Correspondence between the Jersey Society in London and the Stockport and District Channel Islands Society exchanging information and copies of monthly reviews (previous reference 4/1)

Reference: L/D/05/C/1

Date: September 12th 1941 - March 25th 1943

Correspondence between May de Gruchy (wife of the late Guy de Gruchy) of Noirmont Manor, various publishers including Mr D J Hook at Bigwoods Ltd, Emile Guiton at the Société Jersiaise P de Veulle relating to the publication of Guy de Gruchy's book 'Medieval Land Tenures in Jersey'. Foreword written by Sir Alexander Coutanche. Distribution list for sales pamphlet (previous reference 4/10)

Reference: L/D/05/C/10

Date: October 18th 1955 - June 16th 1958

Letter from Mary Millais, 34, Albert Hall Mansions, London to Arthur Balleine accompanied with notes she made about her late father's, Sir John E Millais, love for Jersey, mention of visiting the Lempriere family at Rozel Manor

Reference: L/D/05/C/11

Date: October 6th 1913 - October 6th 1913

Correspondence between Honorary Secretary's of The Jersey Society in London Derek du Pré and P M du Veulle and Mrs Iona Mills of the Channel Islands Section of the Foreign Relations Department of the Red Cross regarding the Red Cross Postal Message Scheme, news of supplies sent to the Islands, lists of unclaimed messages (previous reference (4/12)

Reference: L/D/05/C/12

Date: April 19th 1941 - January 16th 1942

Correspondence between Dr Arthur Mourant, Philip de Veulle and Derek du Pré regarding Jersey Society in London business arranging talks and locating films to show of Jersey for members and refugees, latter correspondence regarding Arthur Mourant's retirement as Chairman (previous reference 4/15)

Reference: L/D/05/C/15

Date: November 13th 1938 - July 31st 1946

Date: February 21st 1977 - April 3rd 1977

Photocopy of two letters from Dr Frank Le Maistre regarding the speaking of French and Jersey Norman French in the Island one to Philip Stevens the other to Nicholas Paines (previous reference 4/16)

Reference: L/D/05/C/16

Date: March 6th 1983 - March 6th 1983

Photocopies of correspondence between Arthur de la Mare and Philip de Veulle regarding finding extra sources of funds for the Jersey Society in London. Notice form the Hon. Secretary Mrs A Billot Paines to Council Members regarding a forthcoming meeting to discuss the issue (previous reference 4/17)

Reference: L/D/05/C/17

Date: March 27th 1980 - April 24th 1980

Transcript of a talk given by Mr John Gavey at a meeting of the Society on 9 November 1897 on Wireless Telegraphy

Reference: L/D/05/C/18

Date: November 9th 1897 - November 9th 1897

Printed and typed copy of objects, constitution and offices of the newly founded Jersey Society in London unanimously expressed at a dinner of Jerseymen held at the Holborn Restaurant on 14 March 1896. Printed copy of the first office holders: President Sir George Bertram, Chairman H C Godfray, Treasurer G T Messervy and Secretary Arthur Balleine

Reference: L/D/05/C/19/1

Date: March 14th 1896 - March 14th 1896

Notes made by Philip de Veulle on Jersey Society in London history, including list of past Presidents and vice-Presidents (previous reference 4/2)

Reference: L/D/05/C/2

Date: 1946 - 1952

Typed copy of Jèrriais version of 'Auld Lang Syne' by Jurat Philippe Langlois with typed copies of letters sent to P B Gibaut by Frank Le Maistre and Arthur Balleine regarding the song (previous reference 4/21)

Reference: L/D/05/C/21

Date: November 14th 1936 - November 14th 1936

Date: January 17th 1937 - January 17th 1937

Card index of members c. 1920 - 1930 names and addresses (previous reference 4/22)

Reference: L/D/05/C/22

Date: 1920 - 1930

Correspondence between Philip de Veulle, Frank Le Maistre, Emma Syvret of L' Assembliée d' Jèrriais regarding the Balleine Trust and the Davis Dictionary - English/Guernsey language dictionary (previous reference 4/24)

Reference: L/D/05/C/24

Date: March 19th 1953 - October 27th 1954

Letter from Laurence Le Quesne to P M de Veulle enclosed with a typed transcript of his talk to the Society 'The Battle of Hastings' for publicaionin the Bulletin (previous reference 4/26)

Reference: L/D/05/C/26

Date: May 6th 1956 - May 6th 1956

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