Treasurer of the States: Appointment of Mr G M Baird, lodged by the Finance and Economics Committee.

Reference: C/A620/1990/P186

Date: November 20th 1990 - November 20th 1990

Digital copy of Health and Social Services Department Documentation Delta D HSSD 00162: HR [Human Resources] file of Witness 335. Contains 1. Notes for the information of the President of the Education Committee and Deputy Bailhache regarding allegations of sodomy made by a former resident at Heathfield against Witness 335; 2. Excerpt from an Inter-Departmental Financial Journal concerning Witness 335; 3. Letter from Pensions Officer Miss J Shepstone to Director of Education B [Brian] Grady; and 4. Letter from the Children's Officer to the Branch Manager. [Some details redacted].

Reference: C/D/AW2/A7/8/WD005789

Date: August 21st 1991 - April 29th 1992

Digital copy of the Report of the Review Panel on the Machinery of Government in Jersey. Used by Dr Philip Michael Johnson in his witness statement to the Inquiry dated 25 July 2014 [C/D/AW6/A/EE000035].

Reference: C/D/AW6/A/EE000005

Date: December 1st 2000 - December 31st 2000

Stateswide Magazine-No 1, July 1991-includes articles on new States Treasurer George Baird, the Island Games, a day in the life of the Sea Fisheries Officer Simon Bossy and shift work.

Reference: L/F/200/A/1

Date: July 1st 1991 - July 1st 1991

Stateswide Magazine-No 16, February 1994-includes articles on the Island's Finances by States Treasurer, George Baird, a day in the life of Jim St Ledger, a traffic warden and work in the Motor Traffic Department.

Reference: L/F/200/A/16

Date: February 1st 1994 - February 1st 1994

Dramatisation of Lillie Langtry looking back on her life and telling her servant Mathilde about it. Part 6-'The Actress', following Lillie's acting career, her continuing relationship and later break up with Freddie Gebhard, life in the United States of America, her child Jeanne Marie growing up, the death of her father, moving back permanently to London and her admirers. John Nettles as Bertie, Prince of Wales, Tessa Coleman as Lillie Langtry, Gillian Thomas as Old Lillie, Peter Le Breuilly as Oscar Wilde, Fraser Martin as Freddy Gebhard, Richard Pedley as Prince Louis Battenberg, Marian Miles as Lillie's Mother, Rachel Dickinson as Patsy Cornwallis-West, Emily Martin as Young Jeanne, Lorraine Falle as Mathilde, Philip Le Brocq as Hugh Lonsdale, David Gainsborough Roberts as George Chetwin, Graham Drummond as George Baird, Carol Owens as Dominique, Gavin Standen as Bobby Peel. Production Assistant-Jackie Monkman, Sound Effects-Claire Stanley, Original Music-Roger Bara, Produced and Directed by Cathy Keir. Duration-30.20 minutes.

Reference: R/07/H1/6

Date: February 11th 1997 - February 11th 1997

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