Photographic slides taken in Jersey. Includes photographic slides of: John Evans, Inga Gallichan, Pierre Horsfall, Susan Byrne and Pat Lewis on horses at La Pulente and Les Quennevais; the first meet of the Jersey Horse Driving Society starting from Maillard's field at Glencoe, St Lawrence and along La Grande Route de St Laurent and Victoria Avenue; cargo ships MV Elk and MV Moose in St Helier Harbour; Pierre and Thelma Horsfall at Grève de Lecq during a Jersey Drag Hunt meet; views of Green Goose Marsh flooded by rain; a boy named David on a horse named Emerald Lad in a field at Convent FCJ, Grainville; Emerald Lad and a cat named Sibu in Inga Gallichan's garage; and Kathleen Le Sueur on a horse named Polly at the Horsfall family's home. [For the individual photographs, see L/C/142/C1/A/72/1/1-3, 5-30, 32-37].




January 9th 1972 - February 16th 1972


Byrne, Susan
Evans, John
Gallichan, Inga
Horsfall, Pierre François
Horsfall, Thelma Rosalind, née Muff
Le Sueur, Kathleen, née de Carteret
Lewis, Pat
Maillard Family
Convent FCJ
Jersey Drag Hunt
Jersey Horse Driving Society
MV Elk
MV Moose


Glencoe, St Lawrence | Goose Green Marsh | Grainville | Grève de Lecq | La Grande Route de St Laurent | La Pulente | Les Quennevais | Moreno, Beaumont | St Helier Harbour | Victoria Avenue | Cats | horse driving | Horse riding | Horses | Hunts | Photographs | societies | Views


35 slide - colour



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