Resumption of postal communications with Guernsey and Delivery of foodstuffs from Jersey to Guernsey

Reference: B/A/W45/1

Date: July 15th 1940 - September 7th 1940

Appointment of Mr A C Sarre as representative of the States of Guernsey in Jersey

Reference: B/A/W45/10

Date: March 31st 1941 - May 15th 1941

Request for printing ink for the Guernsey Star and Gazette Company Limited from the Jersey Morning News

Reference: B/A/W45/11

Date: April 19th 1941 - May 21st 1941

Export of potatoes from Jersey from the 1941 crop, including seed potatoes for Guernsey

Reference: B/A/W45/12

Date: April 28th 1941 - January 17th 1942

Report on conditions in Guernsey following a visit to the Island by Deputies Philip Le Feuvre of St Mary and John Le Marquand of St Helier

Reference: B/A/W45/13

Date: April 29th 1941 - May 1st 1941

Details of States of Guernsey Officials and their Departments - not dated

Reference: B/A/W45/14

Date: 1941 - 1942

Request from Guernsey for jam jars with a screw top

Reference: B/A/W45/15

Date: May 18th 1941 - May 22nd 1941

Correspondence re. export of vegetables from Guernsey

Reference: B/A/W45/16

Date: May 24th 1941 - May 26th 1941

Import Statistics of imports from France to Jersey and Guernsey, March 1941 - May 1941

Reference: B/A/W45/19

Date: June 11th 1941 - July 14th 1941

Purchase of coal by Jersey from the States of Guernsey

Reference: B/A/W45/21

Date: June 25th 1941 - July 31st 1941

Correspondence re. textile requirements for the Channel Islands, includes correspondence from the Textile Department and re. Summerland clothing factory

Reference: B/A/W45/22

Date: June 28th 1941 - July 5th 1941

Export of fruit from Guernsey

Reference: B/A/W45/23

Date: June 25th 1941 - July 25th 1941

Supply of wheat, oat, barley, potato and rye seed from Jersey to Guernsey

Reference: B/A/W45/24

Date: August 23rd 1941 - September 17th 1941

Supply of electrical and chemical goods from Jersey to Guernsey

Reference: B/A/W45/25

Date: August 26th 1941 - September 6th 1941

Shipment of 500 panniers of butter weighing 11,000 lbs on the SS Hubastone to Guernsey, returning a previous loan of butter to Jersey

Reference: B/A/W45/26

Date: August 27th 1941 - November 22nd 1941

Loan of 3,000 gallons of petrol from Guernsey to Jersey

Reference: B/A/W45/27

Date: August 28th 1941 - September 1st 1941

Figures from the Channel Island's account in Granville for 19/09/1940 - 27/09/1940 indicating that a balance of RM20,087,50 is due by Guernsey to Jersey

Reference: B/A/W45/28

Date: November 17th 1941 - November 22nd 1941

Request for information about payment for the occupation, includes; Details of States of Jersey payments re. billeting Occupation account heading from the States of Guernsey with details of whom is responsible for payment

Reference: B/A/W45/29

Date: January 27th 1942 - February 3rd 1942

Shipment of potatoes from Jersey to Guernsey on the Holland, includes correspondence re. payment for shipment

Reference: B/A/W45/3

Date: September 12th 1940 - January 9th 1941

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