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School Admission Register for New Street Infants' School, later becoming Halkett Place Infants' School ( amalgamation in 1924). This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. Please consult PDF for entries.

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October 7th 1919 - November 1st 1928


New Street Infants' School
Halkett Place Infants' School
Abraham, John
Ahier, David
Ahier, Doreen Florence
Aldgate, Lester
Alexander, Thelma
Allen, William
Amy, Clifford
Amy, Louise
Amy, Walter Thomas
Anley, Clarice
Ashe, Dorothy
Aubert, Clarence William
Aubert, Edith
Aubert, Helen Gertrude
Aubert, Hilda Florence
Aubert, Philip John
Aubert, Yvonne
Ayling, Ethel
Ayling, Frederick
Ayling, Grace Edna
Baigent, Clifford
Baker, Harold
Baker, Muriel
Balmforth, Ethel
Balston, Douglas George
Balston, Thelma Joyce
Barter, Doris
Bartlett, Dorothy May
Bartram, Ivy May
Bartram, Patricia
Bastard, Albert James
Bastard, Frederick
Bastin, Kathleen
Baudains, Reginald
Baudet, Albert Francis
Baudet, Florence
Baxter, Cecily
Beaugie, Bert
Beaugie, Frank
Beck, Doris
Becquet, Olive
Becquet, Winnie Florence
Beuzeval, Ernest
Bidois, Pauline Mary
Binet, Esther
Binet, Janet
Binet, Ruth
Bisson, Beryl Daisy
Bisson, Francis Walter
Bisson, Kenneth George
Bisson, Raymond
Bisson, William Clarence
Blackmore, William Arthur
Blanchard, Roy
Blandamour, Eleanor
Blandamour, Violet
Boucheré, Barbara Elise
Bourgeard, Roger
Bowden, Yvonne
Bragg, Dorothy
Bragg, Lionel
Breen, Edward
Breen, Mavis Joyce
Bressat, Frederick Charles
Bressat, George
Bressat, Joan
Brewer, William
Brideaux, Raymond
Brideaux, Ronald
Briginshaw, Sidney Philip
Brimage, Mabel Irene
Brimage, Rose Violet
Brisset, Alexander
Brisset, Derrick
Buckingham, Ernest
Buckingham, Royston
Buckley, Grace
Burch, Jack
Burch, Ronald Alfred
Burgess, Margaret
Busby, Jessie Millicent
Cabot, Sydney George
Card, Mabel
Carey, Violet May
Carpenter, Alan
Carpenter, Dorothy May
Carpenter, Phyllis
Carpenter, Rita
Carré, Emily
Carré, Emily Frances
Carré, Frank Alfred
Carter, George
Carter, John Cecil
Carter, William Percy
Cauvain, Frank
Cavanagh, Gabrielle
Cavanagh, Michael
Cavey, Desirée Esmé
Cawley, Douglas Clifford
Cawley, Lorna
Channing, Leslie John
Channing, Reta
Channing, Violet May
Channing, William Ernest
Cheney, Clarence John
Cheney, Roy James
Chick, Lydia
Clark, Douglas
Clunn, Albert
Clunn, Ivy Florence
Clunn, Joyce Irene
Cobden, Henry
Cobden, Priscilla
Cole, Eileen Ellen
Colivet, Roselle Amy
Colligny, Gordon Emil
Collins, Jack
Conetta, Maria
Conn, Frederick
Conner, Margaret
Conner, Mildred
Coombs, Edward
Coombs, Gordon Owen
Corbel, Beryl May
Corbel, Odette
Corbel, Olive Lucy
Corbel, Sydney
Corfield, Robert Leonard
Cornetta, Maria
Courtmen, Sidney
Coutanche, Beryl Gladys
Coutanche, Sheila Maud
Crocker, George
Daghorn, Edward Arthur
Darking, Margaret
Daunt, Gabrielle
Dauvin, Pearl Elsie
Davis, Doris
Davis, Lily
Davis, Winnie
d'Avoine, Clarence
de la Haye, Doreen
de la Mare, Mabel
de la Noë, Oscar
de la Noë, Susette
de Noë, Philip
de St George, Edward
de St George, Francis
de St George, Jessie
de Ste Croix, Edwin
Delanoë, Oscar
Diggle, Dorothy Lilian
Diggle, Walter James
Diment, Nathalie
Diment, Nathalie
Dinham, Frank
Dowinton, Barbara
Dowinton, Florence
Du Feu, Adolphus
du Feu, Rhoda Maggie
du Heaume, Ruth
du Jardin, Linda Maud
Duhamel, Gerald
Duhamel, Lilian
Egland, William David
Egré, Beryl May
Egré, Derek
Egré, Joyce Edna
English, Marjorie
Ereaut, Beryl Joan
Fallaize, Iris
Fallaize, Ruby Violet
Fallaize, Winifred
Fallis, Gordon
Fauvel , Norman Louis
Ferrand, Vera
Ferron, John
Ferron, John Edward
Filleuil, Doris
Filleul, Raymond Alfred
Forward, John
Fosse, Doris Eunice
Fosse, Walter Francis
Fox, Bernard
Fox, Doris
Fox, Frederick
Fox, Georgina
Fox, Grace
Fox, Nancy
Freeman, Alfred
Freeman, Joyce
Freeman, Maurice
Freeman, Rita Doreen
Freeman, Ronald
Frost, Mavis
Frost, Stanley
Fry, Gordon Dennis
Fry, Vincent
Gallichan, Bessie
Gallichan, Muriel Grace
Garde, Ethel
Garnier, Frederick
Garnier, Frederick Henry
Gates, Esther Pauline
Giffard, Clive Allan
Giffard, Eynon
Gilbert, John
Gilbert, Thomas
Giot, Hilda
Goarin, Odette Amelie
Godden, Doris
Godden, Ethel Joyce
Godel, Phyllis Ada
Gosling, Doris
Gosselin, Mavis
Gosselin, Violet Maud
Gouedard, Louis Alfred
Gould, Clifford
Gould, Clifford
Green, Sylvia Bertha
Grenault, Muriel
Grenelle, Alfred
Grenelle, Ethel
Grenelle, Helen
Grimshaw, Harold
Groizard, Alice Florence
Gruchy, Eileen
Gruchy, Leslie
Gruchy, Thelma
Guinard, Charles
Gulstad, Hugh Campbell
Hacking, Mary
Hacquoil, Philip
Haines, William
Hake, Dorothy
Hake, Joyce Florence
Hamon, Ernest Alfred
Hamon, Hedley Roland
Hamon, Joyce
Hamon, Muriel
Hamon, Oswald Francis
Hamon, Redvers
Hannaford, Kathleen
Hanning, Frank
Hansford, Roy Frederick
Harding, Marjorie
Harding, Percy
Harding, Violet
Harper, Richard
Harris, Barbara Winifred
Harvey, Joan Edith
Hassell, Douglas
Hassell, Tom
Heath, Denis John
Heath, William Clifford
Henry, Clarence
Henry, Ethel Gladys
Herviec, John
Herviec, Joseph
Hibbs, Donald Charles
Hill, George Lorraine
Hill, Lily Ethel
Hine, Hilda Mary
Holgate, Rozel Eileen
Holmes, Frederick
Holmes, Kathleen
Hopkins, Evelyn Rita
Horn, Reginald
Horn, Ronald Oliver
Hotton, Mary
Houillebecq, Frank
Howlett, Arthur
Howlett, Doris Amelia
Hoyles, Evelyn Mabel
Hoyles, George
Huelin, David
Hughes, Edna Violet
Hughes, Elsie
Humber, Howard
Humbert, Madeleine
Hunt, Estelle
Hunt, Marguerite
Hunt, Muriel Edris
Huson, Gwendoline
Huson, Iris
Hutchings, Barbara
Hutchings, Doreen
Hutchings, Laurence John
Hutchings, Marjorie
Hutchings, May Alice
Hutchings, Peggy
Jackman, Sylvia
James, Irene
Jegou, Doris
Jegou, Fred George
Jégou, Lena
Jones, Olive Evelyn
Jones, William
Jones, William Francis
Kadrewell, Christine
Kadrewell, Ethel
Kadrewell, Sybil
Kadrewell, Una Kathleen
Karmarrec, Edward
Kearley, Beryl Adeline
Kemish, Phyllis May
Kemp, Joan
Kent, William George
Kermarec, Alice
Kermarec, Edward Peter
Kermarec, Evelyn
Kermarrec, Alice
Kerr, James Francis
Kerry, Sidney John
Kessell, Elsie
Kessell, Hedley
Laffoley, Jeanne Marie
L'Amy, Violet
Lancien, Mark
Landick, Dennis Harry
Langeard, Violet Joyce
Langford, Doreen
Langford, Douglas
larkin, Grace
larkin, Grace
Larkin, Joyce
Laugeard, Eileen
Laugeard, Ernest George
Laurens, Francis Charles
Laurens, George
Laurens, Reginald
Laurens, William George
Le Blancq, Florence
Le Blancq, Philip George
Le Boutillier, James Everard
Le Boutillier, Yvonne Maud
Le Brun, Arthur
Le Clair, Audrey Yvonne
Le Claire, Lester Eugene
Le Clercq, George
Le Clercq, Gladys
Le Clercq, Henry
Le Clercq, Olive
Le Clercq, Olive
Le Cornu, Charlis Christine
Le Cornu, Dorothy
Le Cornu, Florence Maud
Le Cornu, Gertrude Gladys
Le Cornu, Raymond
Le Dain, Queenie
Le Feuvre, Harold
Le Geyt, Laurence
Le Geyt, Leila
Le Goubin, Edna Dawn
Le Gresley, Minnie
Le Gros, Alfreda Phyllis
Le Gros, Rita
Le Gros, William Albert
Le Huray, May
Le Lievre, Alfred
Le Lievre, Doris
Le Lievre, Ernest Charles
Le Lievre, Ethel Ada
Le Lièvre, George
Le Lievre, Godfrey james
Le Liévre, Mary
Le Lievre, Philip
Le Lievre, Phyllis
Le Lievre, Queenie
Le Maistre, Graeme Mark
Le Maistre, John
Le Maistre, Sheila
Le Maistre, William
Le Marinel, Basil
Le Marinel, Phyllis
Le Marinel, Ronald
Le Mercier, Joyce Violet
Le Monnier, Monica
Le Monnier, Verdun Mons
Le Montais, Alfred
Le Montais, Cyril
Le Montais, Stanley
Le Poidevin, John Alfred
Le Quesne, Geoffrey
Le Quesne, Hubert Leslie
Le Quesne, Samuel
Le Rossignol, Yvonne Joan
Le Roux, Reginald
Leamon, Wesley Charles
Lempriere, Ada
Lemprière, Frederick
Lempriere, Philip
Lenaghan, Agnes
Lennon, Barbara Guest
Lesbirel, Beryl
Lesbirel, Tom
Lewis, William
Lisle, Iris
Lobb, Arthur
Lobb, Jack
Lobb, Mabel
Lucas, Ivy Lilian
Mallet, Mabel
Manning, Ernest
Manning, Gladys
Marett, Alfred
Marett, William
Marett, Winifred
Marie, Frances
Marsh, John
Marsh, William
Marsh, Winifred
Marshall, Phyllis
Martin, Daisy Joan
Martin, Lorraine
Martin, Stanley
Matson, Arthur
Matson, Reginald
Matthews, Oscar
Matthews, Pearl Margaret
Mauger, Doris Ethel
Mauger, Edward
Mauger, Marjorie Eileen
Mayne, Arthur Raymond
McDermott, Malcolm
McKenna, Ronald
Meadows, Irene
Melland, Eric
Mercier, Leslie
Miles, Elène
Mills, George
Mills, Joseph
Moignard, Philip
Molland, Doreen
Molland, Eric
Monamy, Cyril John
Monamy, James
Monamy, Matilda
Moody, Florence
Moody, George Kenneth
Moody, Kenneth George
Moody, Thomas
Moody, Winifred
Moore, Renée
Moore, Renée Olga
Morring, John Melbourn
Mourant, Arthur
Moyse, Beryl Joyce
Moyse, Horace
Mullins, George William
Munn, Edna
Munn, Ronald
Munns, Olive Muriel
Murphy, John Stanley
Nicolle, Ellen
Noel, Edward
Noel, Edward Charles
Noel, Joyce Annie
Noel, Kathleen
Noel, Nancy
Noel, William Thomas
Nolais, Fernand
Norman, George William
Norrie, Jack
Norris, Frank
Norris, Raymond George
Osment, Leslie Arthur
Osmont, Raymond
Ozouf, Barbara Joan
Ozouf, Léon Walter
Ozouf, Lilian
Pallot, Clément Charles
Pallot, Kathleen Florence
Pallot, Lily
Parker, Clarence Robert
Parker, Edith
Parker, Gordon William
Parker, Lilian Gladys
Parker, Nellie May
Parker, Sheila Joan
Patch, Winnie
Pattimore, Leonard
Payn, Mavis
Perkins, Cyril
Perkins, Leonard George
Perrin, Dennis
Perrin, Roderick Mark
Perrin, Sidney William
Perrin, Vyveen
Perry, Harold
Phillips, William
Picot, Royston
Pigeon, Joan Violet Ruby
Pigeon, Ronald
Pigeon, Ronald Alfred
Pillifent, Irene
Pinfield, Louis
Piquet, Percy Charles
Piquet, Stanley
Piquet, Winifred
Pitcher, Dennis Brian
Pitcher, Edith
Planner, Ethel
Podger, George
Pope, Doreen May
Powell, Eileen
Powell, Molly
Proper, George
Proper, Winter William
Pugh, Doris
Quelenec, Elsie
Quenault, Eric
Quenault, Ethel
Quenault, Gwendoline Ethel Marie
Quenault, Jean Malvina
Quenault, Raymond
Quenault, Yvonne
Quérée, Barbara
Querée, Donald
Querée, Ida
Queree, Morris Charles
Queree, William
Rabet, Joan
Radbund, Gertrude
Ralph, Dorothy May
Ralph, Margaret
Rault, Kenneth
Rebourg, Kathleen
Reed, William
Reynolds, Violet
Reynolds, William
Richecoeur, Dennis George
Richecoeur, Violet May
Richmond, Leonard James
Ricketts, Norman
Ridley, Stanley Robert
Ridley, Winfield Dawson
Roberts, May Alice
Robins, George William
Robinson, Francis John
Robinson, Gladys Mavis
Robinson, Roseria
Robinson, William
Rolland, Mildred
Rolland, Mildred
Rose, Beryl Winifred
Rosie, Jean Adeline
Ruellan, Ernest Aimé
Rye, Herbert
Rye, Herbert Owen
Rye, Sidney Edgar
Salaman, Wilfred
Searle, Alick
Searle, Lottie
Sears, Ruth Frances
Seeley, Rhoda
Seely, Rhoda
Sheails, Blanche
Shilton, Winifred May
Shirley, Betty
Short, George
Short, Thelma
Showell, Adelaide
Showell, Harold
Shrubb, Joan
Simmons, Bernard
Sinclair, Lionel Maurice
Single, Arthur George
Single, Hilda Elizabeth
Skelley, Arthur
Skelley, Donald Roy
Sketcher, Dennis
Slee, Sidney
Smith, Ronald James
Smithers, Emily
Sohier, Olive Minnie
Sorel, Edith
St George, Clarence Hugo
Stephens, Cyril
Stone, Doreen Elsie
Stopher, Joseph
Stratford, Charles
Stratford, Kathleen Maud
Stretch, Henry
Suret, Vera
Surguy, Gordon
Swanson, Doreen
Swayne, James
Sydenham, Aileen
Symons, Hilda
Symons, Ivy
Syvret, Marjorie
Syvret, Rosemary
Tanner, Vera Odette
Tapley, Winifred
Tapley, Winifred Maud
Taylor, George
Taylor, Kenneth
Taylor, Maude
Taylor, William Holmes
Thatcher, Winifred
Therin, Madeline
Therin, Wilfred
Thoreau, Vivian Philip
Thorne, Edith
Thorne, Irene Alexandra
Thorne, Ronald Edgar
Thorne, Violet
Thornton, Iris Lilian
Tostevin, Amanda Margaret
Tostevin, Iris May
Tostevin, Vernon
Tostevin, Vernon Edward
Touzel, Vernon
Trihiou, Eugène
Trihiou, Georges
True, Leonard
Truscott, Kenneth
Truscott, William Francis
Tucker, Margaret
Tucker, Muriel Grace
Turner, Maurice
Vallois, Horace
Varaillon, Robert
Vardon, Arthur John
Vardon, Cyril John
Varney, Eileen May
Vasse, Frederick Frank
Vasse, Helen
Vasse, Margaret
Vasse, Margaret May
Villalard, Ernest
Villalard, Francis
Villelard, Elsie
Vincent, Joyce
Vivian, Gladys
Voisin, George
Vowden, Elsie
Walker, Arthur
Walker, Edith
Wallbridge, Joyce
Warren, Doreen
Waters, Arthur Charles
Waters, John William
Waters, Myra
Wayse, Alan
Webb, Denis John
Welch, Freda
West, Charles
Wetherell, Alfred Charles
Wetherell, Maud
White, Derrick Lloyd
White, Iris Maud
White, Marion
White, Marion
Williams, Norman
Williams, Vera
Woods, Phyllis
Woods, Phyllis May
Wordsworth, Norman
Wordsworth, Raymond
Youlton, Beatrice Maud


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