Photographic prints showing fishermen at La Rocque wearing traditional Jersey knitwear. Also included is a letter dated 1979, from the owner of the photographs giving permission for negatives to be made from original images [not dated]

Reference: L/A/10/C3/5

Date: 1900 - 1979

Photographic prints sent for the attention of J.P.S. for local advertising, including photographs of former England footballer Emlyn Hughes [not dated]

Reference: L/A/10/C3/6

Date: 1980 - 1990

Photographic negatives of advertising photographs used for Pierre Sangan publicity

Reference: L/A/10/C3/7

Date: 1980 - 1990

Photographic contact prints of knitwear models in Jersey locations [undated]

Reference: L/A/10/C3/8

Date: 1970 - 1985

Advertising Records

Reference: L/A/10/C4

Leaflet advertising Sunalit Outerwear and written information relating to the making of knitted garments [undated]

Reference: L/A/10/C4/1

Date: 1947 - 1957

File of magazine cuttings entitled Trade Press Editorial containing material relating to advertising of Pierre Sangan Knitwear

Reference: L/A/10/C4/2

Date: 1964 - 1984

File entitled British K2 Expedition. [Pierre Sangan Knitwear was a supplier of clothing to the expedition]

Reference: L/A/10/C4/3

Date: 1977 - 1978

Leaflet for the Jersey Shore Angling Festival-1974 sponsored by Channel Islands Knitwear Company Limited

Reference: L/A/10/C4/7

Date: May 26th 1974 - May 27th 1974


Reference: L/A/10/C5

Personnel Records

Reference: L/A/10/D

Staff Contracts

Reference: L/A/10/D1

Staff Contract between Summerland Channel Islands Knitwear Company Limited and Robert Sangan

Reference: L/A/10/D1/1

Date: March 11th 1947 - March 11th 1947

Photographs 1980-1995

Reference: L/A/10/D11

Photograph of Philip Noel Le Troquer who died in January 1986 aged 90. Mr Troquer was a former resident of the Sacré Coeur Orphanage. [Mr Le Troquer talks about growing up at the Sacré Coeur in a sound interview catalogued as R/07/B13]

Reference: L/A/10/D11/1

Date: 1980 - 1986

Photograph of members of the Sangan family and other team members examining knitwear samples of the Pierre Sangan brand

Reference: L/A/10/D11/2

Date: 1980 - 1990

Photograph of members of the Sangan family and other team members

Reference: L/A/10/D11/3

Date: 1980 - 1990

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