Admission Registers for Halkett Place Girls' School. This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. For entry details please consult PDF

Reference: D/J/09/B1/B/1

Date: February 4th 1929 - June 26th 1939

Admission Register for St Luke's Girls' School to1905 and Mixed School from 1905 onwards, includes; admission number, date of admission, date of birth, name of child and parent, residence, last school, highest standard reached in last school, years when presented in the school in each standard and date of last attendance and the cause of leaving. This has been indexed by name of pupil and entries can be viewed on PDF attached

Reference: D/J/30/D1/A/2

Date: October 25th 1897 - November 10th 1913

Testament of Effie Blanche Voisin née Davis, Millbrook Vale Chalet, St Lawrence. Dated 29 November 1941. Bequeaths to Frank Ogier Voisin the picture "Portrait of a Lady" by Vanloo; to Doris Esnouf a Sèvres china tea-set. Residue of estate to the Christian Alliance for Women & Girls, Jersey.

Reference: D/Y/A/110/35

Date: December 9th 1942 - December 9th 1942

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