Volume of Annual Returns from individual island schools. The names of theattending children are recorded along with attendance summaries, inspectors reports, accounts, examination results and the names of teachers and pupil teachers. This volume has been indexed by name of person mentioned. The volume can be viewed at the Archive to access extra detail.

Reference: D/J/A/14

Date: 1889 - 1889

Baptism Register for the Parish Church of St Saviour. Entry for Alfred Ernest Cabot, son of Alfred Cabot and Jane Ellen Le Sueur

Reference: G/C/09/A2/4/430

Date: September 18th 1874

Marriage Register of St Saviour's Church - entry for Alfred Cabot, 26 and Jane Ellen Le Sueur, 24

Reference: G/C/09/A3/11/373

Date: March 5th 1874

Baptism Register of Trinity Church - entry for Alfred Cabot, son of Josué Cabot and Nancy Gallichan

Reference: G/C/19/A2/7/308

Date: July 18th 1847

Baptism Register for the French Circuit - entry for Alfred Cabot, son of Jean Cabot and Rachel Howard

Reference: J/C/D/B/2/800

Date: July 17th 1862

J B Le Quesne Funeral Director Account Ledger]. Includes some details of the person being buried and the funeral expenses. Please note the volume has been indexed by name of deceased only. To find the name you are interested in please look at the index PDF document to find the name and then open the PDF with the relevant page/entry number.

Reference: L/A/41/D1/4

Date: July 1st 1931 - November 18th 1936

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