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Admission Register of the Jersey National School for Infants. This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. Please consult PDF for entries.

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August 24th 1896 - August 19th 1907


Jersey National School
Abraham, Armand
Acourt, Joseph G
Adey, Edwin
Adey, Florence
Adey, Helen L
Ahier, Harold
Allen, Eva
Amos, Gladys J
Amy, Charles S
Amy, Edith
Amy, Ethel
Andrews, Cecil
Andrews, Dorothy
Andrews, Evelyn
Andrews, Hilda
Andrews, Vera
Angel, Miriam
Angel, Mona
Annie, Eustache
Arnold, Gladys M
Atkins, Beatrice
Atkins, Myra
Atkins, Robert M
Atkins, Watson
Aubin, Clifford
Auffret, Ernestine
Auffret, John
Baloche, Angèle
Banks, Alfred
Barnes, Archibald
Barnes, Clarence L
Barnes, Frank
Barnes, Hector
Barter, Arthur
Bartlett, Bertie
Bartlett, Dorothy
Bartlett, Edith
Bartlett, George
Bartlett, Herbert
Bartlett, Willie
Bates, George
Bates, Stanley
Batho, Herbert
Batho, Reginald H
Beasley, Clarence
Beasley, Rita
Beasley, Winifred
Beauchamp, Charles F
Bechemin, Augustine
Bechemin, Charles
Beckford, Edwin
Bennett, Arthur H
Bennett, Elsie
Bertram, Ethel
Bertram, Jack
Bichard, Florence
Biles, Mabel
Billee, Theodore
Bishop, Lily
Bisson, Amelia
Bisson, Charles H
Bisson, Edward
Bisson, Flossie
Bisson, George
Bisson, Henry
Bisson, Henry F
Bisson, Nellie
Bisson, Richard
Bisson, Winifred M
Blackmore, Albert
Blampied, Frederick
Blampied, Horace
Blampied, Rhoda
Blampied, Sydney
Blampied, Wesley
Blampied, William
Blandamour, Robert M
Boquého, Rose
Bosquet, Raymond
Boswell, Dorothy
Boswell, Gladys M
Boswell, Harry
Boswell, Mabel V
Bouchéré, Edith
Boucheré, Fred Philip
Boudin, Beatrice
Boudin, Louis
Boudin, Lydia
Brown, Agnes Ella
Brown, Thomas
Bruch, Gladys
Bull, George E
Burrard, Kathleen
Butler, Uriah
Cabot, Charles A
Cabot, Philip
Cadiou, Arthur
Cadiou, Lizzie
Campion, Albert F
Campion, Harold
Campion, James H
Campion, William
Capon, Ethel
Capon, George
Carson, Albert C
Carson, Harold
Carson, Harold A
Carson, William
Carter, Alfred J
Carter, Charles
Carter, Frederick
Carver, Ethel
Carver, May
Cavey, Elsie
Cavey, Elsie E
Cavey, Eva
Cawley, Edward
Cawley, Florence
Champion, Arthur
Champion, Cyril C
Champion, Reginald
Champion, William
Channing, Esther
Channing, Hilda R
Channing, Philip
Channing, Rueben
Chesneau, Marcelle
Chevalier, Hilda
Chevalier, Maud G
Chillingsworth, Grace
Chillingsworth, Laura P
Chillingsworth, May
Chillingsworth, Percy
Chinnery, Guysie
Chinnery, Herbert A
Clarke, Albert
Clarke, Maud
Clech, Renny
Clinckmaille, Ernestine
Colbeck, Edith M
Cole, Alice
Cole, Archibald
Cole, William
Connell, Ivy A
Connor, Christopher
Connor, Gertrude
Connor, Louisa
Connor, Violet
Coom, Reginald
Cooms, Dorothy
Cooms, Madge Dorothy
Cooper, Elsie M
Couquel, Albert
Courcoux, Lilian
Coutanche, Alfred H
Dale, Ethel
Daniel, Cyril H
Daniel, Reginald W
Darcel, May
Davey, Frederick
Davey, Thomas
Davis, Arthur S
de Faye, Elvy
de la Haye, Amelia J
De La Haye, Bertha
de la Haye, Hilda
de la Haye, John T
de la Lande, Arthur
de Rue, Lydia M
de Rue, Sydney
de Ste Croix, Florence
de Veau, Florence
de Veulle, Violet
Dene, Winifred O
Denis, William
Detham, Reginald
Dethan, Nellie
Dimond, Edward T
Dimond, Winifred
Dodge, Mabel
Dorey, Charles
Dorey, Philip
Dorkins, Alfred
Dorkins, Clarence
Dorkins, Francis C
Dorkins, Jessie
Downey, Ivy
Downey, James
Downton, Mary
Drellaud, Rosie
Druce, Evelyn
du Parcq, Henry
Dudley, Dora
Dudley, Ernest
Duheaume, John G
Dutot, Francis
Dutot, Marie
Duvey, Archibald F
Duvey, Gladwin H
Eager, Elsie
Eager, Violet
Egan, William J
Eldridge, James W
Elliott, Dorothy
Elliott, Ida K
Elliott, Richard
Eveleigh, William
Farmer, Ethel
Ferbrache, Florence
Ferbrache, Lily
Ferbrache, Stanley
Fisher, Clarence
Fitzgerald, Violet M
Fleming, Neil
Fleming, Robert D
Folliard, Argeline
Foott, Harry
Ford, Dorothy
Ford, Olga
Forder, Ada
Fosse, Lilian Ada Helen
Frigot, Alfred
Frigot, Peter Alfred
Gallichan, Frederick
Gallichan, Grace
Gallichan, Henry
Gallichan, John C
Gallichan, Maud
Gallie, Florence M
Gallie, Gladys
Gallie, Stanley
Garland, Cecil
Garland, Stanley
Garnold, Alfred D
Gatesman, Ernest F
Gaudin, Lilian
Gavey, Geoffrey
Gavey, Sydney
Gibbins, Arthur
Gibbins, Charles
Gibbins, Clarence
Gibbins, Edith
Gibbins, Walter
Glendewar, Edward C
Glendewar, Harold
Glover, Frederick A
Godfray, Edna K
Godfray, Mabel
Godfrey, John
Goselin, Jane S
Gosling, Lilian G
Gosling, Reginald
Gottrel, George
Gould, Fanny W
Gouyette, Eva
Gouyette, John
Graham, Ida
Grandin, Lilian
Gray, Frederick G
Green, Florence
Green, Rita
Grey, John
Groizard, Florence
Groizard, Harold
Groizard, William
Guillot, Eugenie
Guiton, Elsie
Guiton, Lilian
Guiton, May
Gulley, George
Gulley, William
Guy, Eva
Hake, Lily
Hallman, Clarence
Hamon, Alice
Hamon, Adolphus
Hamon, Edmund
Hamon, Ethel
Hamon, Lilian M
Hampton, Lily M
Hannaford, Fred
Hannaford, Jessie E
Harben, Kathleen
Harnet, Ethel
Harper, Flora
Harper, George
Hartopp, Byron
Harvey, Aileen
Harvey, Harold J
Hatton, Lily
Hawkins, William
Haysom, Reginald
Heath, Violet
Heath, Washington A
Helliot, Helen
Herve, Annie
Hervé, Stanley
Heywood, Sybil
Hibbs, Fanny
Hibbs, Fanny
Hibbs, Joseph
Hibbs, William H
Hill, Joseph J
Hine de Ste Croix, Grace
Hine, Arthur B
Hine, Mildred
Hiriard, Leon
Hitchcock, Elsie
Hobbs, Alaby
Hobbs, Albert
Hobbs, Ethel C
Hobbs, Florence E
Hobbs, Reginald
Hobbs, Vivian
Hobbs, William
Hodgson, Amelia
Hodgson, Esther
Hodgson, Thomas
Holly, Florence
Holmes, Jane
Hopkins, Annie M
Horal, Georgette
Hosking, Arthur
Hotton, Marjorie
Hotton, Matilda
Hotton, Matilda M
Hotton, Zoe
Houillebecq, Lilian
Houillebecq, Maud
Houillebecq, May
Houillebecq, William
Housel, Frank
Howard, Samuel
Howard, Sarah
Howard, Simon Samuel
Hurst, Claude
Husband, Isabella
Hutchings, Arthur
Igo, Charles
Ingram, Allan Vernon
Ingram, Arthur D
Jerrard, Arthur
Jerrard, Charles
Jerrard, George W
Jeune, Charles
Jeune, Edith N
Jeune, Ernest E
Jeune, Harold
Jeune, Ivy M
Jeune, William A
Jinkins, Amelia
Josse, Armand
Journeaux, Arthur
Journeaux, Florence
Journeaux, Frederick
Journeaux, Gladys
Journeaux, Hilda
Journeaux, May
Journeaux, Ruby
Journeaux, Stanley
Kadrewell, Edward
Kayrebs, Florence
Kensington, William H
Kerdal, Jeanne
Kingsley, Millie
Kirk, John
Kitcher, Edward
Kitcher, Sydney
Klein, Louis
Knudtzon, Oscar
Lakeman, Violet
L'Alos, Suzanne
Lamerton, Alice E
Lamerton, May
Lamerton, Violet G
Landick, Doris
Lane, Dorothy
Langlois, Florence M
Langlois, John
Langlois, Remon
Laurence, Cecil
Laurens, Harold
Laurens, Mabel
Laurens, Raymond
Laurens, Rose
L'Avery, Lilian H
Lawrence, Winifred
Lawson, Elsie
Lawton, Jessie L
Le Bas, Maud
Le Blancq, Ada A
Le Blancq, George
Le Blancq, Philip G
Le Blancq, Violet A
Le Breton, George
Le Breton, George
Le Breton, Lena
Le Breton, Redvers
Le Breton, Violet
Le Brise, Mary
Le Brocq, Christine
Le Brocq, Doris
Le Brocq, Edith M
Le Brocq, Gladys
Le Brocq, Hubert
Le Brocq, Jonathan
Le Chasseur, Philip
Le Cocq, Lilian E
Le Comte, Raoul Jean
Le Cornu, Bertha
Le Cornu, Bertha H
Le Cornu, Doris
Le Cornu, Edward C
Le Cors, Joseph
Le Cras, Florence
Le Cras, Henry
Le Feuvre, Edith M
Le Feuvre, Ellen Maud
Le Feuvre, Harold
Le Geyt, Kathleen M
Le Gresley, Ida Eva
Le Gros, Arthur
Le Gros, Ethel
Le Gros, Frank
Le Gros, Paul
Le Gros, William
Le Huquet, Elfreda
Le Huquet, Fred
Le Huquet, René
Le Huquet, Sydney
Le Lievre, Ruby
Le Lievre, Violet
Le Lievre, Walter
Le Lievre, Walter J
Le Maistre, Charles W
Le Maitre, Charles W
Le Marquand, Reginald
Le Masurier, Annie
Le Masurier, Louisa
Le Monnier, Ada
Le Monnier, Amelia Lilian
Le Monnier, Clifford
Le Monnier, Doris
Le Monnier, Emmeline
Le Monnier, Mary
Le Mottee, Lilian
Le Mottee, Lilian M
Le Noury, John
Le Quesne, Francis
Le Riche, Charles
Le Rouley, Maud
Le Rue, Kenneth K
Le Sueur, Blanche
Le Sueur, Charles
Le Sueur, Gladys
Le Sueur, Harold
Le Sueur, John
Le Sueur, Lily
Le Sueur, Maud E
Le Sueur, Ruby
Le Sueur, Wilfred
Le Sueur, William
Lebaq, Jeannette
Lebaq, Juliette
Ledivich, Arthur
Ledivich, Irene
Ledwick, James W
Lehoux, Frank
Lempriere, Henry
Lempriere, Leonard
Lenathan, Thomas
Lestang, Florence
Lestridge, Mildred
List, Wilfred V
Locke, William C
Loder, Claude
Loveless, Charles
Loveless, Lilian
Lucas Le Geyt, Claude
Lucas, Alfred
Lucas, Violet R
Luce, Albert
Luce, John
Mabey, Herbert
Maguire, William
Main, Elizabeth
Male, Frederick
Male, Phyllis
Mallet, George Le Riche
Mallet, Elias J
Mallett, Leonard
Malzard, Iris
Malzard, Rita
Maret, Edward
Marett, Alfred
Marett, Clarence
Marett, Edna
Marett, Edwin
Marett, Emily
Marett, Ernest R
Marett, Georgina
Marett, Ida
Marrett, Charles
Marrett, Florence M
Marrett, Gladys
Marshall, Charles
Marshall, George
Marshall, Harvey
Marshall, William
Martin, Maud
Martin, William
Masterman, Fred
Masters, Stanley
Matson, Charles
Maughan, Charles
McDermott, Florence
McLinton, Ada
McLinton, Ada
McLinton, William
Mellor, Elsie L
Metayer, Henri
Middleditch, Amy
Middleditch, Evelyn
Mollett, Lilian
Monet, May
Moon, Elsie
Moon, Harry
Moore, Gladys
Moore, Stanley
Mourant, Amy L
Mourant, Annie L
Mourant, Arthur
Munay, Hilda
Munday, Arthur V
Munday, Frank
Mundy, Arthur
Mundy, Arthur V
Mundy, Frank
Mundy, Herbert
Mundy, Kathleen
Mundy, Lilian
Murray, Maud
Neat, Cecil
Nicolle Dunell, Edward
Nicolle, Lilian
Nicolle, Mabel
Noel, Edith L
Noel, Edmund
Noel, Laurence P
Noel, Lilian
Noel, Lucy E
Noel, Philip H
Norman, Arthur
Norman, Martha
Norris, Lilian N
Nother, Ada
Nother, Holly
Oliver, William
Olliver, John F
Osmand, Percy C
Page, Sydney
Pallot, John
Paris, Tom
Parker, Charles
Parker, Nellie
Parker, Richard
Parker, William
Pauly, Charlotte
Pauly, Louis
Peacock, Eugenie
Peacock, George
Peacock, Helen
Peacock, Jenny
Penet, Henriette
Penney, George
Perkins, Arthur
Perkins, George
Perret, Henriette Celestine
Perry, Gertrude
Picot, Ernest
Picot, Ruby
Pigeon, Joseph
Pigeon, Julia
Pinard, Françoise D
Pincer, Elsie
Pinwell, Margaret
Piou, René
Pitcher, Grace
Pitman, Arthur
Pitman, Reginald
Poingdestre, Florence
Poingdestre, Irene
Poingdestre, Percy
Poingdestre, Reginald
Poingdestre, William
Poole, Violet
Poole, Violet
Prigeant, Albert
Prigeant, Jean
Proper, Elsie
Pryor, William
Pullen, Charles
Pullen, Ernest
Pullen, Harry
Ralph, Florence
Ralph, Jessie
Ralph, Lilian
Ralph, Walter
Randall, Laurence
Rattenbury, Gladys
Rattenbury, Henry W
Rault, May E
Reed, William
Rendall, Wilber
Renouf, Arthur
Renouf, Charles
Ricard, William
Richards, Cecil C
Richards, Florence
Richards, Harry
Richards, Hilda A W
Richards, Mina
Richards, Miriam
Richards, Olive
Richards, Philip R
Richards, Violet
Richards, William
Riou, Madeline P
Risbudder Rundle, Harold
Robert, Peter
Robert, Réné
Roberts, Edith
Roberts, Gladys
Roberts, Percy
Robinson Wilkinson, Victoria
Rodda, Beatrice
Rodda, Clarence
Rodda, Raymond
Rodda, Wilfred
Rodger, Mary
Rogers, Maud R
Romeril, Henry J
Romeril, Herbert
Rondel, George R
Rose, Lilian A
Rose, Ruby D
Rowe, Addie M
Ruaux, Charles
Ruff, Elsie
Rumsey, Archibald D
Rumsey, Frederick H
Sage, Edward
Searle, Mildred A
Seymour, George
Shales, Kathleen
Silvester, Emma M
Silvester, Ruby
Simon, Ella
Simons, Lillian
Sinclair, Sydney B
Smith, Frederick
Smith, Frederick C
Smith, Harold
Smith, Percy
Sollway, Violet L
Spencer, George F
Spencer, James
Squibb, Florence
St George, Charles
Stanbury, Arthur A
Statt, Doris
Statt, Winifred
Stephens, Dorothy
Stephens, Harold
Stephens, Lena
Stephens, Winifred
Stevens, Charles
Stopher, Charles
Sullivan, Clarence
Sullivan, George A
Sullivan, Maud
Suret, Flossie
Suret, Gertrude
Suret, Grace
Suret, Kathleen
Swietoslawski, Georgina
Syvret, Elizabeth
Syvret, George
Syvret, Redvers
Syvret, Rosa M
Syvret, Stanley
Tallec, Ann M
Tank, Maud
Tank, Richard
Tank, Rita
Tanquy, Louise A
Taylor, Frederick
Taylor, Percy
Taylor, Victoria
Terry, Albert E
Terry, Fred G
Therin, Annie H
Thomas Courtenay, Dorothy
Thomas, Genevieve
Thornton, William
Tirel, Emily M
Tirel, William F
Tocque, Iris Mabel
Tocque, John
Tolcher, Elsie V
Tolcher, Emma
Tostevin, Albert E
Tostevin, Charles N
Tostevin, Ernest
Touzel, Beatrice
Touzel, Beatrice
Touzel, Irene
Touzel, James
Touzel, Redvers
Touzel, Stuart
Traisnel, Frederick
Traisnell, Arthur
Truscott, Edward
Truscott, Florence
Truscott, James
Truscott, Sydney
Tucker, Frederick
Turner, Edith
Turpin, Lilian
Turpin, Lucille
Turpin, Mildred
Turpin, Philip
Tyrel, Matilda
Underhill, James
Underhill, Richard
Varney, Alfred William
Vasselin, Arthur F
Vasselin, Philip
Vautier, Frank
Vautier, Gordon
Vautier, Hazel
Vautier, Herbert
Vernon, Margaret
Vickers, Alice Delphine
Vizard, Edith
Voisin, Grace
Voisin, Harold
Wakeham, Elsie E
Walbridge, Gladys
Walker, Alfred J
Walker, Frederick
Walker, Maud
Wallbridge, Violet
Wanen, Dorothy
Wanen, Ellen
Wanen, Ernest
Wanen, Violet
Warren, Arthur
Warren, Elsie
Warren, Florence A
Warren, Ruth
Waterton, Willie
Watkins Proper, Elsie
Way, Alfred William
Weeks, Reginald
Welch, Mildred
Well, Ernest
White, Archie
Wilkins, Kathleen E
Williams, Alfred
Williams, Amy
Williams, Nellie
Woodhead, Leah


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