Applicants wishing to return to Jersey after the Occupation with surnames beginning with the letter D - William Dickson

Reference: B/A/L42/4/118

Date: 1943 - 1945

William Dickson and his wife Mary against the Procureur General relating to a fine for the theft of a ham

Reference: B/C/01/B3/14

Date: 1827 - 1827

Draft register of deaths in St Helier volume 8 part 2 and part of volume 9. These records provided the information for the Superintendent Registrar to compile the official death registers. They include name, age, date, cause of death, address, doctor and undertaker. Please refer to the pdf name index attached to obtain a date or entry number and then search the pdf file/s. Dates are not always in chronological order.

Reference: E/D/A1/3

Date: February 24th 1852 - February 27th 1853

Baptism Register of St Clement's Parish Church - entry for Jane Elizabeth Dickson, daughter of William Dickson and Jane Quesnel

Reference: G/C/07/A2/2/126

Date: February 10th 1839

Baptism Register of St Clement's Parish Church - entry for William George Dickson, son of William Dickson and Jane Quesnel

Reference: G/C/07/A2/2/179

Date: April 26th 1840

West of England Insurance Company, Fire Insurance Registers, including a description of the property, its situation and the construction materials. The details of the insurer and their trade or possessions are listed and often the names of tenants of the property are given. Consult the index to obtain date/page of the entry and then view entries in the relevant PDF of the volume.

Reference: L/A/20/A/3

Date: June 25th 1838 - March 7th 1842

Philippe Picot Funeral Director. Livre de Remarques [Indexed].Contains the details of the person buried, including date of death and place of burial.To find the name you are interested in please look at the index and then open the pdf with the relevant page number.

Reference: L/A/41/C1/2

Date: June 30th 1849 - July 15th 1852

Correspondence from Lydon Rive & Tomes, solicitors, to Mrs Ford-Hacking regarding the sale of the Bath Hotel business to Mr William Dickson.

Reference: L/A/50/A/4

Date: January 3rd 1956 - March 6th 1956

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