Registration card of Hilda Blanche Hacking, née Ford, of 90, Bath Street, St Helier, born 26/01/1880

Reference: D/S/A/4/A5337

Date: January 16th 1941 - January 16th 1941

Blue registration form of Hilda Blanche Hacking, née Ford, of 90, Bath Street, St Helier, born 26/01/1880

Reference: D/S/A/4/B5337

Date: January 16th 1941 - January 16th 1941

St Helier Town Church Baptism Register. Closed for preservation Purposes but a typed transcription is available to view in the form of a pdf for subscribers. Click here to take you to the pdf and then click on View GC03A219.pdf in red.

Reference: G/C/03/A2/19

Date: February 9th 1879 - February 4th 1886

Marriage register of St Brelade's Church - entry for William Ernest Hacking, 30 and Hilda Blanche Ford, 33

Reference: G/C/08/A3/6/76

Date: April 21st 1913

Hilda Blanche Ford Hacking Collection of material relating to the Bath Hotel, c1931-2012. The Bath Hotel was located at 90, Bath Street. Hilda Blanche Ford-Hacking leased the property and established the Bath Hotel there in 1922. In the earliest census records the house had the address of 1 Buckingham Place, but following the renumbering prior to 1861 it became 40 Bath Street. The Street was renumbered again duing the 1920s, with the hotel becoming number 90. It appears that the house was built by Jean Le Gros, a merchant, and then handed down through his family and into the Renouf family through marriage. It was sold for the first time in 1895 by Charles Thomas Renouf to Charles Walter Randall in 1895, where it is described as ‘Chicago House’, also known as number 40 Bath St. Charles Walter was one of the sons of Robert Randall and owner of Minden Place Brewery. The Randalls family or the brewery have retained ownership of the house ever since. The Bath Hotel flourished under the tenancy of Hilda Ford-Hacking. It was particularly renowned for its gardens, which were designed on a Viennese theme and where live music was held regularly in the summer months. During the Occupation the hotel ceased to operate as such, although Hilda managed to stop the German Forces commandeering the hotel on two occasions and even refused to serve the German soldiers in her bar. Following the Occupation the hotel and gardens did not re-open but Hilda and her daughter Florence continued to run the property as a public house. (Background information sourced from Jersey Archive 'What's Your Street's Story' talk on Bath Street, November 2012).

Reference: L/A/50

Letter from Leonardo of The Milano (1934) Accordeon Band to Mrs Hacking confirming arrangements and fee for perfoming at the Bath Hotel, Bath Street, St Helier.

Reference: L/A/50/A/3

Date: August 9th 1934 - August 9th 1934

Correspondence from Lydon Rive & Tomes, solicitors, to Mrs Ford-Hacking regarding the sale of the Bath Hotel business to Mr William Dickson.

Reference: L/A/50/A/4

Date: January 3rd 1956 - March 6th 1956

House copy of a Declaration of Members of Household Form from the German Occupation for Bath Hotel, 90 Bath Street, St Helier.

Reference: L/A/50/C/2

Date: April 28th 1942 - April 28th 1942

Photograph of Mr and Mrs W[illiam] H[enry] Ford with their daughters Albina Florence and Hilda Blanche

Reference: L/C/64/C1/14

Date: 1900 - 1900

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