Account of a dispute concerning the endowment by Charles I of three scholars of Jersey and Guernsey at Exeter, Jesus, and Pembroke Colleges, Oxford. 1f.

Reference: 929/21

Date: 1692 - 1692

Duplicate seals of Charles I taken from charters.

Reference: D/AP/M/C/4

Date: July 6th 1627 - July 6th 1627

Declaration of loyalty by the estate and inhabitants of the Island of Jersey to maintain the protestant religion and maintain the King's laws, references to Coutances and customs of Normandy, document not signed or dated, refers to the 1640s

Reference: D/AP/U/1

Date: 1640 - 1649

Letters Patent of Charles I granting and confirming rights, privileges and liberties to Jersey, last membrane only. [PRO C66/2431 mem. 12]

Reference: D/AP/Z/5

Date: July 6th 1627 - July 6th 1627

Letters Patent of Inspeximus, reciting, confirming and ratifying charter of Charles I given in 1629 and in token of his favour, Charles II gives the mace to be carried before the Bailiff

Reference: D/AP/Z/8

Date: October 10th 1662 - October 10th 1662

Manuscript copy of Jean Chevalier's Journal of the remarkable happenings in Jersey during the Civil War in the reign of the Kings, Charles I and Charles II. Copied from a manuscript by G S Bisson which was copied from the original diary by Jean Chevalier, Vingtenier of the town of St Helier.

Reference: D/Z/U/1

Date: 1643 - 1645

Paper relating to the rights of Monsieur de Carteret [George Carteret] late Governor of Jersey to the fee or manor [Fief] of Melesches [Meleches]. Relates that by the articles granted on the rendition of Elizabeth Castle M. de Carteret is to enjoy a grant of the Fief de Meleches made to him by the King eighteen years ago [1636] in consideration of his special services to the English nation against the Turcks [Turks]. M de Carteret is to continue to receive the revenue of the Fief. Signed by J A Heane.

Reference: L/C/47/A/198

Date: July 17th 1652 - July 17th 1652

Volume containing copies of contracts and letters concerning; property on the Fief de Vincheles, Fief de Gaunoire, Fief Haubert, and Fief de Vingt Livres, the Le Cornu Family, the boundaries of Vincheles de Haut and Vincheles de Bas, summaries of letters from Charles I and Charles II to Sir George Carteret and the people of Jersey, the de Vincheles Family, the de Carteret Family, an aveux of the tenants of the Fief de la Hague, and a copy from MS Lansdowne 227 folio 271 of the a list of the ancient families of Normandy. [Dates denote the date of the original document - not the date the copy was made]

Reference: L/F/101/A/1

Date: 1364 - 1673

Copy of Letters Patent of Charles I allowing Philip de Carteret to unite the Manors of Rozel and St Ouen

Reference: L/F/101/A/10/13

Date: August 20th 1640 - August 20th 1640

Copies of grant of Charles I to the University of Oxford

Reference: L/F/22/D/3

Date: 1635 - 1636

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