Will and Testament of Jane Vautier of St Lawrence, now of St Helier. Dated 31/03/1888. Bequeaths to the Bible Christian Chapel, Great Union Road £2, to Mary-Ann Poole the property 24, Le Geyt Street, St Helier, Fief du Prieur.

Reference: D/Y/A/58/7

Date: January 24th 1899 - January 24th 1899

Testament of Marie Elizabeth Mauger, St Mary, widow of John Felix Dumaresq. Dated 28 March 1914. Bequeaths to the poor of the Bible Christian Chapel, Great Union Road, St Helier.

Reference: D/Y/A/74/1

Date: January 2nd 1915 - January 2nd 1915

Photocopy of testimonials and a transcript of the farewell sermon of the Reverend Mr Moyses at the Bible Christian Chapel

Reference: J/C/C/J/8

Date: August 6th 1871 - August 6th 1871

£1 Bank note issued by the Bible Christian Church [Royal Crescent Jersey]

Reference: J/C/C/J/9

Date: August 6th 1871 - August 6th 1871


Reference: J/C/C/K

Vente de Rente between Francis Philip Grandin son of Francis John of the first party and Peter John Tostevin, the said Francis Philip Grandin, Philip Henry Grandin, Andrew William Grandin, John Cory son of Richard and Edward John Gallichan trustees of the Bible Christians of the second party. Records the sale from 1 to 2 of the property known as 12 York Street for a consideration of £86 7s 3d and the payment of all Seignuerial rights due on the property Registered Livre 361 folio 272

Reference: J/C/C/K/1

Date: July 5th 1913 - July 5th 1913

Draft of an act granting permission to create a trust to administer the property known as 11 Roseville Street, between John Cory, Abraham De La Mare, James Cory, Josue Charles Le Cornu, Nicholas Pierre Fallaize, Abra[h]am Cory, Thomas Scammell, and Isaac Thorne trustees appointed at the quarterly meeting of the Bible Christian Connexion, and the Reverend James Woolcock Minister and Superintendent representing the Methodist Conference

Reference: J/C/C/K/10

Date: July 15th 1882 - July 15th 1882

2 documents dated 11th of October 1882 the first relating to the sale to trustees of the property known as 11 Roseville Street for the sum of £432 Registered Livre 280 folio 247, and the second detailing the Cession of Seigneurial rights on the said property Registered Livre 280 folio 248

Reference: J/C/C/K/11

Date: October 11th 1882 - October 11th 1882

Indenture between Abram Cory son of Robert of the first party and trustee of the property known as 79 Rouge Bouillon, and John Cory, William Mitchell Husband, Peter John Tostevin, Abram Cory, James Cory, Isaac Thorne, William Cory, Francis Philip Grandin, Philip Henry Grandin, Thomas Pugsley, Andrew William Grandin, Philip Le Cornu, and Thomas Caplin Trustees of the Bible Christian Denomination of the second party. Abram Cory agrees that when called upon he will transfer the aforesaid house land and all rights belonging to the said property, under a penalty of £500 payable to the trustees by the said Abram Cory or his heirs, if he or his heirs neglect or refuse to excecute the conveyance.

Reference: J/C/C/K/12

Date: April 7th 1894 - April 7th 1894

5 documents dated 3rd of January 1920 relating to the trustees and properties owned by the United Methodist Church all relate to the proposed Manse at Myddleton [9 Roseville Street] and to the proposed changes to the original conditions of donation Registered Livre 377 folio 201

Reference: J/C/C/K/3

Date: January 3rd 1920 - January 3rd 1920

Document relating to the decision to sell 11 Roseville Street which is no longer used to house the minister

Reference: J/C/C/K/4

Date: January 22nd 1922 - January 22nd 1922

Bail Cession Transport and Delaissance [conveyance] of a house and land between Charles Thomas Maine son of Thomas of the first party and Thomas Charles Maine son of the said Charles Thomas of the second party records the transfer from 1 to 2 of 2 pieces of land one called Les Grandes Ametots with a house known as Verona together with 9 separate conditions relating to the said land. Registered Livre 416 folio 186

Reference: J/C/C/K/5

Date: April 13th 1933 - April 13th 1933

Contract between Leonard Taylor son of William James of the first party and Thomas Charles Maine son of Charles Thomas Maine of the second party. Relates to property known as Verona. Registered Livre 419 folio 127

Reference: J/C/C/K/6

Date: December 9th 1933 - December 9th 1933

Agreement between the trustees of Great Union Road Methodist Church represented by John de-Lecq Montais Secretary of the first party and James Herbert Feeney of the second party. The contract relates to the lease between 1 and 2 of the property known as Verona situated in Westbourne Avenue in the Parish of St Saviour for the sum of £1 per week and the adherance to certain conditions.

Reference: J/C/C/K/8

Date: November 29th 1939 - November 29th 1939

Letter [written on the back of an envelope] relating to the subletting and termination of a tenancy by Mrs V Lancaster of the rented property known as Verona refererred to in J/C/C/K/8

Reference: J/C/C/K/9

Date: November 1st 1941 - November 1st 1941

Local Chapel Schedules for the Bible Christian Chapels in the Jersey Circuit.

Reference: J/C/G/D/32

Date: 1899 - 1899

Schedule of the Jersey Circuit in the Portsmouth District containing details of the Bible Christian Chapels

Reference: J/C/G/D/33

Date: 1909 - 1909

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