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Admission Register of the Jersey National School for Infants [Indexed]

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October 1st 1917 - February 18th 1924


Jersey National School
Acker, Robert
Ahier, Gaston
Ahier, Otis Valentine
Allen, Lyndon
Allichan, Lilian Agnes
Allichin, Alfred
Amy, Lennard
Amy, Mavis
Andrews, Dorothy
Andrews, Charles
Andrews, Percy
Andrews, Brian
Angell, Dorothy
Anley, Donald
Anley, Kathleen
Aubert, Charles
Aubert, George
Baillache, Lucille
Baker, Maud
Balston, Charles Henry
Barr, Charles
Barter, Charles
Bartram, Leslie
Bartram, Gordon
Baudet, Marjorie Constance
Baudet, Gerald
Beasley, Myrtle
Becquet, Ivy Lorraine
Benest, Edmund
Berry, Ivor Mervyn
Bertram, Harold
Beuzeval, Jack
Bevis, Reginald
Bisson, Ethel
Bisson, Edith
Blacker, Constance
Blackler, Kenneth
Blampied, Herbert
Bourke, George
Bourke, Lilian
Bourke, George
Bourke, Lilian
Braggs, Dorothy
Bree, Reginald Hooper
Brideaux, Francis
Brideaux, Clarence
Bridle, Clarence
Bridle, Joyce
Brint, Ada Florence
Brown, Hilda
Brown, Madeline Mary
Bullen, John
Bullen, George
Bullen, Richard
Burch, Phyllis
Burch, Beatrice
Burton, William Alfred
Burton, Elsie
Cawley, Reginald
Cawley, Joyce
Cawley, Herbert
Cawley, Barbara
Cax, Kate
Chazel, Ronald
Clarke, Lilian
Cole, Dorothy
Coligney, Rita
Colivet, John William
Cornick, Ivy Mabel
Cornish, Robert Clarence
Cornish, William
Cornish, Sydney
Couillard, Joyce
Crocker, William
Crocker, Reginald
Cropp, Raymond
Dart, Denis Claude
Dash, Charles
Davis, Edmund
de Gruchy, Thomas
De Gruchy, Walter
De Gruchy, Walter
De La Haye, Joyce Amy
de La Mare, Leonard
Dethan, Arthur
Dinham, Sadie
Dumond, Joyce Marjorie
Dyer, Violet Mary
Ellis, Henry Mons
Ereaut, Phyllis
Falle, Basil Helier
Foott, Laura Kathleen
Ford, Salome
Furminger, Margaret
Gale, Nellie
Gallichan, Nellie Mabel
Gallichan, Percy
Gallichan, Edward
Gates, Reginald
Gates, Lily
Gates, Arthur
Gipson, Blanche
Godel, Leonard
Gorin, Frank
Gorin, Percy Giffard
Gregory, Maud
Grimshaw, Kathleen
Gully, Mabel
Hacon, Lily
Hacon, Irene
Hamon, Laura
Hamon, Lorraine
Hancock, James
Hansford, Elma Rose
Harris, Harold
Higginbottom, Brenda
Hill, Elsie
Hine, Percy Oliver
Hitchcock, Wilfred
Hobbs, Stanley
Holloway, Kenneth
Honey, Norman
Honeycombe, Colin
Hopkins, Gertrude
Hopkins, Phyllis
Horner, Arthur
Hotton, Grace
Hotton, Ada
Houillebecq, James
Howe, Mary
Huelin, Eric
Huish, Henry
Hunt, Albert Edward
Hunt, Cyril Louden
Irvin, Alec
Isherwood, Horace
Jackman, Ena
Jégou, Albertina Maria
Jégou, Lena
Jeune, William
Jeune, May Georgina
Jeune, William
Jeune, May
Jones, Claud Mons
Jones, George
Jordan, Lily
Journeaux, Albert
Kemish, Cyril
Krichefski, Wilfred
Langford, Bertie
Le Blancq, Ruby
Le Blancq, Henry Mons
Le Blancq, Ruby
Le Boutillier, Ernest
Le Boutillier, Adèle
Le Boutillier, Francis
Le Breton, Arthur
Le Brocq, Edwina
Le Brocq, Bernard
Le Brun, Agnes
Le Brun, Rita
Le Dain, Maurice
Le Geyt, Leila
Le Goubin, Christine
Le Goubin, Lilian
Le Gros, Irene
Le Gros, Madeline
Le Maistre, Raymond
Le Maistre, Doris
Le Maistre, Mabel
Le Maistre, Kathleen
Le Maistre, Kenneth
Le Maistre, Sheila
Le Maitre, Ethel
Le Masurier, George
Le Moignan, William
Le Moignan, Violet
Le Moignan, Bertie
Le Moine, Doreen
Le Monnier, Nellie
Le Monnier, Lydia
Le Monnier, Fredrick
Le Poidevin, Jessie
Le Quesne, Florence
Le Rossignol, Harold Albert
Le Rue, Raymond
Le Vaillant, Maurice
Leat, Adeline
Leat, Ellen Victorine
Lelliot, Basil
Lelong, Héléne Leonie
Lempriere, Doris
Lemprière, Wilma
Lempriere, Florence
Lemprière, Grace Eleanor
Linon, Maurice
Lovelys, William Reginald
Macmillan, Edwin
Mahy, Leonard Albert
Mallet, Kathleen Falle
Mallet, Marjorie Constance le Marinel
Mallet, Thomas
Malzard, Raymond
Malzard, Aurora Nancy
Manning, Sinclair Joseph
Manning, Frederick
Manning, Doris Cecilia
Manning, Robert
Marett, John Stanley
Marett, Lily
Marriage, Joan
Marriage, Alice
Marriage, Joan
Marshall, William
Matson, Charles
Matthews, John
Matthieu, Emile
Miles, Nora
Misson, Grace
Missoy, Clifford
Moche, Lewis
Moison, Alfred
Monamy, Lilian M
Moody, Gladys
Morris, Iris
Mourant, Arthur
Moyse, Elsie
Moyse, John
Moyse, Iris
Nash, George
Nash, Margaret Joyce
Nicholson, Irene
Nicholson, Leslie
Noel, Herbert
Noresse, Joseph
Norman, Dora Evelyn
Norman, Phyllis
Norris, Elsie
Odell, Stanley
Ozard, Herbert Henry John
Parker, Maud
Parker, George
Pennec, Doris
Perkins, Helena
Perkins, Doris
Phillips, Daphne
Picot, Edward
Picot, Robert
Picot, Albert Victor
Pigeon, Raymond
Pinwell, Harold
Pinwill, James
Pitcher, Ivy Mabel
Pitcher, Maurice
Pitcher, Douglas Vernon
Pitcher, Peggy
Pitman, Lily
Pitman, William
Poingdestre, Maud
Proper, Wilfred Ada
Proper, George
Pugh, Gladys
Pugh, Winifred
Ralph, Violet
Rattenbury, Joyce
Reed, Estrel
Reed, William
Renault, John
Renouf, Arthur
Renouf, Violet
Richmond, Percy
Richmond, Harold
Richmond, Doris
Robert, Winifred
Roberts, Harold
Roberts, Albert
Rodda, Iris Noele
Romeril, Phyllis
Routier, Raymond
Rowe, Harry
Sampson, Edward
Samson, Arthur
Samson, Charles
Samson, James
Samson, George Alfred
Samson, Charles Albert
Samson, Phyllis May
Samson, Joan
Samson, Winifred
Sawyer, Hazel May
Shales, Mabel
Sheail, Beatrice
Sheail, Jessie
Short, Mavis
Silvester, Henrietta
Silvester, Philip
Silvester, Elizabeth
Silvester, Joseph
Sinclair, Raymond
Skelton, Florence
Skinner, Albert
Smith, Dorothy
St George, Frederick
Stephens, Edward
Stone, Eileen Myra
Stone, Cyril
Stone, Cyril Mons
Stubbs, James Sidney
Sullivan, Grace
Sullivan, Stanley
Sullivan, Marjorie
Sylvin, Gladys
Symons, William
Taylor, Winifred
Thomas, Alfred
Thorne, Hanley
Thorne, Percy
Tostevin, Eva
Tostevin, Lily
Tostevin, William
Touzel, Clara May
Touzel, Gordon Nelson
Touzel, Phyllis
Tucker, Doreen
Turner, Joseph George
Vallois, Cyril
Varney, Veda Leah
Varney, Veda
Vasse, Philip
Vautier, Frederick
Vincent, Cyril
Vincent, Donald
Vincent, Leslie
Vivian, William
Vivian, Edmund
Walker, Clifford
Ware, Roger
Warren, Harold
Warren, Fredrick
West, Harold Cecil
West, Arthur John
White, Constance May
White, Frederick
White, Marion
White, Derrick Lloyd
White, Nora
White, William
Wightman, Thomas
Wood, Stanley
Woodnut, Phyllis
Woodnut, Albert
Woodnutt, Gladys
Woodnutt, Reginald
Woodnutt, Gladys
Woodsford, Royston


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