Album which contains various photographs and prints relating to The Boys' Brigade. The album includes pictures of: the Jersey Battalion at St Thomas' Catholic Church, Battle of Flowers floats, group portraits of the 3rd Jersey (St Mark's) Company as a Christmas postcard, and an officers training course at Toc H, Boys' Brigade, the 4th Jersey Company on parade at Springfield, soldiers parading, possibly in celebration of the Liberation of the Island, a Liberation Day Parade with General Montgomery, Boys standing to attention outside the Boys' Brigade Island Headquarters at Les Freres, Bailiff Peter Crill with the Queen, possibly with Brigade members in the background waving flags, a commemorative border planted to celebrate the Boys' Brigade centenary in 1983, possibly in Howard Davis Park, and a group at St Mary's School.




1908 - 1989


Boys' Brigade
St Thomas' Church
Battle of Flowers
St Mark's Church
Toc H
Montgomery of Alamein, Lord
Montgomery, Bernard, General
Force 135
Queen Elizabeth II
Bailhache, Philip Martin, Bailiff of Jersey 1995-2009
Crill, Sir Peter Leslie, Bailiff of Jersey 1986 - 1995
St Mary's School
Howard Davis Park
Jersey Evening Post


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: Girls' Brigade


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