Volume of Annual Returns from individual island schools. The names of the attending children are recorded along with attendance summaries, inspectors reports, accounts, examination results and the names of teachers and pupil teachers. This volume has been indexed by name of person mentioned. The volume can be viewed at the Archive to access extra detail.

Reference: D/J/A/4

Date: 1879 - 1879

Marriage Register of Grouville Church - entry for Peter Baker, 25 and Jane Pallot, 31

Reference: G/C/06/A3/2/10

Date: April 18th 1872

J B Le Quesne Funeral Director Account Ledger. Includes some details of the person being buried and the funeral expenses. Please note the volume has been indexed by name of deceased only.To find the name you are interested in please look at the index PDF document to find the name and then open the PDF with the relevant page/entry number.

Reference: L/A/41/D1/5

Date: November 19th 1936 - June 5th 1945

Photograph of cargoes on the Harbour side, photograph of passengers on board the hydrofoil Condor 3 and photograph of Jack Norman and Peter Dorey, who was later lost at sea in the Fastnet disaster, and photograph of Lieutenant Commander de la Casa with Peter Baker.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/HARS/55/31

Date: 1971-04 - 1971-04

Subject: Harbours

File number: 55

Page number: 31

Photographs which relate to a floating reception held on board the hydrofoil Condor 3 and featuring His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor Sir John Davis with Peter Dorey, and Clarrie Dupre with Lieutenant Commander de la Casas and Peter Baker, and group photograph of a group of French schoolchildren with a police officer taken in front of a ship.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/HARS/55/33

Date: April 27th 1971 - May 3rd 1971

Subject: Harbours

File number: 55

Page number: 33

Images of a seminar at the L'Horizon Hotel, St Brelade's Bay, including portraits of Peter Baker, one of the seminar speakers.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/4/111A

Date: March 29th 1979 - March 29th 1979

Photographer: Peter Mourant

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1979/111

Images of a retirement presentation that is being held for Mrs. Turpin at the Town Hall. The Constable of St. Helier, Peter Gorton Baker, is present in image A (right), image B (left), and images C and D (presenting Mrs. Turpin with her card). Jersey Evening Post

Reference: L/A/75/A3/5/3503

Date: March 26th 1980 - March 26th 1980

Photographer: Ron Mayne

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1980/3503.

Images of officials boarding Condor Ferries' Condor 6, which has arrived at St. Helier Harbour, ahead of a reception to welcome the new vessel to Condor Ferries' fleet. The Constable of St. Helier, Peter Gorton Baker, is present in images DD and E (fourth from left), as well as image F (fifth from left). Senator Bill Morvan, the President of the Airport and Harbours Committee, is present in image T (second from left), image U (third from left), and image V (right). For more images of this Reception, see L/A/75/A3/5/3910A. Jersey Evening Post

Reference: L/A/75/A3/5/3910B

Date: May 8th 1980 - May 8th 1980

Photographer: Reg Cridland

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1980/3910B.

Images of the opening of the Ambulance Station at Rouge Bouillon,St Helier.Included visiting are Lieutenant Governor General Sir Peter Whiteley and his wife Nancy,Baliff of Jersey Sir Frank Ereaut and Constable of St Helier Peter Goron Baker.Taken by Glenn Rankine.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/6/6471

Date: January 25th 1981 - January 25th 1981

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1981/6471

Images of memorial stone of Benjamin Meaker 1875-1970.At the unveiling include Deputy Don Filleul, Constable Peter Gorton Baker and the Baliff Frank Ereaut in Havre Des Pas,St Helier. (JEP) Photographic Job Number 1981/6749.Taken by Reg Cridland.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/6/6749

Date: February 26th 1981 - February 26th 1981

Images of the opening of Mont A L'Abbe swimming pool for Mentally Handicapped Children and Adults including Senator Reg Jeune, Constable Peter Gorton Baker and Deputy Enid Quenault.(JEP) Photographic Job Number 1981/6781.Taken by Gary Grimshaw.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/6/6781

Date: March 2nd 1981 - March 2nd 1981

Images of Dinner for the Soroptimist club at the Savoy Hotel.Constable of St Helier Peter Baker is there.(JEP) Photographic Job Number 1981/6838.Taken by Reg Cridland.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/6/6838

Date: March 7th 1981 - March 7th 1981

Images of Royal Air Force Association dinner at the Hotel De France this includes Constable Peter Baker and the Baliff Sir Frank Ereaut (JEP) Photographic Job Number 1981/6896.Taken by Gary Grimshaw.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/6/6896

Date: March 13th 1981 - March 13th 1981

Harold Marie, who worked for Jersey Eastern Railway, talks with Arthur McGugan, Don Pallot and George Bird about life on the railway in the 1920s. The Eastern Railway ran from St Helier to Gorey. Includes: Harold Marie started working for the railway in January 1927, was there 18 months, until the railway closed down; his father had worked there for 30 years; 56 hour week, paid 4 shillings; as an apprentice got all the dirty jobs; maintenance and coaling carried out at Green Street; trains lit by parrafin and electricity; rolling stock - 4 locomotives; drivers - Phil Cabot, Peter Baker, Bill Baudains, Jack Howard; firemen - Ted Baudains; guards - Phil Querée, Bill Browning; description of station and offices; manager - Major Mourant; railways used by a cross section of society, tourists in the summer; fare from town to Gorey - 1/3 first class, 1s second class; timetables published; frequency and times of trains; double track at Pontac so that trains could pass each other - had to wait on the sideline until the other train came; level crossings and gates; accident at Grouville - there were no gates on the level crossing, a lorry drove in front of an oncoming train and the driver was killed; special coach used only by golfers; half an hour's journey from St Helier to Gorey; attempt made to extend the line to St Catherine's by tunneling under Mont Orgueil; details of guard's van; cattle from France transported to abatoir; a few goods trucks used; information about accidents on the line [read from book]; competition from buses caused a decline of traffic on the trains; last train from Gorey to town was run on 30th June 1929. Recorded on 09/04/1992. Good sound quality. Duration 30 minutes.

Reference: R/03/C/2

Date: April 9th 1992 - April 9th 1992

Jersey Talking Magazine-April 1977 [March not recorded]. Introduction by Gordon Young and explanation for the reason that there was no March edition. Gardening Feature-walking around the garden and looking at the various vegetables, fruit and flowers that have began sprouting in springtime and in the greenhouse. Nature Feature-Frances Le Sueur discussing the chiff-chaff with an example of its bird song. The history of medicine-a doctor discussing the early history of medicine and the Hippocratic Oath. Cooking Feature-Margaret Jenkins giving a recipe for the making of bread. Island Administrators-Graham Pitman interviewing the Constable of St Helier, Peter Baker-talks about the history and role of the constable, the administration over which he presides, the work of the office and his role in the States of Jersey. Gordon Young talks about Reg Grandin, his experience during the occupation and his writing of the book 'Smiling Through' followed by a reader Mrs Renouf singing the song 'Smiling Through'. End of Side One. Acting out of a German pilot going over the Channel Islands on the 30th June 1940-1st July 1940 on an air reconnaissance and landing at the Jersey Airport linking in to a poem by Reg Grandin read by June Gurdon. Beth Lloyd talking to 17 year old Sarah Patterson, daughter of novelist Harry Patterson, regarding a novel she wrote on the second world war. Talks about whether she always wanted to be a writer, her father's influence, her book about the second world war, the research for her book, her next project and moving to Jersey with her family. The Market in St Helier that was built thanks to a lottery. Di Weber looks around the market talking about the history of markets in Jersey, the building of the markets, the centrepiece of the market, the market during the occupation, the market in 1977, a tour of the market starting in Market Street with a description of the building, stalls and things being sold including flowers, fruit and vegetables, meat, talks to the butcher about his job, talks to Mr Farley about the shop Red Triangle and leaving by Hilgrove Street. Gordon Young tells a humorous story about the market.

Reference: R/05/B/6

Date: March 31st 1977 - March 31st 1977

Temps Passe - Photo of the Weighbridge just after the Occupation - 26/11/2007

Reference: US/355

Date: 2007 - 2007

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