Harold Marie, who worked for Jersey Eastern Railway, talks with Arthur McGugan, Don Pallot and George Bird about life on the railway in the 1920s. The Eastern Railway ran from St Helier to Gorey. Includes: Harold Marie started working for the railway in January 1927, was there 18 months, until the railway closed down; his father had worked there for 30 years; 56 hour week, paid 4 shillings; as an apprentice got all the dirty jobs; maintenance and coaling carried out at Green Street; trains lit by parrafin and electricity; rolling stock - 4 locomotives; drivers - Phil Cabot, Peter Baker, Bill Baudains, Jack Howard; firemen - Ted Baudains; guards - Phil Querée, Bill Browning; description of station and offices; manager - Major Mourant; railways used by a cross section of society, tourists in the summer; fare from town to Gorey - 1/3 first class, 1s second class; timetables published; frequency and times of trains; double track at Pontac so that trains could pass each other - had to wait on the sideline until the other train came; level crossings and gates; accident at Grouville - there were no gates on the level crossing, a lorry drove in front of an oncoming train and the driver was killed; special coach used only by golfers; half an hour's journey from St Helier to Gorey; attempt made to extend the line to St Catherine's by tunneling under Mont Orgueil; details of guard's van; cattle from France transported to abatoir; a few goods trucks used; information about accidents on the line [read from book]; competition from buses caused a decline of traffic on the trains; last train from Gorey to town was run on 30th June 1929. Recorded on 09/04/1992. Good sound quality. Duration 30 minutes.

Reference: R/03/C/2

Date: April 9th 1992 - April 9th 1992

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