Inspectors Reports for the following schools, St Martins Roman Catholic school, St Barnados Roman Catholic school, St Johns Roman Catholic school, Grouville St Joseph Roman Catholic school, St Ouens Roman Catholic school, St Thomas Roman Catholic school, St Matthews Roman Catholic school, St Aubins Roman Catholic school, St Andrews Roman Catholic school, Jersey Female Orphans Home school, Jersey Home for Boys school

Reference: D/J/B/5

Date: 1905 - 1905


Reference: D/J/O1

Committee of Management Minutes

Reference: D/J/O1/1

Date: 1867 - 1878

Jersey Industrial School Minute Book

Reference: D/J/O1/2

Date: 1878 - 1884

Jersey Industrial School Minute Book

Reference: D/J/O1/3

Date: 1885 - 1895

Jersey Industrial School Minute Book

Reference: D/J/O1/4

Date: 1895 - 1908

Jersey Industrial School Minute Book

Reference: D/J/O1/5

Date: 1908 - 1921

Heights and Weights

Reference: D/J/O10

Heights and Weights

Reference: D/J/O10/1

Date: 1924 - 1949

Jersey Industrial School Medical Officer's Reports

Reference: D/J/O11/1

Date: 1895 - 1949

Visitor's Books

Reference: D/J/O12

Jersey Home for Boys Visitor's Book

Reference: D/J/O12/1

Date: 1889 - 1960

Other Items

Reference: D/J/O13

Post Office Savings Bank Card book belonging to Charles Le Monnier, Anneville Farm, Anneport, St Martin

Reference: D/J/O13/1/1

Date: June 12th 1933 - October 5th 1935

Trustee Savings Bank book belonging to Brian George Laverty

Reference: D/J/O13/1/2

Date: March 27th 1953 - February 7th 1955

Page of Jersey Home for Boys Managing Committee minutes

Reference: D/J/O13/1/3

Date: March 11th 1907 - April 8th 1907

Jersey Eisteddfod certificate of merit awarded to the Jersey Home for Boys in the dramatic selection 'Treasure Island'

Reference: D/J/O13/1/4

Date: November 10th 1936 - November 10th 1936

Extract from the register of births of the Parish of St Helier for David Seager (born 29 July 1934)

Reference: D/J/O13/1/5

Date: August 18th 1934 - August 18th 1934

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