Laffoley, Eileen P
Laffoley, Hector
Laffoley, Hector C
Laffoley, Roger
Laffoley, Roger Ken
Laffoley, Ruth
Laffoley, Ruth B
L'Amy, Ida
L'Amy, Lucy
L'Amy, Walter
Langlois, Albert
Langlois, Alfred
Langlois, Annie
Langlois, Elsie
Langlois, Eunice
Langlois, Hedley
Larbalestier, John O
Larbalestier, John Owen
Larbalestier, Owen
Larbalestier, Peter Edwin
Laverty, Alfred G
Laverty, David
Laverty, David Alfred
Laverty, Evelyn
Laverty, Frederick
Laverty, Simonne
Laverty, Simonne M
Laverty, William John
Le Bailly, Adelaide
Le Bailly, Adèle
Le Bailly, Alfred
Le Bailly, Alfred John
Le Bailly, Charles J
Le Bailly, Edward
Le Bailly, Elias John
Le Bailly, Elie
Le Bailly, Florence
Le Bailly, James
Le Bailly, Madeleine
Le Bailly, Michel
Le Bailly, Nancy Mariette
Le Bailly, Noël
Le Bailly, Winifred
Le Bas, Doreen
Le Bas, George Renouf
Le Boutillier, Brian
Le Boutillier, Donald E
Le Boutillier, Edward John
Le Boutillier, Francis
Le Boutillier, James F
Le Breuilly, Beryl
Le Brocq, Eva Joyce
Le Brocq, Freda M
Le Brocq, Lester Summer
Le Brocq, S Samuel
Le Brocq, Susan
Le Brun, Ellen G
Le Cappelain, Margaret
Le Cornu, Albert J
Le Cornu, Alfred
Le Cornu, Charles
Le Cornu, Florence
Le Cornu, Frank
Le Cornu, John
Le Cornu, Matilda
Le Cronier, Alice
Le Cronier, Laura
Le Druillenec, Barbara
Le Feuvre, Adolphus
Le Feuvre, Ernest
Le Feuvre, George F
Le Feuvre, Joseph
Le Feuvre, Peter
Le Feuvre, Walter
Le Filliastre, Elsie
Le Filliastre, Florence
Le Garsmeur, Adrien
Le Garsmeur, Berthe Marguerite
Le Garsmeur, Léontine Yvonne
Le Garsmeur, Réné
Le Grand, Christianne
Le Grand, Elizabeth
Le Grand, Maud
Le Grand, Norbert
Le Gresley, Eliza
Le Gresley, Hilda
Le Huquet, Charles
Le Huquet, Elsie
Le Huquet, Maud
Le Lai, Alfred J
Le Lai, Alice
Le Lievre, Albert
Le Lievre, Frank
Le Lièvre, James
Le Lievre, Jeanne
Le Lievre, John
Le Lievre, Louise
Le Lievre, Peter
Le Lievre, Phyllis
Le Lievre, Walter
Le Marquand, Albert
Le Marquand, Charles Henry
Le Marquand, Clarice Simonne
Le Marquand, Daisy
Le Marquand, Doreen M
Le Marquand, Elaine
Le Marquand, Emily
Le Marquand, Eunice
Le Marquand, Francis
Le Marquand, Francis J
Le Marquand, Frank
Le Marquand, Henrietta
Le Marquand, Iris
Le Marquand, Ivy
Le Marquand, John F
Le Marquand, John Francis
Le Marquand, Joseph P
Le Marquand, Martha
Le Marquand, Melbourne
Le Marquand, Philip
Le Marquand, Philip Adrian
Le Marquand, Philip John
Le Marquand, Ronah
Le Marquand, Sophia
Le Masurier, Elsie
Le Mercier, Sheila
Le Messager, Henriette
Le Moignan, Annie
Le Moignan, Edward
Le Mottée, Arthur
Le Mottée, Harold Charles
Le Mottée, Ronald J
Le Neveu, Albert Harry
Le Neveu, Alfred
Le Neveu, Alice
Le Neveu, Angèle
Le Neveu, Denise M
Le Neveu, Edmund
Le Neveu, Edward
Le Neveu, Elsie
Le Neveu, Eva
Le Neveu, Florence
Le Neveu, George
Le Neveu, Gilberte
Le Neveu, Giséle
Le Neveu, Hanaid
Le Neveu, Henry
Le Neveu, John
Le Neveu, Laura
Le Neveu, Leslie John
Le Neveu, Percy
Le Neveu, Terence
Le Neveu, Violet
Le Neveu, William
Le Neveu, Yolande
Le Rouley, Ethel
Le Saux, Arthur
Le Saux, John
Le Saux, Lily
Le Saux, May
Le Saux, Rita
Leader, Peter
Leat, Gladys M
Leat, Ivy K
Leatt, Alan L
Leatt, James
Lee, Lily
Leff, Donald
Leff, Donald Rudolf
Lewis, Alfred Charles
Louvet, George E P
Louvet, Sidney Louis
Louvet, Vera Mary
Louvet, Violet C W
Lovell, Roland
Luce, Florence
M, Clara
Major, Harry
Male, Arthur Edward
Male, Harold Francis
Male, Madeleine
Mallet, John P
Mallet, Leonard
Mallet, Philip
Mallet, Philip J
Mallett, Bertha
Mallett, Leonard
Malzard, Arthur D
Malzard, Cyril Philip
Malzard, Ivy May
Marais, Eugènie
Marais, Lizzy
Marrett, Alice M
Marrett, Louisa
Martin, Ernest Jessy
Martin, Mary
Mauger, Kathleen M
Mauger, Albert
Mauger, Arthur
Mauger, Arthur Henry
Mauger, Beatrice
Mauger, Eunice
Mauger, Florence
Mauger, George
Mélin, Albert
Melin, Frederick
Mélin, Rose
Mesney, Hedly John
Mesny, Ernest Jessy
Michel, Denise M
Michel, Dolly
Millin, Augustine
Mills, Arthur
Mills, Elsie
Mills, Elsie Violet
Mills, Gertrude
Mills, Ivy
Mills, Lydia
Mills, Violet
Milon, Alfred Francis
Milon, Yvonne Louise
Misson, Edmund
Misson, Ernest
Moffatt, Gladys Mary
Moignan, Fred
Moignan, Philip
Moitié, Harold Charles
Moitié, Hazel M
Moitié, Richard Francis
Moitié, Walter R
Monamy, Alice
Monamy, Clara
Monamy, David
Monamy, Dennis
Monamy, Margaret
Monnamy, Alfred
Monnamy, Alfred J
Monnamy, Annie
Monnamy, Arthur C
Monnamy, James
Monnamy, Percy
Monnamy, Ronald J
Mordrell, Yvonne
Newland, Francis R
Newland, Gladys W
Newland, Phyllis Evelyn G
Newman, Arthur
Newman, Dorothy
Newman, Ellaine
Newman, Elsie
Newman, Elsie L
Newman, Eva
Newman, Hubert
Newman, John
Newman, Maureen
Newnham, Herbert
Nicolas, Josephine
Nicolle, Florence
Nicolle, Henry P
Nicolle, J Clarence
Nicolle, John
Norman, Alfred
Norman, Emily
Norris, Kate G G
Norris, Kate Gertrude Gloria
Norris, Pearl
Norris, Reginald Charles Godfrey
Norris, Sylvia Coral
Norwood, Alice
Norwood, Ben
O'Kell, Betty Iona
O'Kell, Sheila
Olliver, Peter J
Ollivier, Arthur
Ollivier, Helier
Page, Bernard
Page, David Gregory
Perée, Arthur
Perée, Charles P
Pérée, Doris May
Pérée, John Francis
Perrée, Beatrice
Perrée, George H
Perrée, Lilian
Perriot, Francis
Pinglaux, Alice
Pinglaux, Arthur
Pinglaux, Christine
Pinglaux, Denzil
Pinglaux, Doris May
Pinglaux, Elsie
Pinglaux, Francis
Pinglaux, Francis J
Pinglaux, Harold Francis
Pinglaux, Irene Alice
Pinglaux, Ivy
Pinglaux, Lucille
Pinglaux, Mabel F
Pinglaux, Norman
Pinglaux, Peter
Pinglaux, Roselle A
Pinglaux, Violet
Piton, Doris Florence
Piton, Joyce Lucy
Piton, Lavinia
Piton, Millicent
Plain, Roger E
Plain, Valentine Albert
Playfair, Gwendoline T M
Playfair, Jean H M
Playfair, Pearl
Poignand, John F
Porterfield, Michael
Potier, Cyril
Potier, Henry
Potier, John C
Potier, Kenneth
Potier, Philip L
Potier, Robert W
Pullinger, Aurelie
Pullinger, Thomas C
Rabet, Alfred
Rabet, Alice
Rabet, Beatrice J
Rabet, Clifford
Rabet, Cyril
Rabet, Ernest Edward
Rabet, Florence
Rabet, John
Rabet, Joseph François
Rabet, Roselle
Ratel, Florence
Raymond, Charles
Rebours, Jack
Rebours, Louisa
Rendall, Iris Hilda
Renouf, Adele Maud
Renouf, Adeline
Renouf, Alfred J
Renouf, Alice
Renouf, Annie
Renouf, Annie C
Renouf, Athalie
Renouf, Bertha
Renouf, Christina
Renouf, Clarence
Renouf, Cyril
Renouf, Doreen
Renouf, Dorothy May
Renouf, Edward
Renouf, Emily
Renouf, Emma
Renouf, Gertrude
Renouf, James
Renouf, James J
Renouf, Louisa
Renouf, Madeleine L
Renouf, Madeline
Renouf, Mary
Renouf, Mathilde
Renouf, Sidney J
Renouf, Sylvia
Renouf, Thomas
Renouf, Thomas
Restorick, Kathleen V
Rio, Elsie
Rio, Peter
Robert, Elsie
Robert, Florence
Robert, John
Robinson, Edwin
Robinson, Wallace
Rolland, Harold
Rolland, Thelma
Rowe, Adelina
Rowe, Adelina
Rowe, Alfred
Rowe, Alice M
Rowe, Beryl
Rowe, Doris
Rowe, Florence
Rowe, George
Rowe, Henry
Rowe, Irene
Rowe, John Francis
Rowe, Mabel
Rowe, Marie
Rowe, Phyllis
Rowe, Walter
Rowe, William John
Shales, Charles R
Shales, Eliza
Shales, Kate
Sherman, Kenneth
Slous, Alfred
Slous, Arthur Alfred
Slous, Edmund
Slous, Ella
Slous, Elsie
Slous, Elsie M
Slous, Evelyn
Slous, George
Slous, Harold P
Slous, Helen E
Slous, Henry
Slous, Hilda
Slous, Lucinda
Slous, Mabel
Slous, Thomas
Smith, Arthur
Smith, Eva
Smith, William
Smithers, V Audrey
Southwood, Daphne
Southwood, Howard
Steel, Florence
Steel, John Clarence
Steel, John Clement
Steel, Lilian
Steel, Robert
Steele, Beatrice
Steele, Clement
Steele, Ernest
Thiébot, May
Thiebot, Rachel
Thomas, Maureen J
Torphy, Harold
Torphy, Wilfred
Tréhiou, Clara
Trehiou, Eva
Trehiou, Louisa
Turpin, Bernard
Turpin, John
Turpin, Ronald John
Turpin, Yvonne P
Vasselin, Rosalie
Vautier, Christina
Vibert, Ethel May
Vibert, Thomas
Vibert, Yvonne
Vining, Queenie
Vining, Queenie I
Wherry, Bertie
Williams, Colleen
Williams, Eileen
Williams, Elsie May
Williams, Evan W
Williams, George Lloyd
Williams, Kathleen
Williams, Opal
Williams, Robert
Yrand, John G
Yrand, Raymond C


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