Letter 21 from Kath [Kathleen de Carteret], Vale Farm, St Peter to her dearest [Kenneth Henry Le Sueur]. Refers to visiting the Mossop and Lemprière families, learning to play bridge, seeing Granny [Elvina Carrel, née Vautier] on her birthday and comments about the marriage of Kathleen Amy and Tony Watson [Walter Leslie Watson].




January 9th 1928 - January 12th 1928

Scope and Content

Refers to: visiting Nellie [Nellie de Carteret Mossop, née Marett] mentioning her baby Jean [Jean Adele Mossop], Misses Marrett, Walter [Walter Marrett]; comments about Mrs Moss and her sons Harry and Gerald; comments about the east train; a visit to see Bee [Beatrice Lempriere] to thank her for a dance, mentioning Walter Lempriere, Mrs Lempriere and Aunt J; comments about Louisa [Louisa Le Sueur, née Messervy]; afternoon tea mentioning Le Cras, Victor, Lucy [Lucy de Carteret], Auntie Lucy, a girl called Ena, George Croad; comments about a motorcycle; remarks about a bridge lesson; reference to the Le Boutilliers; visits to see Miss Trachy, Thé [Berthé] and Adèle; attending lecture by her father [George William de Carteret] with Bee and Edward [Edward Lempriere]; a visit by Miss Jarnet; comments about Estelle's dancing; the engagement of Anna Vautier; remarks about a slip of paper from du Pré; and a photograph of Mr Sadler.


Carrel, Elvina, née Vautier
Croad, George
de Carteret, George Eric
de Carteret, George William
de Carteret, Kathleen
de Carteret, Lucy
du Pré, Mr
Jarnet, Miss
Le Boutillier Family
Le Cras, Mr
Le Sueur, Kenneth Henry
Le Sueur, Louisa, née Messervy
Lempriere, Beatrice
Lemprière, Edward
Lemprière, Walter
Marrett family
Marrett, Walter
Moss, Eva de Vere
Moss, Gerald de Vere
Moss, Harry de Vere
Moss, Mrs
Mossop, Nellie de Carteret, née Marett
Mossop, Jean Adele
Sadler, Mr
Trachy, Miss
Vautier, Anna
Watson, Kathleen Florence, née Amy
Watson, Walter Leslie


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