VHS Tape :Dixie Landick Interview 01.01.12 1952 was centenary year of Victoria College 01.02.33 Characters on film. Frank Lewis. 01.04.05 Different ethos at Victoria College from today 01.06.02 Vic Aubrey 01.08.39 Victoria College named after Queen Victoria. Royal visits. 01.11.00 Stanhope Landick took film 01.12.00 My father was a postman. JMT memories and bus wars. 01.14.26 1930s were very different from today. One bathed everywhere. The train. 01.17.20 Horse and cart were commonplace. Weighbridge. 01.17.49 Edmund Blampied anecdote. 01.18.32 St Aubin's Fete. 01.22.02 Liberation Memories. 01.23.56 British Soldiers Arriving. 01.27.41 Jerrybags tarred and feathered.

Reference: Q/05/A/82

Date: 1930 - 1960

Channel Viewer includes features on Channel Television, Misalliance, Edmund Blampied, Mary Troy and Social Housing

Reference: Q/75/C1/9

Date: October 28th 1962

BBC Radio Jersey-Occupation Tapes. Told by the people who lived through it produced by Beth Lloyd. 1) Part 7: Deportation. BBC Report on the deportations from the Channel Islands. Alexander Coutanche's difficulty in having to accept the order. Eye witnesses reports of discovering the order for the deportations in the Evening Post, discovery that some deportee's houses being looted, preparations for deportation, being served deportation notices, deciding what to take, going to the Weighbridge, people being turned back because the ships were full, the crowd singing the ships off, the journey to St Malo, fighting at the third deportation leading to arrests. 2) Part 8: Not a Lot of Anything. Eye witnesses talking about the lack of essential supplies such as soap, a great shortage of drugs and medicines by Dr John Lewis and others, lack of clothes, shoes and the need to mend things, improvisation with clothes, bartering economy, wood collecting, what was used for fuel and reusing razor blades. 3) Part 9: From Finance to Farming, The Island Keeps Going. A BBC Report on the currency used in the island. Eye witness accounts on the lack of english currency and the use of reichsmarks, the conversion necessary for records kept in banks and auction houses, the creation of new notes by Edmund Blampied, stocks in the shops diminshing leading to rationing control, the black market, exchange and mart in the Evening Post, farmer's experience of being told what to grow, harvesting and the inspections made by the Germans, farmers hiding extras from the Germans, investigations into a fuel that would allow tractors to run on something other than petrol, getting by, crops that were grown and giving food to others. 4) Part 10: There's Good and Bad in all Races. Eye witnesses talking about collaborators, Jerry Bags, informers, the actions of the Post Office to destroy anonymous denunciation letters or warn those who had been denounced, searches by german soldiers to follow up anonymous letters, relationships with and attitudes of the german soldiers (Poor sound quality) 5) Part 11: Government and God, How the States and the Church Survived. Eye witnesses talking about dissatisfaction with the local authorities, the difficulties faced by the bailiff Alexander Coutanche, confirming legislation in Jersey, rectors and Jurats members of the States, meetings of the States, rectors remaining in the parishes and services continuing, Canon Cohu being taken by the Germans for passing on the news from the radio, praying for the men who were fighting, banning of the Salvation Army and Jehovah Witnesses. 6) Part 12: Brushes with the German Authorities. Eye witnesses talking about being interrogated at Silvertide, experiences of confrontations with the german soldiers, being arrested and beaten, court martials and trials of local residents, listening to the radio and experiences in the prison at Gloucester Street.

Reference: R/06/3

Jersey Library local history notes on Edmund Blampied

Reference: US/109

Date: August 9th 2002 - August 9th 2002

Jersey Evening Post Newscutting - The original publishing of the official 'Roll of Honour and Service' book,

Reference: US/148

Date: December 15th 1994

Jersey Evening Post Newspaper Obituary : Gerald Palmer - A celebrated artist with a wealth of talent

Reference: US/1555

Date: December 28th 2017

Jersey Evening Post Newspaper article : A new website has been launched featuring the art of Jersey artist Edmund Blampied

Reference: US/1566

Date: November 20th 2020

JEP Newscutting - Feature regarding jersey Heritage's rural life exhibition -24 July 2008

Reference: US/483

Date: 2008 - 2008

JEP Newscutting - article about an exhibition at the Jersey Museum of less well known works by Edmund Blampied - 12/04/2010

Reference: US/696

Date: 2010 - 2010

JEP Newscutting - article about the life of Edmund Blampied, a book entitled 'An Illustrated Life by Andrew Hall and an exhibition at the Jersey Museum of his less well known works - 12/04/2010

Reference: US/698

Date: 2010 - 2010

Jersey Evening Post Newspaper archive article: Photograph showing the removal of Edmund Blampied's cartoons from a shed behind Augrès Post Office wall to La Société Jersiaise's Museum at La Hougue Bie

Reference: US/782

Date: December 6th 2010 - 2010

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