Papers relating to a bestiality case concerning Marie Francoise Daniel, which occasioned a petition from the States of Jersey to the Privy Council regarding the registration of Royal Warrants in the Royal Court in Jersey before their execution

Reference: A/J/8

Date: November 1st 1889 - January 12th 1891

To the Queens Most Excellent Majesty in Council-Representation of The Bailiff and Jurats of Your Majesty's Court in Your Island of Jersey relating to Marie Francoise Daniel

Reference: B/D/A/P15/2/50

Date: 1889 - 1889

Petition to the Queen in Council from the Bailiffs and Jurats of the Royal Court of Jersey regarding requesting that her Majesty direct the Lieutenant Governor to present to the Royal Court the Royal warrant for the discharge out of custody of Marie Françoise Daniel. Copy letters about the transport of Marie Daniel from the Prison to Saint-Brieuc, France between C B Ewart, Lieutenant Governor; Sir George Bertram, Bailiff and the Constable of St Helier, Philip Baudains.

Reference: D/AP/U/146/8

Date: January 11th 1890 - April 28th 1890

Index to Causes Criminelles Register. The attached PDF contains surnames beginning with D where volume and page number for the case can be obtained.To view cases consult collection D/Y/N4 online if volume is attached or view at the Archive. Alternatively email for a copy

Reference: D/Y/N5/3/D

Date: January 1st 1885 - December 31st 1905

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