Letter 23 from Ken [Kenneth Henry Le Sueur] to his own Kath [Kathleen de Carteret]. Includes comments about the artist Rex H [Reginald Hector] Whistler, including Kenneth's recollections of attending Victoria College with him and remarks about the work of Rex's cousin, also an artist named Rex [Reginald John Whistler], and details of a conversation with C A Stevenson about Lieutenant [Charles] Stanley Mossop and the seaplane crash in which he was killed.




January 11th 1928 - January 15th 1928

Scope and Content

Also refers to: meeting Leslie [Linscott], Bill [Adams] and Herniman and his wife on board the ship Avila, mentioning Herniman's participation in the Olympic Games; writing a letter to the Sadlers; going in a steam launch with the Paceys, Mrs Morris-Jones, Miss Cameron and Vann; thanks Kathleen for records sent by her; having cocktails with Algy Linscott and Mr and Mrs Whiteside; comments about the Whistler family including Rex H Whistler [Reginald Hector Whistler] and his father and cousin Rex [Reginald John Whistler]; details of a conversation with C A Stevenson about his service with the RNAS [Royal Naval Air Service] and connection with Stanley Mossop; and comments about cinema, including a sketch.


Adams, Bill
Butcher, G N R
Cameron, Miss
de Carteret, Kathleen
Gibson, Mr
Herniman, Mr
Le Sueur, Kenneth Henry
Linscott, Leslie G
Morris-Jones, Mrs
Mossop, Edward
Mossop, Charles Stanley
Pacey, Mr
Pacey, Mrs
Pacey, Phyllis
Sadler family
Stevenson, C A
Whistler, Reginald Hector
Whistler, Reginald John
Whiteside, Mr
Whiteside, Mrs
Avila (Ship)
Royal Naval Air Service
South View School, Clevedon
Tate Gallery
Victoria College
Western Telegraph Company Limited


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