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Admission Register of the Jersey National School for Infants. This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. Please consult PDF for entries.

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April 24th 1876 - April 4th 1887


Jersey National School
Adams, Theresa
Ahier, Alice
Ahier, Selina
Ahier, Frederick
Ahier, Louisa
Ahier, Maria
Ahier, Auguste
Ahier, Thomas
Allisette, Sarah
Allix, Adolphus
Amy, Felicia
Arnold, Martin
Arnold, Edmund
Arnold, Ernest
Arthur, Florence
Arthur, Douglas Helier
Arthur, Charles
Ashelford, Gertrude Mary
Asplet, Jane
Asplet, Orica
Asplet, Sydney
Assel, Florence
Aubin, John
Aubin, George
Baker, Francis
Baker, Robert
Baker, Alan
Barnes, Edith
Barnes, Bertie
Barnet, Minnie
Barnet, Lucy
Barton, Samuel
Barton, Florence
Barton, Herbert
Barton, Thomas
Bassett, Florence
Battam, William
Beaugie, Harriet
Beaugie, Thomas
Beaugie, Alfred
Beaugie, Florence
Beaugie, Philip
Bedel, Isabella
Bedel, Frank
Benham, Alice
Benham, Emily
Benham, Ellen
Benham, Nellie
Bernier, Edmund
Bertrand, George
Bettes, Harry
Bettes, Theresa
Bettes, Albert
Beuzval, Francis
Beuzval, Arthur
Bevans, Alfred
Bichard, Francis
Biddle, Florence
Biddle, Charles
Biddle, Albert
Biggs, William
Biggs, Alfred J
Bisson, Emily
Bisson, Clement
Bisson, Philip
Bisson, Clara
Bisson, Alice
Bisson, Clara
Blacker, Maud
Blacker, John
Blackler, Jessie
Blampied, Arthur
Blampied, Thomas
Bliault, Adolphus
Bliault, Arthur
Bliault, Nellie
Bliault, Ethel
Bonham, Nelly
Bourke, Alfred
Bowditch, Alfred
Bowen, Caroline
Bowen, Percy
Boyce, Harry
Brewer, John
Brewer, Henry
Britton, Jane Louisa
Brooks, Susan
Brunet, Gertrude
Bryant, Charles
Bryant, Arthur
Buckrell, Frederick
Buckrell, Mabel
Buckrell, Ethel
Buezval, Ernest
Burt, Charles
Burton, Clara
Butler, Blanche
Buttery, Thomas
Cabot, George
Cabot, John
Cameron, James
Cameron, Maggie
Campbell, Edith
Campbell, Ernest
Caplin, Emily
Carpenter, Florence
Carpenter, Rose
Carrel, Walter
Carrel, Herbert
Carrel, Alice
Carrel, Frederick
Carrel, Helena
Carrel, John
Carrel, Kate Mary
Carrel, Emmeline
Carrel, Clarice
Carrle, Ernest
Carter, Laura
Carter, Eleanor
Carter, Charles
Carter, James
Carter, Walter Edwin
Cawfield, Henry
Cawfield, Gertrude
Channing, Florence
Churchward, Nellie
Cilman, Joseph
Clark, Richard
Clark, William
Clark, Merina
Clark, Clarice
Clay, Stephen
Cocq, James
Collins, Richard
Collins, Francis
Connor, William
Connor, Margaret
Connor, William
Connors, Bridget
Cooper, Reginald
Coppin, William
Cornick, Percy J
Cort, William
Cort, James
Cotillard, Ellen
Cotillard, George
Couch, William
Courcoux, Florence
Courcoux, Alice
Crawford, Lily
Croft, Henry
Croft, William
Cummings, Maggie
Cummings, William
Cunnah, Arthur
Curwood, Abraham
Dacam, Elsie
Dale, Emily Ada
Davey, Joseph
Davey, Thomas
Day, William
Days, Louisa
De Caen, Francis
de Caen, Walter
de Caen, John
de Caen, Olive
de Caen, Oliver
de Feu, Willie
de Gruchy, Matilda
de Gruchy, Adele
de Gruchy, Francis
de Gruchy, Florence
De Gruchy, Philip
de Gruchy, Clarice
de Gruchy, Sydney
de la Croix, Joseph
de La Haye, Emily
de la Haye, Arthur
de la Haye, Stanley
de La Haye, Ethel
De La Motte, Theophile
de St Croix, William
de St Croix, Joseph
de St Croix, Willie
de Veulle, Alfred
Dee, Edith
Demitre, Percy
Dene, Charles
Dene, Edith
Dene, Reginald
Denman, Charles
Denton, Annie
Denton, Cornelius
Depton, Maud
Dethan, Arthur
Devoine, Alice
Dimond, Thomas
Dimond, Robert
Dipton, Maud
Dowding, Thomas
Drake, Charlotte
Drelaut, Charles
Driver, George
Driver, Julia
Durant, Willie
Ellis, George
Eraut, Selina
Etiemble, Emile
Evely, George
Evely, Rosa
Ewens, John
Fairbridge, Frank
Falle, Edward
Fenton, Ernest
Fenton, Elias
Fitzgerald, Mary
Fitzgerald, Eliza
Foot, Ellen
Fosse, Florence
Fosse, Harriet
Fosse, Arthur
Fowler, Harry
Fowler, Bertie
Fredericks, George
Freeman, Herbert
Freeman, Ernest
Freeman, Rosa
Freeman, Frank
Freeman, Milly
Freeman, Francis
Freeman, Willie
Freeman, Florence
Freeman, Emma
Fusset, Willie
Fuzzard, Lily
Gallichan, Philip
Gallie, Edgar
Gallie, Albert
Gallie, Sydney
Gallop, Louisa
Gardner, William
Gardner, Maude
Gautier, Charles
Gautier, Florence
Gautier, William
Gautier, Janie
Gawley, Ernest
Gee, Louisa
Gee, Clara
Giffard, Willie
Gilbert, John
Gilbert, Ernest
Gilbert, Alexander
Gilbert, Marguerite
Gilbert, Lola
Godfray, Alice
Gosling, David
Gosling, Ethel
Gosling, Walter
Gosselin, Charles
Gosselin, Emily
Gosselin, Charles
Gosselin, Thomas
Gosselin, Charles
Gosselin, Alfred
Gottrell, Mary
Grant, Frederick
Grant, Florence
Gray, William
Gray, Ada
Gray, George
Gray, Ethel
Gray, Reginald
Gray, Arthur
Grey, Laura
Griffin, Emma
Grigg, John
Grigg, Betty
Grimes, Alice
Grimshawe, Willie
Grimshawe, Albert
Grimshawe, Clarence
Grimshawe, Clara
Guerot, Cecilia
Gulliford, May
Gunton, Rose
Haines, Doris
Haines, Willie
Halfner, Kate
Halfner, Edward
Hamon, Annie
Hamon, William
Hamon, Susan
Hamon, Charles
Hamon, Susan
Hanning, Louisa
Hansford, George
Hansford, Emily
Hardy, John
Hardy, William
Hardy, Florence
Harrington, John
Harrington, William
Harrison, Edwina
Harrison, Florence
Harvey, Joseph
Harwood, Louisa
Harwood, Minnie
Hicks, Alfred
Higgins, George
Hine, Adelina
Hines, Walter
Hines, Ada
Hocquard, Philip
Hocquard, John
Hocquard, Stanley
Holding, William
Holding, Mabel
Hopper, Mary
Hopper, John
Horman, Harriet
Horman, Sidney
Horner, Charles
Horner, Annie
Horner, Samuel
Hurley, William
Hurst, Harry
Hyne, William
Ingram, Maud
Isherwood, Samuel
Isherwood, Richard
Jackman, William
Janvrin, Walter
Jeandron, Francis
Jeandron, Ernest
Jeffrain, Adolphe
Jeffrain, Edouard
Jeune, Emma
Johnson, Kate
Johnson, Phoebe
Jones, Rosa
Jones, Bertha
Jones, Lilian
Jones, Avis
Jones, Reginald
Jones, Avis
Jones, Sydney
Jordan, James
Jordan, Mabel
Kelly, Thomas
Kelly, Joseph
Keyworth, Lucy
Keyworth, Catherine
Lambert, Henry
L'Ami, Amelia
Langabur, Annie
Langabur, Albert
Langer, Robert
Langlois, Leontine
Langlois, John
Laugee, Louisa
Laugee, Anna Jane
Laventure, Joseph
Laventure, Stanley
Laventure, Percy
Laventure, May
Laverty, Annie
Lavesa, Albert
Lavesa, Alice
Lawrence, John
Lawrence, Sydney
Le Blond, Melina
Le Blond, Clara
Le Blond, Ada
Le Boutellier, Edward
Le Breton, Absinthe
Le Breton, Absinthe
Le Breton, Clarence Walter
Le Breton, Albert
Le Brocq, William
Le Brocq, Walter
Le Brocq, Clara
le Brocq, Emily
Le Brocq, Edred Harold
Le Brun, John
Le Brun, Philip
Le Brun, Hilda
Le Brun, Mary
Le Brun, Lilian
Le Cocq, Arthur
Le Cocq, Kate
Le Cocq, Lilian
Le Cornu, Charles
Le Couteur, Laura Lucinda
Le Couteur, Mary
Le Cras, Charles
Le Feuvre, Henry
Le Four, George
Le Gros, John
Le Gros, Matilda
Le Gros, William
Le Gros, Ada Maud
Le Huquet, Louisa
Le Marchand, Annie
Le Marchand, Ada
Le Marchand, William
Le Marchand, Walter
Le Marquand, Winter
Le Marquand, Amelia
Le Marquand, Lucy
Le Marquand, Lily
Le Masurier, George
Le Masurier, Arthur
Le Mier, Matilda
Le Motte, Nellie
Le Mottee, Alice A
Le Mottée, James
Le Mottée, Adolphus
Le Nuce, John
Le Rossignol, Mabel
Le Ruez, Mabel
Le Sueur, Louisa
Le Tribot, Bertha
Ledstone, Willie
Lempriere, Louisa
Lempriere, Joseph
Lenagham, Ellen
Light, Fanchette
Lihou, Edith
Lindsey, Alice
Lindsey, Archibald
Linnard, Herbert
Lock, Florence
Luce, Emma
Lyburn, Lily
Lyle, George Johnson
Lyne, Margaret
Lyte, Fanchette
Maguire, Sydney
Maguire, Albert
Mahaut, Alphonse
Mahaut, Albert
Mahaut, Albertine
Mahaut, Annociade
Mahoney, Edward
Male, Richard
Malzard, John
Malzard, Charles
Malzard, Edward
Malzard, Walter
Marchall, Edgar
Marete, William
Marett, Ada
Marett, Charles
Marett, George
Marett, Daisy
Marrett, Frank
Marrett, Ada
Marrett, Daisy
Martell, Nellie
Martin, Elizabeth
Martin, John
Martin, Alfred
Martin, Francis
Martin, Walter
Martin, Ernest
Matthews, Edith
Mauger, Edward
McFarlan, Cecilia
McFarlane, Arthur
McKee, Margaret
McKenna, Thornton
McKenna, Maud
McKenzie, Julia
McKenzie, Isabella
McLeod, Alexander
McLeod, Arthur
McLeod, Robert
McMeekin, Elizabeth
Mead, William
Medland, James
Mepham, Jane
Moignand, Eliza
Moignard, Lionel
Monamy, John
Mooney, Rebecca
Morris, Alice
Mourant, Eliza
Mourant, Arthur
Mourant, Gertrude Marie
Moxey, Fred
Mumery, Mabel
Neil, Arthur
Neil, Grace
Neill, Mabel
Neill, Mabel
Neill, Bessie
Neill, Harry
Newcombe, Annie
Newman, Charles
Newman, William
Newman, Lily
Newman, Alfred
Nicolle, Florence
Nicolle, William
Nolais, Peter
Norman, James
Osborne, James
Osborne, Lily
Osborne, William
Osborne, Sarah
Osborne, Lydia
Osment, Brenda
Osment, Edith
Pallot, Louisa
Pallot, John
Pallot, Hetty
Pallot, Abraham
Pallot, Thomas
Palmer, Charles
Parker, Peter
Parker, James
Parsons, Nellie
Paskins, William
Paskins, Beatrice
Payn, Alice
Pegant, Marie
Penson, Emily
Perchard, Emma
Perchard, Philip
Perchard, Arthur
Perchard, Mabel
Perchard, Stanley
Perry, Maud
Petticain, Joseph
Picot, Matilda
Picot, Frances
Picot, Ernest
Pigeon, George
Pirouet, Walter
Pirouet, Edmund
Pitman, Samuel
Pitman, Alice
Pitman, Fanny
Pitman, Mary
Pitman, Charles
Pitman, Mary
Pitman, Fanny
Pitris, Paul
Playle, Clara
Playle, Joseph
Poingdestre, William
Poingdestre, Lilian
Poingdestre, James
Poingdestre, Lydia
Poingdestre, Eliza
Poingdestre, Emma
Poingdestre, Harry
Poingdestre, Ernest
Pool, George
Pool, Lily
Poole, John
Poole, George
Portieu, Jean
Portieu, Louisa
Pratt, Daisy
Price, Olivia
Prichards, Kate
Priddie, William
Pugsley, William
Pugsley, Daisy
Pullen, Phillis
Pullen, Lydia
Pullen, William
Pullman, Hagar
Purkis, Walter
Purkis, Edith
Purkis, Willie
Queen, Robert
Quenault, George
Quenault, Henrietta
Querot, Philip
Querot, Mary Ann
Querot, Thomas
Rattenburg, Frederick
Reed, Thomas
Reed, George
Reed, William
Reed, Harriet
Rennell, Willie Percy
Renouf, Adolphus
Reynolds, Mabel
Ribert, Joseph
Roberts, Harry
Roberts, George
Roberts, William
Roberts, Jessie
Robinson, Alice
Robinson, Georgina
Rodda, Richard
Rodda, Maria
Rodda, Henry
Rodda, Alice
Rodda, William
Romsey, Samuel
Romsey, Stanley
Rougier, Constant
Rowe, Eugene
Rowe, Adolphus
Rowe, Henry
Rowe, Albert
Rowe, Charles
Rowe, Lydia
Rowe, Laurence
Rowland, Leah
Rowland, Thomas
Rowland, Harry
Rowland, Sydney
Rumsey, Lilian Rose
Rumsey, Georgina
Sage, Sarah
Saunders, Carry
Shambrook, Harry
Showell, Richard
Showell, William
Showell, Reuben
Simon, SIgmond
Single, Eva
Single, Courtland
Sleep, James
Sleep, Alice Louisa
Sleep, Nelson
Smith, Frederick
Smith, Joseph
Spencer, Sarah
Spiller, Fred
Spratt, Eva
Spratt, Lily
Squibb, Ethel
Stansbury, John
Starck, Philip
Starck, Clement
Starck, Alice
Statt, Albert
Statt, Daniel
Statt, George
Statt, Maud
Statt, Victor
Steel, Leila
Stevens, Lily
Stoneman, Walter
Stuber, Arthur
Studley, William
Sturawick, Florence
Sturawick, Henry
Sullivan, Louisa
Sullivan, Florence
Syburn, Lily
Symons, Clement
Taylor, William
Thomas, Sydney
Thomas, Wilfred
Thomas, Sydney
Tibble, William
Tiltman, George
Tramp, Louisa
Tramp, Florence
Tratt, Everlyn
Tregeagle, Alice
Tucker, Harry
Tucker, Alice
Tucker, Ada
Tucker, John
Tuhu, Eugene Joseph
Turnel, Honorez
Turpin, Alfred
Turpin, Godelia
Tyrel, Albert
Tyrel, Henri
Varcoe, Amelia
Veil, Annie
Vickerey, Thomas
Viel, Adelaide
Vincent, Frank
Vincent, Amy
Vincent, Winter
Voisin, Thomas
Voisin, Amelia
Voisin, Florence
Voisin, Alfred B
Wadmore, Joseph
Wadmore, John
Wallace, Alice
Wallace, Arthur
Wallbridge, Florence
Wallis, Henry Stanley
Wallis, Henrietta
Wardley, Emily
Wardley, Ernest
Warren, Florence
Waters, John Henry
Waters, John
Werrin, James
Werrin, William
Werry, Mabel
Wheary, Joseph
Wheary, Violet
Wheary, Nellie
Wheary, Violet
White, Jane Louisa
White, William
White, Henrietta
White, Edith
White, Vida Alice
Whittle, Charley
Whittle, Alice
Whittle, Louisa
Willicott, George
Willicott, Harry
Witt, William
Woodcock, Bessie
Woodnut, Ada
Woodnut, Charles
Woodsonriona, Bertha
Woodward, William
Words, Mabel


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