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Admission Register for the General Hospital - Entries for patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter S




January 1st 1920 - December 31st 1920


Sibley, Leonard George
Pellée, Pamela, née Stocker
Sinel, James Edwin
Sangan, Alexandrine Augustine
Gosselin, Isabella, née Shiner
Ruaux, Louisa, née Le Sueur
Suret, Florence May
Suret, Grace
Stone, Charles William Vernon
Barkam, Ann, née Le Sauteur
Sarre, John
Simon, Harold
Seager, Thomas John
Syvret, Jacques
Syvret, John James
Stevens, Annie Elizabeth Maud
Lempriere, Matilda Ann, née Simon
Arthur, Florence Dumaresq, née Syvret
Smith, Edward
Searle, Theodore Alfred
Salmon, Augustine
Stephens, Durell Godfray
Sharp, Thomas Henry
Starck, Edward
Salaun, Pierre
Seblinne, Louis François
Starck, Edward
Le Sueur, Charles John
Scoones, Irene
Saunders, Percival Le Clercq
Sullivan, Daniel
Sealey, Rhoda Gertrude
Shales, Florence May
Syvret, Harriet
Saunders, Leonard Louis
de la Noé, Germaine, née Segard
Sido, Eugène
Sheppeck, William James
Simon, Claud Samuel
Sullivan, Robert
Syvret, James Edward
Carreau, Cécile, née Souplet
Saussey, Jessie Rose
Saussey, Violet May
Saussey, Olive May
Saussey, Linda Norris
Saussey, Ernest George
Saussey, Arthur John
Saussey, Florence Madeline
Scriven, Doris Elsie
Saussey, François Charles
Silvester, Honoretta
Saunders, George David
Salisbury, Arthur Ernest
Skelton, Florence Beatrice


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