Registration Card of Rozelle Daisy Cornish, née Roche, of La Chasse House, La Chasse, St Helier, born 01/11/1912, Lloyd Frederick Cornish, born 07/03/1937, registered as child on back of form

Reference: D/S/A/4/A2841

Date: January 10th 1941 - January 10th 1941

Blue Registration Form of Rozelle Daisy Cornish, née Roche, of La Chasse House, La Chasse, St Helier, born 01/11/1912, Lloyd Frederick Cornish, born 07/03/1937, registered as child on back of form

Reference: D/S/A/4/B2841

Date: January 10th 1941 - January 10th 1941

Photographs of Mr Stanley Le Brun and Mr Alfred Toussaint Bannier, both of Grouville, at Grouville Parish Hall, a photograph of an unknown gentleman, and photographs of Mr Lloyd Cornish.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/POR/74/4

Date: November 12th 1973 - November 15th 1973

Subject: Portraits

File number: 74

Page number: 4

Images of a charity fashion show at Trinity Manor compèred by Lloyd Cornish [1H, left] of Elle Fashion House in aid of the Gordon Hamilton Fairley Fund for Cancer Research. Mrs M H Peck, the honorary organiser of the aforementioned fund, possibly pictured. Maggie [1A], Diane [3C] and Bridget Riley [3D] are three of the ladies named as modelling at the show.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/1/24

Date: January 6th 1976 - January 6th 1976

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1976/24

Images of Lloyd Cornish and Bob Moyse holding dresses for sale at Elle's, 19 David Place, St Helier, for a Women's Circle feature.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/4/9403

Date: January 15th 1979 - January 15th 1979

Photographer: Gary Grimshaw

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1979/9403

Images of Miss Battle of Flowers 1980 Karen Poole modelling a wedding dress from Elle ahead of a fashion show organised to raise money for the Jersey Samaritans. Images I to K show Miss Poole with Bob Moyse and Lloyd Cornish of Elle, the organisers of the event [from JEP 02/06/1981 p 8].

Reference: L/A/75/A3/6/7589

Date: May 21st 1981 - May 21st 1981

Photographer: Reg Cridland

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1981/7589.

Images of some of the cast members of "Babes in Toyland" in costume, the show is being run by the Jersey Academy of Dancing, and the cast includes Bob Moyse, Lloyd Cornish, Clive Horton, and Ray Middleton. Staged at the Jersey Opera House, the profits from the show will go to the Variety Club of Jersey [from JEP 23/04/82 p.38]

Reference: L/A/75/A3/7/1105

Date: April 22nd 1982 - April 22nd 1982

Photographer: Reg Cridland

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1982/1105.

Images of the matinee performance of "Babes in Toyland" at the Opera House, performed by the Jersey Academy of Dancing. Featured are Clive Horton, Ray Middleton, and Lloyd Cornish [image B], Joanna Love leading the chorus [G-H], Michelle Le Riche and Bob Moyse [I], and Michelle Jones in the centre of the chorus [R]. Other members of the cast included Emma-Louise Cornish, Tracey Browne, Kristen Le Monnier, Sarah Maguire, Suzanne Gautier, Carolyn Dupre, Karen Wilding, Diana Prouse, Samantha Roche, Jane Guilliard, Lisa Howard, Kathryn Ness, Fiona Godfrey, Clare Maguire, Adrienne Liron, Carla Fassetta, Angela Hebden, Julie Syvret, Lisa Orlandini, Zoe Baudains, and Kim Poole. [from JEP 28/04/82 p.27]

Reference: L/A/75/A3/7/1139A

Date: April 26th 1982 - April 26th 1982

Photographer: Gary Grimshaw

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1982/1139A.

Images for Women's Circle of Bob Moyse and Lloyd Cornish, of Elle Haute Couture, showing off the costumes they have designed. [from JEP 26/01/82 p.8].

Reference: L/A/75/A3/7/139

Date: January 19th 1982 - January 19th 1982

Photographer: Glenn Rankine

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1982/139.

Annie. Jersey Green Room Club. 19th April to 3rd May 1984

Reference: L/F/348/B1/16

Date: April 19th 1984 - May 3rd 1984

Jersey Green Room Club. The Mitford Girls. Opera House, 1987. Programme

Reference: L/F/348/B1/20

Date: 1987 - 1987

Jersey Talking Magazine-April Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Philip Gurdon interviewing Ken Ball, an amateur radio enthusiast, about the equipment for his amateur radio station, the regulations involved in broadcasting amateur radio, the Radio Society of Great Britain, the examinations needed to be sat to operate an amateur radio, a blind operator, communicating with people throughout the world on the radio, listening to an amateur broadcaster from London and Malta and talking to people across the world. Joan Stevens taking a tour around St Ouen about it being the biggest parish in the island but one of the smallest population, named after a 7th century bishop of Rouen with a relic that was placed in the church, St Ouen's Church-the date it was built, St Ouen's Bay which is actually in three parishes, La Rocco Tower built between 1796 and 1800-a Jersey round tower-last to be built, was falling apart-during the occupation used as target practice, tower repaired. Vinchelez de Haut and Vinchelez de Bas Manor's-architectural details of the manors, Abraham Le Sueur was killed at Vinchelez de Bas by a falling rock, St Ouen's Manor-biggest and oldest manor in island, parts that date back to 1135 to the de Carteret families, 1490-fortified and crenellated by then seigneur of St Ouen in fear of attack, over years altered a great deal, 1670-restoration, later fell into disrepair-de Carteret family important in England, passed to the Malet de Carterets-Colonel Malet de Carteret-1860s-started large scale restorations until 1880-appearance there is today, Le Pinnacle-important site-centre of pilgrimage for over 2000 years, worry of erosion and vandalism, lovely area of flora, windmills and dolmens in parish-Moulin de la Mare did exist where Val de la Mar exists-a seigneurial mill-used by the public. L'Etacq-name from an old norse name, had a martello tower on it-L'Etacquerel-removed by germans during the occupation, lead found up at L'Etacq, vraic collected from L'Etacq which was used as compost, caves, Les Mielles-being kept as conservation centre, needs to be kept natural so it is not destroyed. Excerpt from a Midsummer Night's Dream, the first time Shakespeare had been performed at the Jersey Opera House for a number of years, featuring Sonia Hamon and Rosemary and Hilary Lissenden. Horoscope Feature-Diane Postlethwaite giving a forecast for the year for aries. End of Side One. Beth Lloyd describing the view from her house and the joys of spring with Gordon Young reading the poem 'I wander lonely as a cloud'. Vicki Stuckey talking to Lloyd Cornish of Elle, who provides wedding dresses asking what brides are wearing nowadays, what they should look for in a wedding dress, the colour and length of the wedding dress, the fashions, the expense of the dress, the style of veil and headdress, the design of Lady Diana's wedding dress. Beth Lloyd talking to Jeffrey Archer about his latest book 'Cain and Abel', the research that went into the book, his university days and running, keeping fit, becoming the youngest member of the Greater London Council, becoming a member of parliament, losing a million pounds with a bad investment, writing his first book based on his experiences, deciding to continue writing, his desire to get back in to politics and his decision to put it on hold, his next book, a sequel to 'Cain and Abel', his plans for the foreseeable future, an invitation to meet the Emperor of Japan and his pride in being published in Braille. Di Weber went to the Mont Felard Hotel asking Steve, the chef, how he copes with cooking for so many people, what he enjoys cooking the most, his hours at the hotel and Renata a waitress about working as a waitress, learning how to serve people, why she likes the job and where she comes from and Jill, the receptionist talking about her duties, difficult customers and living in the hotel. Gordon Young tells a humorous story. End of Side Two.

Reference: R/05/B/53

Date: March 31st 1981 - March 31st 1981

Jersey Talking Magazine-May 1984. Introduction by Gordon Young. Beth Lloyd interviewing Philip Forster, the Promotions manager at Fort Regent, talking about the 'Kingdom of the Sharks' display-how the display works and a description of the display, the Victor White Model Aircraft Collection with a description of the items held and a description of a display of spaceships, the exhibit called SAVE-with a description of what it is. Joan Stevens continuing her talk on admirals. Charles Bertram-1777-1854-joined navy under d'Auvergne and took part in 1795 at Quiberon. He was taken prisoner at that time and remained in prison for some years until exchanged for other prisoners. He was put on press gang service where he had to abduct men to serve in the navy. Well-loved and recognised at home. In 1808 a newspaper wrote a poem greeting him home. At the museum there are his portrait, cutlass, some of his commissions and his court martial in 1813 when he was honourably acquitted. The court martial was an enquiry and not what we'd consider a court martial which took place when any sailor lost his ship. Henry Dumaresq is not as well known. Born 1808-1877, the son of Sir John Dumaresq, and was born in St Peter's House. In a French Revolution of 1848, when France became a Republic, the French Royal family fled and some of them came to Jersey in order to get to England. When they contacted Sir John Le Couteur he organised getting them to safety in England on the naval ship HMS Cuckoo, which was stationed in Gorey Harbour under Captain Henry Dumaresq. Sir John arranged for Henry to transport them. The night before they left they had roast beef and plum pudding on board of HMS Cuckoo. A couple of years later Henry Dumaresq was in charge of HMS Cuckoo when it was wrecked in St Helier Harbour. It struck Oyster Rock and sank and it was his guidance that led to no loss of life and she was later salvaged and repaired and went back into commission. In 1875 he became an admiral. Beth Lloyd talking about the Talking Newspaper Association of the United Kingdom who have formed the National Newspaper and Magazine Tape Services for the blind. A pilot project set up in 1983 which was very successful and led to 15 national newspapers and magazines now being available on tape. A permanent production unit has been set up with funding and Beth Lloyd talks about how to become eligible, how long you can have them for and how to subscribe. Collectors Corner- in St Brelade where there is a large collection of china, glass and books, relating to the royal family, at the home of Peggy Dollop. She talks about how she started collecting in 1940, the range of her collection, the book that started her collection, the latest book in her collection, the china, portraits of Queen Elizabeth, descriptions of various pieces of her collection, the oldest piece of her collection, her cabinet and its contents. End of Side One. Gordon Young talking about the production of Annie at the Jersey Opera House by the Green Room Club. Interviewing Lloyd Cornish talking about having to shave his head for the role, how the show is going, whether it has come up to his expectations, the performance of the dog and whether he would like to go on to a bigger production after the end of the run. Interviewing Sadie Marshall about how the show is going, working on her accent, whether the hard work was worth it, how good the children are to work with and the dog. Talking to the children of the production about whether they are enjoying themselves, what the show Annie is about and singing for the show. Talking to Diane Powell who plays Annie about what it is like taking part in the show, what the show is about, whether she enjoys the singing and dancing and whether she has taken part in a show before. Talking to the dog. Ben Fox, Crime Prevention Officer, talking about callers to the house, not allowing strangers into your house, getting a door chain fitted, the importance of being vigilant, who might call at a house, alarms and the fitting of a new door chain. Gordon Young talking through the Lionel Richie video for the song 'Hello'. Ken Kirk-Bailey talking about broadcasting on amateur radio, how they call people up, Tony Hancock playing an amateur radio enthusiast, describing the machines from which they broadcast and the distance over which they can communicate and the difference between ham and CB radio. St Clement gave them a lease for Le Hocq Tower and they made it into a club headquarters. The Philatelic Bureau issued a stamp of Le Hocq Tower which is now a collectors item and the new penny has a picture of Le Hocq Tower, the world's first amateur radio station to be on a penny. They are spending a week talking to the amateur radio hams in New Jersey to promote the island and he talks about their reaction, making personal friends of people they have never met in their life and a special week in july when they are going to promote the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. End of Side Two.

Reference: R/05/B/75

Date: April 30th 1984 - April 30th 1984

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