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Admission Registers for Halkett Place Girls' School. This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. For entry details please consult PDF

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February 4th 1929 - June 26th 1939


Halkett Place School
Abraham, Eva Mildred
Abraham, Joyce Josephine
Acker, Rose
Adams, Winifred Joyce
Ahier, Doreen Florence
Ahier, Dorothy
Ahier, Phyllis May
Ahier, Ruby Margaret
Alexandre, Elsie
Allix, Maude
Amy, Violet Jane
Andrews, Braemar Mary
Andrews, Colleen
Andrews, Rosemary
Andrews, Vera Lilian
Andrews, Violet
Arrowsmith, Marilyn
Arrowsmith, Marjorie
Aubert, Doreen
Aubert, Elizabeth
Aubert, Grace
Aubert, Hilda
Aubert, Kathleen Florence
Aubert, Phyllis May
Aubert, Violet Ethel
Audrain, Beryl Adeline
Audrain, Célestine
Audrain, Florence
Audrain, Gladys
Audrain, Roselle Amy
Balcam, Pauline
Ballard, Rita
Bardin, Angelina
Bardwell, Freda
Barnard, Joan
Barnard, Olga
Barnett, Marjorie Rhoda
Barnfield, Myrtle
Barter, Doris
Bassett, Ivy
Bastin, Mavis Maud
Bates, Dorothy Winifred
Baudains, Joan Dorothy
Baudains, Pearl Edith Doreen
Baudains, Rita
Baxter, Cecily
Becquet, Madeleine
Becquet, Winnie
Becquet, Yvonne
Bedfert, Constance
Beer, Doreen Pamela
Beer, Joan
Benest, Muriel
Bennett, Barbara
Bennett, Gladys
Bennett, Peggy
Bennett, Sheila May
Bennett, Thelma Noel
Benoit, Ethel Florence
Benoit, Kathleen
Bénoit, Madeline
Berry, Barbara May
Berry, Dorothy
Berry, Evelyn
Berry, Gwendoline
Berry, Jean
Beuzeval, Beryl
Beuzeval, Mavis
Bidois, Pauline
Bird, Betty
Bird, Eva
Bird, Louisa
Bishop, Joyce Linda
Bisson, Bernice
Bisson, Elizabeth
Bisson, Eva Emily
Bisson, Joyce Lily
Bisson, Yvonne
Blackmore, Bernice
Blackmore, Lorna Helene
Blackmore, Valerie Cecile
Blake, Joan
Blampied, Beryl
Blampied, Elsie
Blampied, Ivy
Blanchard, Edna Maud
Blanchard, Violet
Blandamour, Violet
Bond, Jean Barbara
Bondier, Rose
Bondier, Rose Ellen
Bondis, Olga
Bondis, Olga Joyce
Bouchard, Sheila Kathleen
Bouchéré, Edith
Boudier, Irene
Bougeard, Lucy
Bougourd, Betty Emma
Bouvier, Dorothy
Bowker, Barbara
Bressat, Barbara
Bresset, Betty
Brewster, Frances
Brideaux, Doreen Mabel
Brien, May Annie
Bringinshaw, Kathleen
Brint, Ruby
Brint, Ruby
Brisset, Eileen Quey
Brisset, Joan
Brochen, Elise
Brooks, Maud
Brown, Stella Lilian
Bryant, Violet
Buckingham, Ella Mavis
Buckingham, Joan
Buckley, Daphne
Buckley, Daphne Pearl
Buckley, Margaret
Buckley, Patricia
Bullen, Mona
Burgess, Margaret
Cabot, Marjorie
Callaway, Ruby Victoria
Card, Mabel
Carey, Pauline Fredericka
Carey, Violet
Carpenter, Marion May
Carpenter, Marjorie Lilian
Carter, Dorothy
Cartwright, Betty
Catelinet, June
Cawley, Lorna
Chance, Beatrice
Chance, Florence
Channing, Irene
Channing, Kathleen
Channing, Monica
Channing, Olga
Channing, Roselle
Channing, Violet May
Chapman, Audrey
Cheney, Margaret Mary
Chevalier, Joan
Clarke, Margaret
Clements, Mary Rose
Clunn, Ivy
Clunn, Joyce
Coley, Colleen Fay
Colivet, Roselle Amy
Conetta, Florence Olga
Connetta, Maria
Connor, Amelia Adelaide
Connor, Joyce Violet
Connor, Margaret Amy
Coombs, Hazel
Corbel, Odette Simone
Corley, Clarice
Courcouf, Rene
Coutanche, Betty Nance
Coutanche, Sheila
Coxon, Annetta Doris
Cox, Beryl Garfath
Craig, Sheila May
Craig, Yvonne Audrey
Crocker, Florence Phyllis
Crocker, Joan
Crocker, Joan
Crocker, Kathleen
Crook, Doris Elizabeth
Cropper, Alice Mildred
Cropper, Helen Margaret
Crouch, Pear
Cummins, Kathleen
Cummins, Winifred
Dark, Grace
Darker, Marjorie
Dart, Doris
Dauphin, Lorraine May
Dauvin, Pearl
Davey, Eileen
Davis, Doris May
Dawson, Jeanne Margaret
de Gruchy, Dorita
de la Cour, Jean
de la Haye, Adelaide
de la Haye, Iris Florence
de la Haye, Mabel
de Rue, Doreen
de Ste Croix, Gladys
de Ste Croix, Kathleen
Delanoé, Lorraine
Denize, Edith
Deslandes, Millicent
Deslandes, Pauline
du Feu, Olga
Diggle, Dorothy
Diment, Kathleen
Dimond, Betty
Dingle, Sheila
Dodd, Ethel
Dowinton, Barbara
Dowinton, Margaret Lily
Drelaud, Joan
Drelaud, Joan May
Du Feu, Olga Linda Doris
du Feu, Rhoda
du Val, Yvonne
Duckworth, Kathleen Laura
Duff, Jean Londen
Duhamel, Dorothy
Duhamel, Gladys Lilian
Duhamel, Joyce Helen
Egan, Doreen
Emerson, Adèle Patricia
Emerson, Joan Doreen
Emerson, Yvonne May
English, Betty
English, Marjorie Edna
Esnouf, Doris
Esnouf, Gertrude
Evans, Betty Patricia
Faiers, Eileen Marie
Fairchild, Pamela
Fallaize, Barbara
Fallaize, Barbara Joyce
Farmer, Rose Amelia
Ferguson, Catherine
Feron, Elizabeth
Feron, Martha
Feron, Martha Mitchell
Ferrand, Joyce Florence
Field, Lily Hilda Marie
Fielding, Dorothy
Fielding, Joyce
Finlay, Dolly Winifred
Finlay, Joy Lydia Mills
Finlay, Violet
Fitch, Jessie
Flynne, Patricia
Foott, Colleen
Foott, Laura
Fordson, Sheila Jean
Forward, Alvilde
Fosse, Beryl Violet
Fosse, Doris
Fox, Amelia
Fox, Cecilia May
Fox, Irene Maud
Fox, Joan Barbara
Fox, Kathleen
Fox, Phoebe Alice
Fox, Stella
Franklin, Constance
Freeman, Ellen
Freeman, Gladys Winifred
Freeman, Winnie
Frost, Yvonne Dorothy
Gale, Doreen
Gallichan, Dorothy
Gallichan, Margaret Florence
Gallichan, Marie
Gallichan, Marjorie Poppy
Garner, Jacqueline
Garnier, Joyce
Gerard, Beatrice
Gibson, Vera Alexandra
Gilbert, Bertha Cecile
Gilbert, Jean
Gilbert, José
Gilbert, Mary
Gillet, Gloria Marjorie
Gladwin, Gaby
Gladwin, Iona
Gladwin, Sheila Doreen
Glendewar, Evera Mary
Godel, Doris Ethel
Godfray, Doris
Godfray, Ethel
Godfray, Patricia
Godfray, Winifred Lilian
Goffin, Ruth Clarice
Gordon, Joan
Gorin, Jean Winifred
Gosselin, Alice
Gosselin, Gladys
Gosselin, Phyllis
Gosselin, Phyllis Beatrice
Gosselin, Violet
Gosselin, Virginie
Gough, Hilda Amy
Gould, Jean
Gould, Jean Rosa
Graham, Barbara
Graham, Fay
Grenelle, Helen
Gribbin, Betty
Grounds, Joyce
Gruchy, Eileen
Gruchy, Nancy
Guille, Médora
Gulley, Kathleen
Gulley, Mary May
Guy, Hazel Mary
Haffey, Gladys
Hake, Joyce Florence
Ham, Doris Amy
Hamon, Daisy Phyllis
Hamon, Violet
Hannaford, Doris May
Hannaford, Irene
Hannaford, Jessie Florence
Hannaford, Kathleen
Hansford, Joan Renée
Harfleet, Joy
Harman, Dorothy
Harris, Barbara
Harvey, Doreen
Harvey, Joan
Harvey, Margaret
Henry, Barbara
Henry, Doris
Henry, Emma Violet
Henry, Ethel
Hewitt, Margaret Nancy
Hewitt, Marjorie
Hewitt, Maureen
Hibbs, Beryl
Hibbs, Elsie
Highfield, Daphne
Hill, Hazel
Hill, Letta
Hill, Lilian
Hill, Pamela Rosemary
Hobbs, Dorothy Joan
Hobbs, Pauline
Hockey, Gladys
Horman, Pearl Mary
Hotton, Dorothy
Hotton, Mary
Hoyles, Cecily Myra
Huet, Joan
Huet, Margaret
Huet, Muriel
Huet, Violet
Huish, Mazel
Humphrey, May
Hunt, Ethel
Hunt, Jean Florence
Hunt, Muriel Eva
Hutchings, Barbara
Igo, Betty Joyce
Jackson, Grace Margaret
James, Joyce
James, Joyce Renee
Jarvis, Hilda
Jeandron, Ida
Jeandron, Vera
Jégou, Kathleen Maud
Jeune, Barbara Joan
Jones, Alice Maud
Jones, Audrey Simone
Jones, Brenda
Jones, Cassandra Elise Desiree
Jones, Edna May
Jones, Glenys
Jones, Hilda Eileen
Jones, Margaret
Jones, Monica
Jones, Olive
Jones, Olive Ruby
Jones, Pearl Edith Doreen
Jouany, Rozelle
Journeaux, Betty
Joycelin, May Lilian
Kearley, Beryl Adeline
Keen, Dorothy Ellen
Keen, Gwendoline
Kemish, Beryl Gladys
Kemish, Doreen Lily
Kemp, Betty
Kenny, Margaret Lilian
Kermarec, Pauline Rita
Kessel, Elsie
Kessel, Irene
Kessell, Beryl Dorothy
Kessell, Irene Maud
Kingswell, Doreen May
Kingswell, Maureen
Knight, Helen Kathleen
Lambotte, Dorothy Joan
Lambotte, Iris Lilian
L'Amy, Barbara
L'Amy, Florence
L'Amy, Gladys
Langeard, Betty Marguerite
Langeard, Constance Mary
Langeard, Madeleine
Langeard, Violet Joyce
Langlois, Joyce Phyllis
Langlois, Pearl Grace
Laverty, Dorothy Elizabeth
Laverty, Gertrude
Lawrence, Betty
Le Blancq, Joyce
Le Bourgeois, Phyllis
Le Boutillier, Yvonne
Le Breuilly, Daisy
Le Chasseur, Marguerite
Le Clair, Barbara Olive
Le Claire, Nellie
Le Clercq, Eva
Le Clercq, Madeline
Le Cocq, Joyce
Le Cocq, Mavis Joan
Le Cocq, Phyllis May
Le Cornu, Christine
Le Cornu, Dorothy
Le Cornu, Florence
Le Corre, Betty May
Le Cras, Beryl
Le Cras, Winifred May
Le Feuvre, Cynthia
Le Feuvre, Cynthia Joan
Le Fustec, Irene Marie
Le Gallais, Joyce
Le Goubin, Erica Violet
Le Goubin, Ivy Joan
Le Gresley, Mavis Rosemund
Le Gros, Annie
Le Gros, Barbara Joan
Le Gros, Esther Victorine
Le Lièvre, Joyce
Le Lievre, Phyllis Joan
Le Louet, Alice
Le Marinel, Joan Elsie
Le Marinel, Marjorie Lilian
Le Marquand, Phyllis
Le Masurier, Mavis
Le Moignan, Beryl
Le Moignan, Dulcie
Le Monnier, Dorothy May
Le Monnier, Hazel
Le Monnier, Mavis Dora
Le Monnier, Monica
Le Mottee, Lilian
Le Page, Joan
Le Poidevin, Doreen
Le Poidevin, Irene
Le Poidevin, Winifred
Le Quesne, Marjorie Winifred
Le Riche, Joan Alice
Le Rossignol, Yvonne
Le Roy, Gabrielle
Le Saux, Joan
Le Sueur, Gloria
Le Vannais, Lilian
Le Vesconte, Betty Thelma
Le Vesconte, Joan
Le Vesconte, Kathleen
Leake, Simone
Leake, Simone Grace
Leamon, Joyce Alice
Leigh, Eileen
Lempriere, Gladys May
Lemprière, Joan Margaret
Lemprière, Laura Victoria May
Lemprière, Rachel Winifred
Lempriere, Rosalie
L'Enfant, Mavis
Lennard, Barbara Joan
Lennard, Sylvia May
Lewis, Joan
Lidster, Iris Ethel
Lindsey, Joan
Lindsey, Phyllis Daisy
Lisle, Iris
Lobb, Amy Elizabeth
Lozach, Yvonne
Lucas, Doreen
Lucas, Ellora Mary
Lucas, Ivy Lilian
Lucas, Joy
Lucas, Joyce
Lucas, Phyllis
Luxton, Myra
Lyons, Patricia Miriam
Machin, Dorothy Gladys
Machin, Dorothy Joan
Machin, Phyllis
Maguire, Cecilia Elizbet
Mahoney, Marjorie
Maindonald, Doreen May
Maindonald, Kathleen
Mallet, Mabel
Mallet, Sylvia Mary
Mallett, Doreen
Mallett, Mabel
Mallett, Mavis
Mallett, Sylvia
Manning, Christine
Manning, Patricia Mary
Mansfield, Ruth
Marie, Pauline
Marrett, May Dorothy
Marrett, Pauline
Marshall, Kathleen
Martin, Daisy Enid Joan
Marx, Margarete
Mason, Rose
Masterman, Maisie
Masterman, Maisie Maud
Masterman, Olive
Matthews, Pearl
Mauger, Agnes
Mauger, Agnes Frances
Maunoury, Roselle Amy
Mayne, Bernice
Mayne, Florence Betty
McAllen, Barbara
McCann, Patricia
McGuegan, Maude
McLeod, Betty
Medder, Marion
Meheust, Glsdys
Metcalf, Mary
Miles, Lily Hilda Marie
Minchinton, Gladys
Minchinton, Mazel Maud
Molland, Doreen
Morgan, Betty
Morley, Diana Flora
Mountford, Barbara
Mourant, Georgina
Moyse, Lydia Bondier
Mulcock, Dorothy
Munn, Edna
Murphy, Lilian
Newey, Joan Frances
Newick, Doris May
Newick, Esther Maud
Nicholas, Joyce
Nicolas, Joyce Marie Louise
Noel, Constance
Noel, Doris Georgina
Noel, Lilian
Noel, Nancy
Noel, Rozelle May
Norman, Doreen Eva
Norman, Sheila
Norris, Joan Edith
Norris, Lilian
Nuttall, Doris
Ogier, Barbara
Ogier, Jean Monica
Okubo, Amy
Olde, Mavis
Olde, Mavis Muriel
Olliérou, June
Ollivier, Cynthia Maud
Ollivier, Louise Delicia
Ollivier, Marjorie Frances
Ollivier, Phyllis Joyce
Osborn, Marjorie Ruby
Osmand, Bernadette
Ozard, Barbara
Ozouf, Marjorie Joyce
Pacitti, Simone Jeanne
Paine, Ethel Jessica
Parker, Doreen May
Parker, Doris May
Parker, Sheila Joan
Partridge, Primrose
Pavier, Amelia
Perkins, Myrna
Perkins, Pearl
Perrin, Pamela
Perrin, Vyveen
Perry, Edna Maud
Peters, Betty
Peterson, Daphne
Philipps, Barbara
Phillips, Florence
Pichon, Christina
Pickett, Doris
Picot, Gwendoline Margaret
Picot, Margaret Hilda
Picot, Margaret Hilda
Pinel, Joyce Alice
Pinney, Ruth Clarice
Pinwill, Alice
Pipon, Germaine
Pipon, Germaine
Piquet, Doris Maud
Piquet, Winifred May
Pirouet, Sheila Alice
Pitcher, Edith May
Pitcher, Violet May
Planner, Leonora
Podger, Maria Ruby
Poingdestre, Phyllis
Pope, Barbara
Porteous, Monica
Prescott, Cissy
Pugh, Barbara Joan
Quenault, Ethel
Quenault, Florence
Querée, Alfreda
Quérée, Barbara
Queree, Colleen
Querée, Daisy Mary
Queree, Dorothy Joan
Queree, Pamela
Queripel, Ethel
Rabet, Barbara
Rabet, Grace Jean
Rabet, Sylvia
Raffray, Vera
Ralph, Sheila
Read, Margaret
Rennell, Mavis
Renouf, Doris
Renouf, Eileen
Renouf, Marjorie
Renouf, Sheila
Renouf, Winifred
Richardson, Doreen May
Richecoeur, Mavis Joyce
Ricou, Grace
Ricou, Joan
Ricou, Nellie
Ricou, Patricia
Risbridges, Barbara
Rivers, Patricia
Roberts, Maud
Romeril, Barbara
Rose, Beryl
Rouget, Agnes
Rouzés, Madeleine
Rowden, Doreen
Rowden, Grace
Rowden, Phyllis May
Ruff, Betty May
Ruff, Iris
Salway, Rita
Samson, Beryl Alice
Samson, Constance
Samson, Marjorie
Samson, Muriel
Samson, Violet
Satchwell, Joan
Scott, Dulcie
Scott, Valerie
Scott, Valerie
Seagrave, Valerie
Seammen, Muriel
Seammen, Violet
Searle, Patricia
Sebire, Mavis Joyce
Sheail, Edith
Sheail, Una May
Sheails, Blanche
Sheppard, Beryl Doreen
Short, Daphne
Short, Thelma Noel
Sibley, May Gwenneth
Simpson, Margaret
Sinclair, Winifred Rita
Single, Dorothy Nora
Slimm, Ethel Martha
Slimm, Phyllis
Smith, Doreen Muriel
Smith, Joyce Catharine
Smith, Vera
Smithers, Lilian
Smyth, Joan Betty
Sohier, Phyllis
Speedy, Betty
Speers, Dorothy Yvonne
Speers, Patricia Alice
St George, Joan
Stephens, Renée Winifred
Stephens, Winnie Maud
Stopher, Ruth
Strange, Patricia Doreen
Stratford, Kathleen
Sturgess, Gabrielle
Sturgess, Gabrielle Iris
Swayne, Vera Florence May
Symons, Hilda
Syvret, Myrtle May
Syvret, Rosemary
Tamin, Juliette
Tapley, Dorothy
Tapley, Yvonne
Taylor, Dorothy Evelyn
Taylor, Joan May
Thomas, Maureen
Thomson, Gladys Marion
Thorne, Irene
Thorne, Olga
Thornton, Barbara
Tisson, Beryl
Tisson, Beryl
Tocque, Raspinell
Tostevin, Iris
Tregaskis, Joan
Tregaskis, Marjorie
Trueblood, Sheila
Truscott, Natalie
Tucker, Margaret
Tuckey, Doris
Tuckey, Dorothy May
Varaillon, Barbara
Vardon, Ellen Dorothy
Varney, Brenda
Varney, Eileen
Vasselin, Joan Enid
Vautier, Doreen Ruby
Vautier, Joan Hazel
Vibert, Annie Louisa
Vibert, Dora Patricia
Viney, Rozelle Mary
Vivian, Gladys
Vivian, Iris
Vivian, Lilian
Walker, Kathleen
Wallbridge, Joyce
Wallbridge, Norah
Wallser, Lilian Nancy
Walmesley, Joyce
Walmsley, Grace
Ward, Daphne
Warren, Ellen
Warren, Evelyn Muriel
Warren, Irene Maud
Warren, Lucy Joyce
Watton, Joyce
Webb, Barbara
Webb, Betty
Webb, Joan
Weeks, Elizabeth
Weeks, Jose Eileen
Wilcock, Joan
Wilkins, Gloria Jean
Willows, Florence
Willows, Pearl
Wilson, Joan
Wilson, Yvonne
Windsor, Muriel
Woods, Phyllis Agnes
Woodsford, Clara Edith
Wright, Florence Ethel
Wright, Vivienne Muriel
Youlton, Beatrice
Youlton, Grace Christine


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