Letter 38 from Kath [Kathleen de Carteret], SVS [South View School], Clevedon to her dearest [Kenneth Henry Le Sueur]. Includes a message to Kenneth on his birthday on 14 May. Includes original envelope addressed to Kenneth H Le Sueur, Western Telegraph Company, St Vincent, Cape Verde Islands via RMS Avila with one purple 3d postage stamp and one green ½d postage stamp.




May 13th 1928 - May 21st 1928

Scope and Content

Includes comments about: plants, trees and nature; a trip to Bristol referring to watch the movie Dawn, starring Sybil Thorndike, at the cinema with Pitt [Irene Lilian Pittard], Mrs Pittard, Gordon Pittard, and Eric and Kenneth Davis, to celebrate Gordon's birthday; response to letters received from Kenneth, including remarks about Mr Tristram, Ken Malzard, masters at Victoria College, and a photograph of the Bailiff; comments about robots; a discussion about the colour of Kenneth's eyes, mentioning views of Granny [Elvina Carrel, nee Vautier] on the matter; and refers to Kathleen's birthday on 17 February.


Bairstow, H
Carrel, Elvina, née Vautier
Davis, Eric
Davis, Kenneth
de Carteret, Kathleen
Hogg, Dick
Hogg, Philip James
Hogg, Kathleen, née Malzard
Hogg, Teddy
Hollingshead, Penelope Alice
Le Sueur, Kenneth Henry
Malzard, Kenneth
Pittard, Gordon Ebenezer
Pittard, Irene Lilian
Pittard, Mrs
Thorndike, Sybil
Tristram, Mr
Blue Star Line
South View School, Clevedon
SS Avila
Victoria College
Western Telegraph Company Limited


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13 papers
1 Envelope



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