Letter 19C from Ken [Kenneth Henry Le Sueur aboard SS Albion Star] to [Kathleen de Carteret]. Pages 69-92 of Letter 19 [L/C/142/A1/A2/2/19]. Includes details of a discussion with Captain Bevan about his career, recollections of heavy snowfall in Jersey in the winter of 1916 and describes the final part of his voyage from Buenos Aires to St Vincent, Cape Verde Islands.




December 18th 1927 - December 23rd 1927

Scope and Content

Includes: details of discussions with Captain Bevan about his career; remarks about Christmas; and details of other ships sighted on the journey; comments about a conversation with the Chief Officer of the ship in his cabin; includes recollections of tobogganing in the snow down a côtil in 1916 with Ken, Alice Cram, the Lemps [Lemprière family], Don [Donald de Carteret], Kathleen’s father [George William de Carteret]; remarks about the weather and sea conditions, with sketches; comments about his steward Newman; refers to repainting the lifeboat badges and cleaning his golf clubs; describes writing to Granny [Elvina Carrel, née Vautier], detailing news received from her; enquires about Tixum [Amelia Jane Vautier]; describes the final stretch of the journey before arrival in SV [St Vincent, Cape Verde Islands], referring to helping the crew including the chief engineer Mr Scargie; and refers to a journey by Mr, Mrs and Megan Lloyd George from London to Brazil via St Vincent.


Bevan, Captain
Carrel, Elvina, née Vautier
Cram, Alice Emma
de Carteret, Donald
de Carteret, George William
de Carteret, Kathleen
Le Sueur, Henry Sydney
Le Sueur, Kenneth Henry
Lempriere Family
Lloyd George, David
Lloyd George, Margaret, née Owen
Lloyd George, Megan
Newman, Mr
Scargie, Mr
Vautier, Amelia Jane
Albion Star (ship)
Blue Star Line
Western Telegraph Company Limited


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