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Admission Register for St Paul's School. This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. Please consult PDF of register for entry details

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September 9th 1901 - October 27th 1908


St Paul's School
Ady, Lilian
Ahier, Alfred E
Ahier, Cecil
Ahier, Charles I
Ahier, Ruby
Albert, Lancelot
Albert, Mabel
Alexandra, Alice
Allport, Winifred
Amy, Aileen
Amy, Charlie
Amy, Ethel
Amy, John P
Amy, Mary
Angell, Noama
Ashelford, Edwin
Ashford, Joseph
Asplet, Samuel J
Atkins, Rufus C
Aubert, Philip L
Baba, Angé
Baba, Francis
Baba, Mary Lucy
Baker, Archibald
Baker, Lily
Balcom, Emily E
Banks, Albert C
Baton, Edith
Baton, Emma
Beauchamp, Charles
Beaugie, Irene M
Beaugie, John E
Beuzeval, Henry J
Bichard, Albert
Bichard, Florence
Binerd, Jean T
Bisson, Violet M
Blanchard, Dorothy
Blandamore, Robert
Boivin, Percy
Bondis, George
Bondis, Paul
Bonnemier, Gaston
Boswell, Arthur
Bouchere, Herbert
Boucherie, Arthur
Bourgeoise, Ethel
Bouteloup, Emile
Bouteloup, René
Bowden, Clifford
Bray, Donald H
Bray, Faith M
Bree, Laura V
Brehaut, Beryl A
Briard, Bernard
Briard, Gertrude
Buesnel, Victor
Burgess, Reginald
Burrard, Kathleen
Burrard, Lily
Cabot, Doris Ellen
Cameron, Olive B L
Carpenter, Violet
Carpenter, Walter
Carrel, Harold Francis
Carrel, Hazeldale
Carson, William H
Cary, Sidney
Catelinet, Herbert
Catelinet, Walter
Cavey, Elsie
Cavey, Eva
Cawley, Gertrude
Cawley, William
Chapman, Ethel
Cheney, Elsie
Clarke, Alice
Clarke, Elsie M
Clarke, Herbert
Clarke, John H
Clarke, William
Clinkmille, Ernestine
Close, John C
Collins, Leicester
Collins, Lester
Collins, Vernon
Coombs, Edward
Coombs, Irene M
Coombs, Winifred
Corbel, Edith May
Corbel, Violet M
Cornick, Charles
Cornish, Annie
Couillard, Alice
Couillard, Lily
Croker, William
Cummings, Frederick
Cummings, May
Cunliffe, Hilda
Cunliffe, Mabel
Cuthbertson, Dahlia
Cuthbertson, Robert
Darcel, Alfred
Darning, Clarence
Darning, Harry
Davey, Thomas
Davis, William
de Bourgeois, Alfred
de Gruchy, Ada
de la Cour, John
de la Cour, Walter H
de la Mare, John
de La Mare, Norman
de la Noe, Marie
de Ste Croix, Beryl
de Ste Croix, Stanley
de Ste Croix, Winnifred
Denis, Philip
Dennis, Philip M
Diment, Herbert
Diment, Winifred
Dimond, Herbert
Dimond, Sidney
du Pays, Henri
du Peys, Antoinette
du Peys, Elsie
du Peys, Emile
du Peys, Ernest
du Peys, Lucille
Dubois, Joseph
Duheaume, Alfred James
Dunn, Albert M
Eager, George Arthur
Egré, Lionel M
Egré, Violet
Eley, John S
Elliot, Beatrice
Elliot, William
Elliott, William
Ereaut, Charles
Eustache, Thomas
Fenlon, Eric
Flambert, Eva
Fletcher, Mabel
Ford, Emily
Ford, Emily M
Fosse, Lilian A
Fowler, Douglas
Fowler, Joyce Ann
Fox, George
Fox, Mabel
Fox, Olive
Fox, Phoebe
Fox, Walter
Fox, William
Freeman, Dorothy
Freeman, Emma
Freeman, George
Freeman, Miriam F
Freeman, Winifred
Frost, John J
Fudge, Mabel A
Gale, Bertha
Gallichan, Alfred
Gallichan, Constance
Gallichan, Ethel
Gallichan, J Louisa
Gallichan, Linda M
Gallichan, Philip
Gasnier, Florence
Gaudinière, Henri
Gavey, Eva
Gibault, Edmund
Gibaut, Edmund
Gibaut, Lilian
Gibaut, Philip E
Gibbs, Dorothy M
Gibbs, Hedley
Glendewar, William
Goodfellow, Annie
Gottrell, Charles
Gottrell, George
Gottrell, Herbert
Graham, Ida
Graham, Percival
Grant, Clarence
Grayling, Constance
Green, Joseph
Grey, Lilian M
Greyling, Constance
Grimshaw, Henry W J
Grimshaw, Hilda Louisa
Gruchy, Bernard
Gruchy, Charles
Gruchy, Gladys
Gruchy, John
Guille, Lily
Guillou, Ada
Guiton, Arthur J
Guiton, Ellen Maud
Guiton, George
Gunton, Violet
Haines, Doris
Haines, John
Hamon, Alfred
Hands, George
Hands, Raymond
Hands, Walter
Hannaford, Florence
Hannaford, Jessie
Hannaford, Percy
Hannaford, William
Harben, Clarence G
Harben, Cyril Ambrose
Harben, Lily
Healey, Clarence
Heath, Clifford
Heath, Fernleigh
Heath, Fernleigh
Heeley, Lily
Henry, Clarence G
Henry, George P
Henry, Violet M
Hescott, William
Hibbs, Clarence
Hill, Rowland
Hobbs, Emily E
Hobbs, Reginald
Hobbs, William
Holmes, George
Horman, Arthur
Horn, Cyril P
Horn, Grace M
Hotton, Lily G
Hubert, Kinslow
Humphrey, Albert
Huston, Alfred
Huston, Dorothy
Hutchings, Arthur
Hutchings, Elsie
Igôt, Charles
Isherwood, Elizabeth
Isherwood, Eva Agnes
Isherwood, Harry
Isherwood, Philip
Jean, Evelyn J
Jeaneaux, Jeannot M
Jenkins, Edmund
Journeaux, Ethel Clara
Journeaux, R Wilfred
Kadrewell, Harold
Keely, Walter
Keeping, Irene I
Kellaway, Florence
Kellaway, Kenneth
Kent, Charles
Kent, Frederick
Kent, Gertrude V
Keyse, Lettice
Kinslow, Hubert
Laffoley, William
Laffolley, Albert
Lafolley, Edward J
Lafolley, Helena M
Lake, Esther E
Lake, George H
Lakeman, Blanche S
Lakeman, Clarence
Lakeman, Florence
Lakeman, Violet M I
Lakeman, William
Lamerton, Arthur
Landick, William
Langlois, Gladys
Laserson, Maximilian
Laurens, Florence
Laurens, Florence M
Laurens, Harold
Laurens, Harold Edward
Laurens, Mabel R
Laurens, Winifred
Laverty, Lilian
Laverty, Lilian Eileen
Le Bihan, Paul
Le Blond, Annie A
Le Blond, Berthe Jeanne
Le Bond, Charles E
Le Breton, Adolphus
Le Breton, Dorothy
Le Breton, Edward
Le Breton, George
Le Breton, Lily
Le Breton, May G
Le Breton, Susan F
Le Brocq, Alfred J
Le Brocq, Harold
Le Brocq, Louisa
Le Brun, Alice
Le Cornu, John
Le Cornu, Philip
Le Couteur, Edward
Le Cras, Charles F
Le Cras, Elsie P
Le Cras, May Louise
Le Cras, Reginald
Le Duc, Alfred E
Le Duc, Harold J
Le Feuvre, Grace
Le Feuvre, Sidney
Le Geyt, Kate
Le Gresley, Edith
Le Gresley, Mabel
Le Gros, Raymond
Le Gros, William
Le Hégaret, Madeleine
Le Lievre, Edward
Le Lievre, Frederick
Le Lievre, Helen
Le Lievre, Rose
Le Lievre, Vina
Le Maistre, Hilda M
Le Marchand, Charles H
Le Marinel, Florence
Le Marinel, Sarah Elizabeth
Le Marinel, William
Le Marquand, C G
Le Masurier, Arthur
Le Masurier, Clara
Le Masurier, Violet
Le Mierre, Gladys
Le Mierre, William
Le Moine, Alice
Le Mottee, Lilian
Le Riche, Claude
Le Riche, Gerald
Le Riche, Snowdon
Le Roux, May
Le Roux, May Violet
Le Saux, Francis
Le Saux, Francis J
Le Sueur, Charles
Le Sueur, Florence
Le Sueur, Florence G
Le Sueur, Gladys
Le Sueur, Herbert
Le Sueur, Linda
Le Sueur, Linda
Ledwidge, Arthur
Leigh, Oonah
Lempriere, Clarence J E
Lempriere, Olive
Lenagen, Alfred
Lenaghan, Alfred
Lennard, Charles A
Lennard, Cyril Thomas
Lennard, Edwin H
Lesauce, Charles
Lesauce, George
Lestang, Florence
Lestang, Lewis
Liot, Harold C
Liot, Wilfred V
Long, Adolphus John Philip
Long, Marjorie
Loughlin, John
Loughlin, Nettie
Lucas, Clarence
Lucas, Claude
Lucas, Claude Le G
Lucas, Edith
Lydiard, Ivy
Mabey, Herbert
Mahieux, John Francis
Mahieux, Mildred
Mahieux, Mildred F
Makin, George T
Makin, Joseph
Makin, Joseph
Maloret, Clarence
Maloret, William
Manning, William
Marchand, Hannah L
Marett, Alfred
Marett, Alfred Charles
Marett, Colleen
Marett, Colleen R
Marett, Edward
Marett, Elsie
Marett, Ethel
Marett, Florence Maud
Marett, Frederick
Marett, George
Marett, John
Marie, James
Marie, Lilian
Marinel, Sidney
Marley, Cyril B
Marley, Lilian F
Marley, Olive M
Marquand, Bernard
Martin, Walter
Masterman, Ernest E
Matson, Dorothy
Matson, Lilian M
Matson, Reginald
Matthieu, Angèle
Mayhew, Archibald
McCleod, Dorothy
Mercier, Christine
Mercier, Stanley
Mercier, Stanley C
Mesney, Harold
Mesny, Rodney H
Mildren, Charles H
Millow, Elsie May
Mills, Frederick
Mills, William
Monamy, Clement
Monamy, Reginald
Mordrille, Yvonne
Morel, Paul
Morel, Rosé
Mortimer, Jessie
Mourant, Clifford J
Mourant, Lavinia
Mourant, Miriam
Mouroux, Rémy
Moyse, Claude
Moyse, Elsie
Moyse, George
Moyse, Mabel
Mullery, Frank
Mullery, Violet
Mullins, John
Mullins, William
Murphy, Gertrude
Murrary, Hilda
Neal, Jack
Neale, Edith
Neville, Clarence G
Neville, Harold C
Nicolle, Lelia
Noble, Gladys
Noel, Alfred T
Noel, Doris
Noel, George Edward
Noel, Henry
Noel, Philip
Noel, Susan B
Norman, Martha
Norman, William
Norris, Lilian M
North, Phyllis E
Norton, Frank
Nursey, Hannah
Omez, Alice
Osment, Arthur S
Osment, Henry C
Osment, William
Ounan, Arthur
Ounan, Sidney
Ounan, Thomas
Owrsey, George
Pallot, Rose
Pallot, Thomas
Payn, Eva Winifred
Payne, Walter G
Pecqueur, Marcel
Perkins, Albert E
Perkins, Arthur
Perkins, Dorothy
Perkins, Frank
Perkins, George
Perkins, Winifred
Perrier, Francis A
Perrier, Violet M
Perriou, Marie
Picot, Adolphus
Picot, Adolphus F
Picot, Archibald
Picot, George
Pigera, Ethel
Pinel, Frank
Pinel, George
Pinel, John S
Pinel, Stanley
Pinwill, Frank
Price, Beatrice
Price, Winifred M
Pryor, Richard
Pullen, Charles
Purser, Elsie
Quant, Alfred
Quant, Cyril
Queen, Doris A
Quintric, Frank
Quirot, Philip
Rendall, Brenda
Rendall, Clarence H
Rendall, Violet
Rendall, Violet M
Rendall, Winifred
Renouf, James A
Rich, Lily
Richards, Ella May
Richardson, George
Riley, William
Roberts, Kathleen
Rogers, Arthur
Rogers, Walter
Rossi, John
Rowe, Mildred
Rumsey, Frederick
Rumsey, Gladys
Samson, Albert E
Sangan, Emile
Sangan, Peter
Santangelo, Joseph
Saunders, Bertha G
Saunders, Kathleen
Seager, Margaret
Seager, Sarah
Shales, Charles R
Shales, Kathleen
Shales, Maud
Sharp, Ernest
Shiers, Samuel G
Shires, Beatrice E
Short, Charles
Short, Charles S
Short, Herbert
Simmonds, Percy
Simon, Charles Stanley
Simon, Stanley
Sinclair, George
Smith, Edith M
Spratt, Dorothy A
St George, Alice
St George, Linda
Stanbury, Arthur
Stephens, George
Stevens, Vera
Stevenson, Edith
Stivey, Walter
Stivey, Walter J
Stopher, John
Strenthen, Stanley
Symonds, Gladys
Symonds, Maud
Symons, James
Tapley, Archibald
Thiébault, Eugène
Tirel, George
Tirel, Joseph
Tirel, Joseph J
Touzel, Maurice
Turner, Lilian
Turpin, Ethel
Vale, Linda
Varney, Florence
Varney, John
Vautier, Dorothy G
Venement, Jam


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