Patrage between Edouard Vautier older son and principal heir of the late Edouard Vautier son of Edouard of Leoville in the Parish of St Ouen of the first party and John Vautier, Mary Ann Vautier, Jane Vautier wife of Robert William Webber her authorisee, Alice Jane Vautier, Ada Vautier, Philippe Le Marquand tuteur of Anna Vautier and Helena Vautier of the second party. The said John, Mary Ann, Jane, Alice Jane, Ada, Anna and Helena Vautier are younger children of the said late Edouard Vautier and co heirs to his succession. 1 receives a property known as La Croiserie situated at Leoville in the parish of St Ouen together with lands of his choice and rentes. 2 receives a house and land situated at Millais in the parish of St Ouen on the Fief Haubert together with rentes. 3 receives land to the value of £28 10s 4d as do all other parties: Registered Livre 323 folio 245




September 11th 1897 - September 11th 1897


Vautier, Edouard
Vautier, John
Vautier, Mary Ann
Vautier, Jane
Webber, Jane, née Vautier
Webber, Robert William
Vautier, Alice Jane
Vautier, Ada
Vautier, Anna
Vautier, Helena


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