Letter from R Malzard, Prospect House, St Peter to her dear Kathleen [Kathleen Le Sueur, née de Carteret] and Ken [Kenneth Henry Le Sueur]. Provides news about friends, family and life in Jersey, and refers to the death by drowning of Mr and Mrs Hawkins [Herbert Hervey Baines Hawkins and Kathleen Colyn Hawkins, née Barry] on 1 January 1933 in N Eliya [Nuwaya Eliya, Sri Lanka]. Includes original envelope addressed to Mr and Mrs Kenneth Le Sueur, Passengers 1st Class, RMSP Arlanza, c/o J Raives and Co, Rua Bernardino Costa 47, Lisbon, Portugal with one 1d postage stamp and one 1½d postage stamp.




January 9th 1934 - January 9th 1934

Scope and Content

Refers to others including Gordon and Tony, Ted Hogg, Lyall [Lyall Mervyn Malzard Parlett], Kathleen [Kathleen Hogg, née Malzard], Hedley, Lucy [Lucy Esther de Carteret], Miss Vautier [Amelia Jane Vautier], Marie, Kathleen's father [George William de Carteret], Donald [Donald de Carteret], Gordon Pontius and Mr [Alfred John] Jenkins of the New Waterworks Company, Rosemary Anderson, Kath [Kathleen Hogg, née Malzard], Jim [Philip James Hogg] and Mary [Mary Hogg], Rebe and her husband, and John Brooks.


Anderson, Rosemary
Brooks, John
de Carteret, Donald
de Carteret, George William
de Carteret, Lucy Esther
Hawkins, Herbert Hervey Baines
Hawkins, Kathleen Colyn, née Barry
Hogg, Kathleen, née Malzard
Hogg, Mary
Hogg, Philip James
Hogg, Ted
Jenkins, Alfred John
Le Sueur, Kathleen, née de Carteret
Le Sueur, Kenneth Henry
Malzard, R
Parlett, Lyall Mervyn Malzard
Pontius, Gordon Stuart
Vautier, Amelia Jane
Jersey New Waterworks Company Limited
RMS Arlanza


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2 papers
1 Envelope



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