Letter 4 from Tixum [Amelia Jane Vautier], Vale Farm to her dear Kath [Kathleen Le Sueur, née de Carteret] and Ken [Kenneth Henry Le Sueur]. Provides news about friends and family in Jersey and Canada.




June 18th 1932 - June 20th 1932

Scope and Content

Includes: details about Lucy's [Lucy Esther de Carteret] work in the garden and comments about workers including Philip, his wife and Jeanne, Tom, Max Le Sueur; references to people in Jersey including Eric [George Eric de Carteret], Doods [George William de Carteret], Mr Attenborough, Dr Oliver; remarks about Eric playing tennis; work planned for the sitting room mentioning Herivel; news about Berthé [Berthé Vautier], Grannie [Elvina Carrel, née Vautier]; remarks about those at Sables d'Or; the death of Miss Poirier at First Tower; remarks about the health of Robin Le Brun, mentioning Adèle [Adèle Le Brun, née Vautier] and Mr [William Toynton] Reis; and outlines news from Dons [Donald de Carteret], mentioning Auntie Birdie and Ted; and remarks about letters received, noting Uncle John had not been told about the death of his sister.


Attenborough, Mr
Carrel, Elvina, née Vautier
de Carteret, Donald
de Carteret, George Eric
de Carteret, George William
de Carteret, Lucy Esther
Herivel, Mr
Le Sueur, Kathleen, née de Carteret
Le Sueur, Kenneth Henry
Le Sueur, Max
Le Brun, Adele, née Vautier
Le Brun, Robin de Gruchy
Oliver, Dr
Poirier, Miss
Reis, William Toynton
Vautier, Amelia Jane
Vautier, Berthé


Vale Farm, St Peter | Sables d'Or, Bel Royal | First Tower | Montreal | Vancouver | anniversaries | Correspondence | deaths | Letters | Weddings


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