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Admission Register of the Jersey National School for Infants. This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. Please consult PDF for entries.

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August 19th 1907 - October 1st 1917


Jersey National School
Cruther, Jack
Acker, Christine L
Acker, George F
Acourt, Elsie V
Acourt, Julia
Acourt, Violet
Alexander, Francis
Allchin, Charles S
Allo, Alfred
Allo, Francis
Allo, George
Amiot, Arthur
Amy, Dorothy Ena
Amy, Owen
Andrews, Ethel
Andrews, Ida Valerie
Andrews, Nellie
Anley, John Vivian
Arnold, Hilda
Arrowsmith, Maud M
Aubert, Charles H
Aubert, Percy
Aubin, Clarence
Aubin, Constance
Aubin, Florence
Audrain, George Philip
Audrain, Sydney
Aveson, Kathleen
Aveson, Mabel
Bartlett, Reginald
Batho, Dorothy Ena
Baudains, Alfred
Baudains, Percy
Baudains, Stanley
Baudet, Alberta
Beacon, Elizabeth J
Beacon, Mary L
Beauchamp, Robert
Beaugard, Valeria M
Beaugeard, William
Beckford, Ida E
Beckford, Iris Hannah
Becquet, Dorothy
Behoc, Violet Maud
Bellamy, Reginald
Bellamy, Thomas
Benest, Lindon
Benest, Nellie
Benest, Ruby May
Benest, Walter
Bertram, Hilda
Bertram, Irene
Bertram, Violet E M
Beuchet, Henry
Beuzeval, Charles A
Beuzeval, Walter
Bichard, Albert
Billot, John R
Bisnard, Maurice
Bisson, Adeline Mary
Bisson, Annie
Bisson, Elizabeth
Bisson, Queenie M
Blackler, Dorothy
Blackler, Ethel
Blackler, Jack W
Blampied, Adèle
Blampied, Harold H
Blampied, Irene
Blampied, Lucille M
Blampied, Percy
Blindell, Helen Elizabeth
Blindell, Reginald
Blomers, Doris A M
Blowers, Walter
Bondis, Henri
Boots, Alice E
Boots, Doris Hilda
Boqueho, Augustine Lydia
Boquého, Francoise
Boswell, Harry
Boswell, Raymond
Bouchere, Albert
Boudan, J Andre
Boudin, Irene
Bourke, Edward W
Bourke, George
Bourke, Herbert
Bourke, John William
Bourke, Martin Alfred
Bridle, Edith M
Bridle, Edith Mildred
Bridle, Eunice
Bridle, Kathleen
Brint, Bertie Alf
Brint, Fred Arthur
Brint, George
Brisset, Vera
Buckland, Raymond A
Calder, Phoebe Christine
Cann, Alfred C
Carey, Gilbert O
Carey, Winifred
Carter, Bertram A
Carter, Charles D
Cassin, Marguerite
Cassin, Mathilde
Catelinet, Bramwell Philip
Catelinet, Florence N
Catelinet, George E
Cauley, Alfred
Cauvain, Edgar P
Cauvain, Henry
Cauvin, Yvonne
Cavey, Gladys
Cawley, Bernard
Cawley, Reginald
Channing, Edith
Channing, Edna
Channing, Hilda
Channing, John
Channing, Lilian M
Chevalier, Eva
Chevalier, Netta
Chevalier, William R
Chillingsworth, Arthur E
Chillingsworth, Clarence
Clark, Arthur G
Clark, Thomas Edward
Clarke, George
Clarke, Keith J
Collyer, Jack
Connell, Esther
Connetta, Alice
Connetta, Alice E
Connor, Doris
Cooper, Linda R
Cooper, Violet
Corbel, Olive H
Corfield, John Charles
Cornick, Arthur
Cornick, Clarence
Cornick, Claude
Cornick, Eva
Cornish, Jack Charles
Cornish, Madeline
Couillard, Florence
Couillard, Sydney George
Coutanche, Edward G
Coutanche, Herbert V
Cozanet, Marie M
Dale, Edna M
Dale, Florence A
Dan, Walter Thomas
Daniel, Gladys
Daniels, Gladys M
Daniels, Gordon
Davey, George
Davey, George Robert
Davey, Lilian Ethel
Davey, Thomas
Davey, Violet Ada
David, Charles
Davies, Violet Bisson
Davis, Harold
Davy, James
Davy, Violet Ada
Day, Arthur Thomas
Day, Emma May
Day, Victor
de Faye, Louis John
de Gruchy, Dorothy A
de Gruchy, Hilda
de Gruchy, Lilian
de Gruchy, Thomas
de la Fosse, Lèonce
de la Haye, Alfred
de la Haye, Gertrude
de la Mare, Cyril
de la Mare, Elsie
De Ste Croix, Alfred A
Donovan, Rita
Dorey, William G
Dowington, Edward
Dowington, Ethel
Dowington, Violet
Drelaud, Adelaide
du Feu, Ada
Du Feu, Augusta
du Feu, Gladys
du Feu, Mabel D
du Feu, Maud
du Feu, Stanley H
Dubot, Rita
Dunn, John William
Dunn, Lilian
Dupré, Grace
Duquemin, Hazel
Eager, Lily
Ebdon, Ea May
Ebdon, Marjorie C
Edgar, Edmund G
Edgar, Leonard
Egan, Philip
Eloury, Emile
Eloury, Julienne
Esnouf, Ada
Esnouf, Gladys
Esnouf, Stanley
Esnouf, Winter
Falla, Mabel
Fallaize, Arthur Noel
Fallaize, Emma Noel
Fallaize, Julia Noel
Falle, Eugenie Emily
Falle, Eugenie F
Farmer, Walter E
Farmer, William
Fernando, Joseph
Fielding, Lena
Fitzgerald, Amy
Fitzgerald, Florence
Fitzgerald, Reginald
Fleuret, Albert John
Fleuret, Henry George
Fleuriet, Alfred G
Foott, Cyril Arthur
Foott, Nina
Foott, Stanley Wilfred
Forder, Eada
Forward, Hilda
Forward, Thomas
Fox, Marie
Frederick, Edith
Frigot, Gladys
Frigot, Laura V
Frigot, Mildred
Frigot, Rita Hazel
Gale, Dorothy
Gale, Emily Ivy
Gale, Frank
Gale, Harry Charles
Gale, William
Gallichan, Ivy
Gallichan, Arthur
Gallichan, Edna
Gallichan, Harry Edward
Gallichan, Jessie
Gallichan, M Edward
Gallichan, Raymond J
Gallichan, Thomas
Gallie, Ernest H
Gallie, Henry J
Gates, Charles Reginald
Gates, Francis J
Gates, Jack Clarence
Gates, Violet Esther
Gavey, Raymond
Gerou, Charlie
Gibbins, Doris L
Gibbins, Ethel
Gill, Doris
Gillham, William B D
Gipson, Francis M
Glover, May Elsie
Godfray, Donald Cyril
Goode, Amos
Goode, Iris Sybil
Goode, Zena
Gorin, Arthur Henry
Gosling, Phyllis M
Gosling, Fernly
Gottrel, William
Gould, Dorothy G
Gould, Hedley R
Gouyette, Iris
Gouyette, Marjorie E
Gouyette, Sylvia
Gouyette, William Francis
Graham, Alice
Gray, Wilmer
Greyling, Alexandra
Grimshaw, Charles A
Grimshaw, Maud E
Grimshaw, Sydney
Grimshaw, Willie
Grimshawe, Albert
Grimshawe, Cyril
Guillot, Jean
Guiton, George
Gulley, Percy
Gully, Ernest
Gully, William C
Guy, Stanley Albert
Hacquoil, Philip
Haines, George
Haines, Queenie
Hall, Christine Alice
Hammerton, Frank N
Hamon, Bertie
Hamon, Clarence
Hamon, Clarence G
Hamon, Dora
Hamon, Gertrude
Hamon, Ivy
Hancock, Mabel E
Hancock, Walter E
Hansford, Clarence
Hansford, Lilian
Hansford, Raymond
Harris, Ada Mary
Harris, Alfred C
Harris, Frank
Harris, Irene
Harris, Irene W
Harris, Mabel Florence
Harris, May L
Harris, Mildred
Harris, Walter
Hassey, Kathleen Florence
Hatter, Rosina
Haynes, Evelyn Journeaux
Henry, Doris
Henry, Phyllis
Henry, Violet May
Herve, Albert
Hibbs, Amelia
Hibbs, Eilleen
Hibbs, Joe Charles
Higgens, Lilian M
Higgens, Ronald
Higgens, Violet
Higgins, Maurice
Hill, Edward W
Hill, Victoria L
Hine, Cecil A
Hingston, Ada
Hingston, Clifford H
Hingston, Vera
Hitchcock, Elsie
Hobbs, Walter V
Hobbs, William
Hodge, Marjorie W
Hodgson, Violet
Holloway, Bertha
Holloway, Elsa
Honey, Ivy
Honeycombe, Samuel G
Hopkins, Edward G
Hopkins, Henry Cyril
Horner, Arthur John Ronald
Horner, George H
Hotton, Alice Maud
Hotton, Grace
Hotton, Henry Frank
Hotton, Sydney P
Houillebecq, John
Howard, Doris
Howard, Edith May
Howard, Irene
Howard, James E
Howard, John
Hubert, Walter
Huelin, Basil
Huelin, David N
Huelin, Hedley T
Huelin, Leslie P
Huish, Elsie Anna
Hyne, Beryl
Jeavons, Bernard W B
Jeavons, Cyril O M
Jeavons, Ruby A V
Jeune, Edith M
Jewell, Gladys Mary
Jewell, John Henry
Johnson, Lily
Jones, Stanley
Journeaux, Charles
Journeaux, Elsie
Journeaux, Gladys I
Journeaux, John
Kent, Ivy
Krichefski, Bernard
Krichefski, Sophia
Krichefski, Vera
Lakeman, Gladys M
Lakeman, Violet
Lambert, Helen R
L'Amy, Phyllis D
L'Amy, Ronald
L'Amy, Rosa M
Landick, Madeline E
Laney, Gladys
Langford, Dorothy May
Langlois, Edna
Langlois, Irene
Larbalestier, Alfred
Larbalestier, Christine
Larbalestier, Dorothy
Larbalestier, Laddie
Larbalestier, Walter
Laurens, Alfred T
Laurens, George W
Laurens, John E
Laurent, Alexandre
Laurent, Pierre
L'Averty, Iris Maud
Lawrence, Grace E
Le Blanc, Mathilde
Le Blancq, Edith
Le Blancq, Gladys
Le Blancq, Reginald
Le Breton, Irena M
Le Breton, Madeline
Le Breton, Walter M
Le Brocq, de Gruchy Edward
Le Brocq, Doris
Le Brocq, Gwenneth
Le Brocq, Phyllis
Le Brocq, Winifred
Le Brocq, Winter
Le Brun, Emma
Le Clair, Francis Leon M
Le Claire, Zena E
Le Clare, Manuel Leon
Le Cocq, Nellie
Le Conte, Paul
Le Cornier, Albert
Le Corre, Louise Georgina
Le Dain, Eileen Gertrude
Le Dain, Herbert
Le Dain, Philip
Le Feuvre, Irene L
Le Feuvre, Stanley
Le Geyt, Alfred
Le Geyt, Claude S
Le Geyt, Edna May
Le Geyt, Eilleen Doris
Le Geyt, Kenneth
Le Geyt, Philip J
Le Gouèze, Emma F
Le Gros, Claude W
Le Gros, Violet M
Le Gros, Winifred M
Le M, Edith Joice
Le Maistre, William
Le Maitre, Sydney
Le Marinel, Doris A
Le Marinel, Eva Maud
Le Marinel, Florence R
Le Marinel, James C
Le Marquand, Alice L
Le Marquand, Frank
Le Masurier, Hilda A
Le Masurier, Charles
Le Masurier, Edward
Le Mercier, Florence C
Le Moignan, Emma
Le Moignan, Walter D
Le Moine, Alice
Le Moitie, Reginald
Le Monnier, Clarence H
Le Monnier, Clifford G
Le Monnier, Elsie M
Le Monnier, Ida J
Le Monnier, Wilfred
Le Poidevin, Stanley
Le Quesne, Alfred
Le Quesne, Arthur
Le Quesne, F
Le Quesne, Francis
Le Quesne, Giffard
Le Quesne, Gladys M
Le Quesne, Herbert Roy
Le Quesne, Philip
Le Rossignol, Eva
Le Rougetel, Maxwell
Le Roux, Reginald V
Le Roy, Lily
Le Roy, Louisetta
Le Rue, Ilene Doris
Le Rue, Phyllis Ivy
Le Sauteur, William
Le Seelleur, Celia
Le Sueur, Amelia
Le Sueur, James
Le Sueur, Matilda
Le Sueur, Phyllis
Le Sueur, Stanley
Le Sueur, Walter
Le Taçon, Alfred
Le Valiant, Jack
Le Valliant, Percival
Leat, Doreen E
Leat, Violet M
Ledo, Louis
Ledwich, Irene
Lesbirel, Clarence E
Levélèr, John
Levélèr, Joseph
Lewis, Ronald
Liot, Esther
Liot, Winter John
Liron, John William
Livesey, Edith Norma
Lockyer, Hilda
Lucas, Rosa M
Lucas, William H
Mabey, Ida
Mabey, Raymond
Macé, Rose
Maguire, Mabel
Maguire, Walter T
Mahieu, Jane Mary
Mahieu, Raymond
Mallet, Ethel Maud C
Malzard, Iris Rita
Malzard, Jack
Marett, Gertrude Doris
Marett, Gertrude M
Marett, Ruby
Marett, Vera Ruth
Marret, Edna
Marret, Vera
Marriage, Alice Louisa
Marriage, Doris
Martin, Ethel Rose Day
Martin, Ethelwyn
Masterman, Grace
Masterman, Stanley J
Masters, Stanley
Matson, Alfred
Matson, Henry
Mauger, Charles W
Mauger, Violet P
Ménard, Juliette
Menier, Peter Francis
Mesney, Hedley
Mesny, Ernest
Metayer, Irene
Middleton, Norman
Middleton, Walter
Misson, Doris E
Misson, John Harold
Misson, Olive L
Moisan, Ethel May
Moisan, William
Monamy, Evelyn
Monamy, George Arthur
Monamy, John George
Monamy, Lily
Monamy, Rose
Moody, Albert J
Moody, Doris
Moody, Dorothy May
Moody, Ivy May
Moody, Rita M
Moor, Nellie
Moren, May
Morin, Francis
Morris, George
Morris, Ruby
Mulcock, Evangeline
Mulcock, Marjorie
Nau, Alfred
Nau, Marie
Nau, Pierre Alfred
Nicolas, Albert
Nicolle, Lilian
Noel, Irene
Noel, Lilian Maud
Noel, Winter
Norman, Edith
Norman, George
Norman, James
Norman, Percy
Norman, Winifred
Norris, Lilian
Ounan, Nina
Passmore, Louie M
Payne, George
Peacock, Nora May
Pelletier, Albert
Penée, Arthur
Peniot, John
Penny, Henry
Perchard, Alexander Harry C
Perkins, Ernest
Perkins, Lily
Perkins, Walter
Petit, Alice
Petit, Clifford
Petit, Edith
Petit, Mabel
Philipps, Gertrude
Phillips, Charles
Phillips, Winifred
Picot, Archibald
Picot, Beatrice
Picot, Daniel Francis
Picot, Frederick E
Picot, George E
Picot, John Raymond
Picot, Matilda Nellie Daisy
Picot, Queenie
Picot, Queenie Gladys
Picot, Ronald
Picot, William
Pike, Clarence
Pitcher, Arthur
Pitman, Charles
Pitman, Cyril
Pitman, Dorothy
Pitman, Florence M
Pitman, George
Ploteau, Victorine A
Pouilleul, John
Pouilleul, Marie
Prigent, Marie
Proper, John Francis
Proper, Robert C
Pryce, Daisy
Pukermell, Ivy Winifred
Quintaine, Eva
Quintaine, George
Ralph, Doris Hilda
Rattenbury, Emma
Rattenbury, Ernest
Rattenbury, Lilian
Rattenbury, Violet
Rattenbury, William
Rattenbury, Winifred
Renard, Alice Albertine
Renouf, Arthur W
Renouf, Benjamin
Renouf, Doris
Renouf, Doris L
Renouf, Florence M
Renouf, Jessie
Richards, Edith
Richards, Jack
Richards, Leslie
Richards, Louie
Richards, Mildred
Richards, Raymond
Richardson, Léon
Richmond, Henry James
Richmond, Horace
Richmond, Lily
Rive, Vera Phyllis
Robert, Françoise
Roberts, Gladys M
Robin, Thomas J
Roche, Mavis
Rodda, Beatrice
Rodda, Dorothy
Rodda, Grace
Rodda, Phyllis
Rodda, Wilfred
Roland, Arthur Henry
Romano, George
Romano, Marcello
Routier, Ernest
Routier, Joseph S
Routier, Kathleen
Routier, Marjorie
Rowcliffe, Edward W
Russell, Roland William
Ryan, Eileen
Ryan, Kathleen
Salaün, Lucienne
Sampson, Violet
Samson, Clarence Henry
Samson, Phyllis M
Saunders, Clifton W
Saunders, Joseph
Saunders, Joseph Albert
Sayrignac, Pierre
Shales, Adelaide
Shambrook, Rita
Showell, Sydney
Simmons, Percy
Sinclair, Lilian G
Sinclair, Lilian Gladys
Sinel, Leslie P
Sinel, Priscilla
Skelton, Carl Charles
Skinner, Irene Ena
Smith, Lilian
Smith, Alfred
Smith, Charles
Smith, Doris
Smith, Harold
Smith, Lilian
Smith, May
Smith, Queenie
Smith, William
St George, Charles
Statt, Madeline
Statt, Raymond
Stephens, Barbara
Stephens, Edward D
Stephens, Emily B
Stephens, William
Stoodley, Charles C
Stoodley, Florence Emily
Stoodley, Iris F
Stopher, Elvina Georgina
Stopher, George W
Stopher, Harold
Strange, Leonard G
Surguy, John Sydney
Symons, Charles
Symons, Florence Violet
Symons, Reginald
Symons, Rosey
Syvret, Ena Dorothy
Taylor, Charles
Taylor, Cissy
Taylor, Edith
Taylor, Harold
Taylo , Wilfred
Thomas, Charles H
Thomas, Elsie E
Thomas, René
Thomas, Sydney
Thorne, Elsie G
Thorne, Lily
Thorne, Walter W C T
Thornton, William
Tirel, Mathilde
Tirel, Violet
Tirel, Walter Henry
Tostevin, Lily
Touzel, Eden
Touzel, Jason
Touzel, Nelson
Touzel, Stuart
Traylen, Frances M
Traylen, Hilda
Trigell, Christine
Truscott, Beatrice E M
Truscott, Edna D
Truscott, Lilian
Truscott, Sydney
Trustcott, Phyllis
Turner, Alfred John
Turner, Cyril
Turner, Elsie M
Turner, George
Turner, John Alfred
Turner, Lilian
Vallois, Eunice
Vallois, John H
Vasse, Philip A H
Vasse, Violet Louise
Vasselin, George F
Vautier, Adolphus
Vautier, Jack
Vautier, John
Via, Louise
Vibert, Vincent
Villars, Henry George
Vincent, Albert
Vivian, Arthur George
Vizard, Ethel
Walker, Henry J
Warren, Phyllis May
Watkins, James H
Wells, Roland
Werrin, Oliver Frederick
White, Ena F
White, Flossie
White, William
Whitworth, James
Williams, David
Williams, Rita
Wilson, Ada
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, Grace
Wilson, Violet
Woodsford, Kathleen
Youlton, Edith
Youlton, Winifred


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