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Admission Register of the Jersey National School for Infants. This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. Please consult PDF for entries.

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April 4th 1887 - August 24th 1896


Jersey National School
Ahier, Thomas
Allams, Violet
Allan, Rosalie
Allen, George
Allen, Gertrude
Allix, Lilian E
Amy, Alfred P
Amy, Elizabeth
Amy, Elsie
Amy, Florence S
Amy, Francis J
Amy, Philip
Amy, Thomas R
Amy, Walter
Andrain, Harriet
Andrain, Lilian
Andrews, Florence F
Andrews, Gertrude M
Andrews, Willie Vernon
Angel, Alice
Angel, Beatrice
Archenoul, John
Archerioul, Victorine
Arnold, Charles E
Arrowsmith, Gertrude
Arthur, Charlotte
Arthur, Douglas
Arthur, Edward
Arthur, Elsie
Ashley, Kitty
Asplet, Orica
Aubert, Charles
Aubin, Charles
Audrain, Henry Philip
Audrain, Walter Le Sueur
Averty, Emily
Averty, James W
Avery, William
Aymos, Doris
Aymos, Violet M
Bailly, Frank
Baker, Bella
Bakes, Sidney
Balcam, Henry
Balcam, Henry C
Ball, Edward
Ball, Emily
Barnes, Albert
Barnes, Edgar P
Barnes, Evelyn
Barnes, Sydney
Barnes, Violet
Barnes, William
Barnet, Lucy
Bartlett, Charles
Bartlett, Frank
Bartlett, Percy L
Barton, Cecil H
Bassett, Mary E
Bassett, Philip
Bates, Alfred
Bates, Edward
Baudains, Arthur
Baudains, William
Baxter, Albert
Baxter, Bertie
Baxter, Edith
Baxter, Edward
Baxter, James
Baxter, Mabel
Baxter, William
Beasley, Charles
Beasley, Winter
Beaugie, Edward
Beck, Lilian
Benest, Celina
Benest, Percy
Benham, Charles
Bennett, Elsie
Bennett, Hugh
Bennison, Herbert
Bertin, George
Bettes, William
Beuzeval, Charles
Beuzeval, Thomas
Beuzeval, Walter
Bevans, Henry
Birt, Burrow
Birt, Lily
Bishop, Florence
Bishop, Harold
Bishop, Herbert
Bishop, John
Bisson, Ada I
Bisson, Albert
Bisson, Alice
Bisson, Clarence
Bisson, Edith
Bisson, Eleanor
Bisson, George
Bisson, Hettie
Bisson, Hilda
Bisson, John
Bisson, Mabel
Bisson, Mildred
Blackler, William
Blackman, Albert
Blackmore, Arthur
Blackmore, William J
Blake, Harriet
Blampied, Henrietta
Blampied, John
Bliault, Ralph
Bliault, Ralph
Boddie, Emma
Boddie, George
Boddie, James
Bouillier, John
Bouillier, Percy
Boullier, Ralph
Bowden, Arthur
Bowen, Mabel
Boyce, Lily
Boyce, Reginald
Bray, Charles
Brée, Helier
Brée, John
Brett, Anna
Brett, Daisy
Brissett, Alexander
Britt, Herbert
Britt, Herbert Denis
Brooks, Lilian M
Brown, Arthur
Brown, Flora G
Brown, Harry
Brown, Sydney
Brownson, Beatrice
Brownson, Henry
Burgess, Florence
Burgess, Florence Annie
Burgess, Lilian
Burgess, Winifred
Burt, Henrietta
Burt, Mary
Butter, Lilian E
Cabot, Janet
Cabot, Laura
Cadiou, Ernest
Cadiou, Winter
Campbell, Clifford
Carter, Albert
Carter, Arthur J
Carter, Edmond
Carter, John
Carter, Leah
Carter, William
Carver, Ethel
Carver, Hilda R
Case, Mary
Cavey, Arthur
Cavey, Jessie
Cawley, Alice M
Cawley, Bernard
Cawley, Emily S
Channing, Emily
Channing, Ethel
Channing, William
Cheney, Frederick
Cheney, George
Cheney, James George
Cheney, Walter
Clarke, William
Clozier, Alfred
Colan, Mabel A
Colan, Richard
Colbeck, Alfred
Colon, Thomas
Compton, Walter
Coney, Edward
Connor, Amelia
Connor, Amelia
Cooms, Madge
Cooper, Alfred B
Cooper, Errol
Cooper, Otis
Corbel, Mabel
Cornick, Claude
Cornick, Edith
Cornick, Ethel
Cornick, Rose V
Courtland, Single
Cox, Phyllis
Crispin, John
Crooke, Frederick
Crooke, Mabel
Cudlipp, James
Dale, Ethel
Dale, Ethel
Dale, Sarah
d'Auce, Valentine
Davey, Frederick
Davis, Herbert
de Gruchy, Helen
de Gruchy, Lydia
de Gruchy, Myrtle
de la Cour, Thomas
de La Haye, Ethel
De La Haye, Herbert
de la Haye, Philip
de la Haye, Philip G
De La Haye, William
de la Mothe, Gayns
de la Mothe, Gladys
de la Mothe, Herbert P
de la Mothe, Joseph J
de la Mothe, Percy
de la Mothe, Reginald
de la Mothe, William A
de La Mothe, Winifred
de Ste Croix, Daisy
de Vine, Edward
Dene, Bertha
Dene, Harry
Dene, Lilian
Dennam, Mabel B
Desandes, George
Deslandes, Francis
Detham, Beatrice
Dickson, Albert
Dickson, Georgina
Dingle, George
Dobin, George
Dorey, Emmeline
Dorey, Violet
Drelaud, Rosa
Drellaud, Gladys
Drellaud, Walter
Du Heaume, Florence
du Parcq, Henry
du Parcq, Henry F
Dupreuil, Angeline
Dupreuil, Emmeline
Eager, Clarence
Ellerington, Annie H
Ellis, Ernest
Ellis, Sidney P
Ellis, William
Fauvel, Blanche
Fauvel, Francis
Fauvel, Hettie V
Feltham, Edward
Ferbrache, Alfred
Ferbrache, James
Fetherston, Leonard
Filleul, Alfred
Flambard, John
Fletcher, Gertrude
Fletcher, Harold H
Fontaine, Charles
Fosse, Ernest
Fountain, Ethel
Friehold, Louise
Frogley, Lizzie
Fuszard, J Charles
Gale, Florence
Gallichan, Ethel
Gallichan, George
Gallichan, Gladys R
Gallichan, Percy
Gambut, Angelia
Gautier, Jean B
Gee, Queenie
Gee, Violet
Gilbert, Louisa
Gilding, Caroline
Glazbrook, Nellie
Goddard, Joseph
Godel, Louisa V
Godfray, Ernest
Goding, Avis E
Goldston, Eve
Goseline, William
Goslin, Clarence
Gosling, Arthur C
Gosling, Ethel Maud
Gosling, Fernly
Gosslin, Clarence
Gosslin, Harold
Gouyette, Edward
Gouyette, Priscilla
Grainger, Edith
Graut, Ernest
Graut, Harry
Graut, Nellie
Gray, Bertha
Gray, Charlotte
Gray, John
Gray, Joseph
Gray, Louise A
Gregor, Edward
Gregor, Nellie
Griffin, Ellen Cecilia
Grimshaw, Alice
Grimshaw, Charles
Gtlazbrook, Frederick
Gumbrell, Florence L
Gumbrell, William
Hake, Elsie
Hake, John
Hall, Alice
Hall, Ethel A
Hall, Ida
Hallett, Ada I
Hallett, Lydia E
Hamon, Clement
Hamon, George
Hamon, Harriet
Hamon, Lilian M
Hampton, Annie
Hampton, Charles
Hannaford, Blanche
Hannaford, Edward
Hannaford, Flory
Hannaford, Harry
Hannaford, Lily
Hanning, Ethel
Hanning, Frederick
Hansford, Charles
Hansford, Frederick
Hansford, Louisa
Hansford, Sydney
Harben, Ethel
Hardy, Agnes
Hardy, Emily
Hardy, Eva
Hare, William
Harper, Arther G
Harper, Eva
Harper, William
Harris, Amelia
Harris, Dora
Harrison, Harry
Harrison, Lilian
Harrison, William
Hearn, Annie
Helyer, Arthur
Henwood, Edward J
Henwood, Henry
Henwood, Winifred
Herbert, Arthur
Herbert, Edgar
Herbert, John H
Heywood, Elsie L
Heywood, William
Hibbs, Beatrice
Hibbs, Charles
Hibbs, Elsie M
Hibbs, Geoffrey
Hill, Harold
Hodges, Harold James
Hogan, George
Hogan, Mabel
Holden, Maud
Holden, Thomas
Holding, Arthur
Holmes, Maud A
Holt, Lily Florence
Homer, Arthur
Homes, Alfred
Horner, Stephen G
Horowitz, Israel
Horowitz, Moses
Houghton, Sydney
Huelin, Peter
Huet, Frank
Huet, Louisa
Hurst, Alfred
Husband, Hannah
Husband, Lucy
Hutchings, Owen
Ingram, Henrietta
Isherwood, Evangeline
Ivey, Hilda
Ivey, Julia
Jeandron, Eliza
Jesty, Nellie W
Jesty, Percy
Jeune, Florence
Jeune, Frank
Jeune, Oswald E
Jeune, Thomas
Jeune, William
Jocleyn, William
Jones, Beatrice
Jones, Daisy
Jones, Arthur
Jones, Avis
Jones, Beatrice
Jones, Beatrice A
Jones, Daisy
Jones, Reginald
Jones, Ruby
Jones, Sydney
Jones, Violet L
Jones, William
Jordan, Arthur
Journeaux, Arthur
Journeaux, Arthur H
Journeaux, Frank
Journeaux, John Wilson
Kearley, Peter
Kelland, Harriet
Kelly, Alice L
Kenchington, Mary A
Kent, Adela Edille
Kent, James
Kerley, Florence
King, Alice
King, Charles
King, George
King, Lily
King, Lizzie
King, Margaret A
King, Thomas
Knight, Clarence
Krichefski, Ada
Krichefski, Katie
Lakeman, Mabel
Lamerton, Ethel
Lamerton, Harold
L'Amy, Elias
Lancashire, Mabel L
Langeard, Gertrude
Langlois, Jane
Laugee, Alfred
Laugee, Louisa
Laurence, Martin
Laurens, Adolphus
Laurens, Irene
Laurens, Lydia
Laurie, Percy
L'Averty, Violet M
Lawrence, Clarence S
Lawrence, Ernest
Lawrence, Francis
Lawrence, Matilda
Lawrence, Percy
Lawrence, Philip
Le Bas, Alice May
Le Bas, Ernest
Le Bas, Georgina
Le Bas, Henry
Le Bas, Hilda
Le Bas, Hilda Mary
Le Bas, Nellie
Le Bas, Reginald
Le Bas, William
Le Blancq, Walter
Le Boutillier, Clarence
Le Breton, Alfred J
Le Breton, Clarence
Le Breton, Ruby
Le Breton, Walter
Le Breton, William
Le Brise, Maud
Le Brocq, Alice
Le Brun, Maud
Le Cocq, Emma
Le Cocq, George
Le Cocq, John L
Le Cocq, William
Le Cornu, Alice
Le Cornu, Edwin
Le Cornu, Elsie
Le Cornu, Florence
Le Cornu, Helen
Le Cornu, Herbert J
Le Cornu, Hilda
Le Cornu, Louisa
Le Cornu, Mary
Le Cornu, Nellie
Le Cras, Francis
Le Cras, Henry
Le Cras, Lily
Le Cras, Maud
Le Doyen, Charles
Le Feuvre, Marie
Le Feuvre, Merina
Le Flour, Stanley
Le Four, Hilda K
Le Goubin, Annie
Le Goubin, Emily
Le Goubin, Fred
Le Goubin, Moses
Le Grady, Charles
Le Gros, Henry
Le Gros, Lilian
Le Lievre, Frank
Le Lievre, Jane
Le Maitre, Lilian
Le Maitre, Lily
Le Maitre, Reginald
Le Maitre, Snowdon
Le Marquand, Adelaide
Le Marquand, James
Le Marquand, Lily
Le Marquand, Philip
Le Masurier, Elsie
Le Masurier, Emma
Le Masurier, John
Le Masurier, Lilian Annie
Le Masurier, Lily
Le Moignan, Walter Tom
Le Mottee, Herbert S
Le Mottee, Jane Mabel
Le Mottée, John A
Le Noutillier, Percy
Le Quesne, Lilian E
Le Quesne, Mary A
Le Riche, Beatrice
Le Riche, Merina
Le Rossignol, Mabel
Le Rue, James
Le Scelleur, Charles
Le Sueur, Ada
Le Sueur, Ada Maud
Le Sueur, Frank William
Le Sueur, William
Le Vesconte, Douglas
Lee, Louisa
Legoutin, Elsie
Legoutin, William
Lenagham, Ellen
Lenagham, Wilfred
Lewis, Emily
Lindsay, Sainthill John
Loigle, Eugene
Louden, Florence
Louden, Lilian
Louden, Reginald
Lucas, Florence
Maguire, Albert
Maguire, Henry
Maguire, Walter
Mahaut, Rosy
Male, Edward
Male, Evelyn
Mallet, William
Mallett, Horace
Mallett, John
Mallett, Stanley
Malorey, Clara
Malzard, Florence
Manning, Alfred E
Marett, Elsie
Marett, Elsie
Marett, Francis
Marrett, Daisy
Marrett, Francis
Marrett, George
Marrett, Jane
Marrett, May Louisa
Marrett, William
Marsh, Violet
Martin, Lydia
Martin, Albert
Martin, Arthur
Martin, George
Martin, Hilda
Martin, Hilda L
Martin, John
Mash, Sydney
Matson, Charles
Matson, Elvina
Matson, Henry
Matson, Matilda
Mcfarline, Annie A
Mead, Agnes
Middleditch, Amy
Minchin, Florence
Minchin, James
Minchin, John
Minchington, Archibald
Minchinton, Archibald
Mollet, John
Moody, Edith
Moody, Harriet
Moon, C
Moon, Elsie
Moon, Lilian B
Moon, Reginald
Moon, Rose
Moon, Rose
Morgan, Elsie
Morgan, Millie
Morin, Alfred
Morin, Edward
Morley, Leo
Moss, Margaret E
Mourant, Gertrude
Mourant, John
Mullins, Herbert
Mutton, Dorothy M
Neil, Edmund
Neil, Ivy
Neil, May
Neil, Walter
Newman, Reginald
Newman, William
Nicholas, Frederick
Nicholas, John
Nicholls, Ivy M
Nicholls, John S
Nicolle, Clarence S
Nicolle, Esther
Nicolle, John
Nicolle, Mary A
Nicolle, Selina
Nighton, Sydney
Noblet, Aimable
Noel, Esther
Noel, Florence
Noel, George
Noel, Harriet
Noel, Henry
Noel, Walter
Noel, William
Nother, Florence
Ogier, Alice
Osborne, Ada
Osborne, May
Ozard, Lydia
Page, Gertrude
Page, Gertrude E
Page, Herbert
Pallett, Percival A
Pallot, Percy
Pallot, Philip
Palmer, Emily
Parker, Alfred
Parker, Alfred J
Parker, George
Parker, Henry
Parker, Henry J
Parker, Lily
Parsons, Nellie
Partridge, Ethel
Partridge, Herbert
Paskins, Albert
Paskins, Frederick
Paskins, Fredrick
Paskins, Thomas
Patch, Laura May
Patch, Wilfred
Payne, Alfred
Payne, Francis
Payne, William
Pearson, Alfred
Pepprell, Frederick
Perchard, Annie
Perchard, Hilda
Perchard, John
Perchard, Mabel
Perchard, Stanley
Percy, Hilda L
Picot, Archibald
Picot, Bella
Picot, Harold
Picot, Lilian
Picot, Louisa
Pigeon, John Walter
Pitman, Clarence
Pitman, George
Pitman, William
Playle, Arthur
Poingdestre, Arthur
Poingdestre, Ernest
Poingdestre, Florence
Poingdestre, George
Poingdestre, Harry
Poingdestre, John
Poingdestre, Nellie
Poingdestre, Olive
Poingdestre, Philip
Poingdestre, Violet
Poingdestre, Winter
Pratt, Madge
Price, Hedley
Prunier, Francis
Prunier, Francis
Pugsley, Ethel M
Pugsley, Lizzie
Pullen, Edith
Pullen, Edwin
Pullen, Eliza
Pullen, Thomas
Quenault, Emily
Quenault, Philip
Quenault, William
Queree, Edward
Quirot, Thomas
Randall, Allan
Randall, Maurice H
Rattenbury, Elsie
Rattenbury, Walter
Renouf, Albert
Renouf, Arthur
Renouf, Edwin
Renouf, Peter
Richards, William
Richardson, Mabel
Rimington, Charles
Roberts, Ethel M
Roberts, Jessie
Roberts, Thomas
Roberts, William
Rodda, Mabel
Rodgers, Henry
Rogers, Alfred
Ron, Hedrick
Rondel, Claude Clarence
Rondel, John A
Rondel, Mabel F
Rouxel, Violet
Rowcliffe, Clarence W
Rowe, Ethel
Rowe, Eva
Rowe, Laurence
Ruff, Henry
Ruff, Lilian
Rumsey, Georgina
Rumsey, Jack
Rumsey, John
Rumsey, May
Rumsey, Reginald
Ryan, Aileen
Ryan, Aileen Nellie
Samson, Alfred C
Samson, Alfred C
Samson, Ernest V
Savage, Elvin
Savage, Estelle
Seabrook, Amy
Seabrook, Edward
Seabrook, Lucy
Searle, Hilda
Searle, Rosina
Searle, Theodore
Searle, William George
Selby, Ethel
Shales, Ada I
Shambrook, Rosaline M
Shormeton, Gabriel
Simon, Amelia
Simon, Henry F
Sinclair, Arthur
Sinclair, Ethel L
Sinclair, William
Single, Delcie
Skelley, Edward
Smith, Ernest
Smith, Florence
Smith, Frederick
Smith, Harold
Smith, Harry
Smith, Philip
Sooley, William
Spargo, Cyril
Spargo, Lilian
Spratt, Lilian
Spratt, Rosaline G
Square, Francis
Squibb, Annie
Squibb, Annie
St George, Mabel
St George, William
Stevens, Clement
Stevens, John
Stone, Charles
Stone, Ethel
Strudwick, Elsie
Studley, Walter
Sullivan, Edward
Sullivan, Muriel
Sullivan, Stanley
Suret, Charles
Surman, Ellen
Syborn, Arthur
Symons, Percy
Syvret, James
Tank, Irene W
Taylor, Albert C
Taylor, Bertram
Taylor, Edward
Taylor, Frederick J
Taylor, Ivy M
Taylor, William
Thomas, Yves
Thomas, Yves M
Thornton, Beatrice
Thorpy, Lizzie
Tocque, George
Tostevin, Florence
Tostevin, William
Touzel, Carrie
Touzel, George
Touzel, Louisa
Tucker, Charles
Tucker, Daisy
Tucker, William
Turmul, Louisa
Turner, Cecil
Turner, Clarence Percy
Turner, Clarissa
Turner, Elizabeth
Turner, Reginald Stanley
Turpin, Arthur
Turpin, Edith
Turpin, Florence
Turpin, Richard
Turpin, Winifred
Varaillon, Constant
Varaillon, Rosette
Vardon, Maud Ethel
Vernon, Henry W
Viel, Ernest W
Voisin, Clara
Waddell, Francis
Walker, Percy M
Warren, Adolphus
Warren, Arthur
Warren, Percy
Webb, Arthur
Welch, Archibald
Wells, Gracie
Wells, Maud
Welsh, Charles
Weston, Dora P
Weston, Ruby B
Wherry, Annie
Wherry, Bertie
Wherry, Ethel
Wherry, Lilian
Wherry, Lily
Wherry, Minnie
Wherry, Willie
White, Beatrice
Whitel, Charles
Whitel, Joseph
Whittle, Bertha
Wilkinson, Rhoda
Willbraham, Bessie
Williams, Alice
Williams, Annie
Williams, Edward
Williams, John
Williams, Louis
Williams, Maggie
Williams, Percy
Williams, Robert
Willison, Beatrix
Woodcock, Helena
Woodnut, Albert
Woodnut, Alice
Woodnut, Charlotte
Woodnut, William
Woolliscroft, Arthur
Writson, John
Young, Ina


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