Letter 40 from Kath [Kathleen de Carteret], SVS [South View School], Clevedon to her dearest [Kenneth Henry Le Sueur]. Includes comments about a pupil named Eileen at South View, details about playing golf and tennis, remarks about mail ship timetables, and details of Kathleen accepting a offer by Bill [A M Bailey] to work at a new school in Plymouth with Miss Bailey and Miss Pocock [Grace Pearce Pocock]. Includes original envelope addressed to K H Le Sueur, Western Telegraph Company, St Vincent, Cape Verde Islands via Arandora.




May 27th 1928 - June 4th 1928

Scope and Content

Refers to: pupils at South View including Eileen; playing golf with Eric Davis at Walton and details of breaking a golf club whilst playing with Willie Le Brun [William Moses Le Brun]; remarks about life at South View referring to colleagues including Pitt [Irene Pittard], Bill [Alice Bailey], Shed [Penelope Hollingshead] and Poke [Grace Pocock]; playing a doubles tennis match with Shed; and Kathleen telling her mother [Lydia de Carteret, née Renouf], Tixum [Amelia Jane Vautier], Lucy [Lucy de Carteret] and Thé [Berthé] about her new job.


Bailey, Alice Maude
Davis, Eric
de Carteret, George Eric
de Carteret, Kathleen
de Carteret, Lydia, née Renouf
Hollingshead, Penelope Alice
Le Brun, William Moses
Le Sueur, Kenneth Henry
Pittard, Irene Lilian
Pocock, Grace Pearce
Vautier, Amelia Jane
Blue Star Line
South View School, Clevedon
SS Avila
Western Telegraph Company Limited


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12 papers
1 Envelope



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