Admission Registers for St Mark's School including: name, address, date of birth, last school, date of admission and leaving.This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. Please consult PDF for entries.

Reference: D/J/31/B1/1

Date: April 1st 1868 - April 26th 1881

Travel Permits completed by people leaving Jersey for Southampton on the 30th of June 1919

Reference: D/S/M2/266A

Date: June 30th 1919 - June 30th 1919

Draft register of deaths in St Helier volume 24 . These records provided the information for the Superintendent Registrar to compile the official death registers. They include name, age, date, cause of death, address, doctor and undertaker. Please refer to the pdf name index attached to obtain a date or entry number and then search the pdf file/s. Dates are not always in chronological order.

Reference: E/D/A1/17

Date: November 10th 1873 - March 4th 1875

Baptism Register of St Mark's Church - entry for Raymond Charles Gallichan, son of John William Gallichan and Sarah Ann Gallichan

Reference: G/C/01/G1/2/75

Date: November 14th 1913

Baptism Register of St Saviour's Parish Church. Entry for Mary Ann Gallichan, daughter of John William Gallichan and Mary L'Averty

Reference: G/C/09/A2/3/702

Date: November 30th 1845

Marriage Register of St Simon's Church - entry for John William Gallichan, 23 and Sarah Ann Bowles, 25

Reference: G/C/14/A2/1/279

Date: December 25th 1896

Baptism Register of Trinity Church - entry for John William Gallichan, son of Charles Gallichan and Elizabeth A. de Gruchy

Reference: G/C/19/A2/7/856

Date: August 21st 1858

Livre de Remarques [Indexed]. Includes burial number, name of person buried, relatives, age, date of death, address, date and place of burial. This document has been scanned and indexed by Archive volunteers. To find the name you are interested in please look at the index and then open the pdf with the relevant page number. Please note that in this volume, the numbers 1850 - 1894 have been used twice - this is a mistake in the original volume. The entries with repeated numbers are marked in the index with the page numbers P394 - p405.

Reference: L/A/41/B1/12

Date: June 7th 1938 - April 6th 1946

J B Le Quesne Funeral Director Account Ledger. Includes some details of the person being buried and the funeral expenses. Please note the volume has been indexed by name of deceased only.To find the name you are interested in please look at the index PDF document to find the name and then open the PDF with the relevant page/entry number.

Reference: L/A/41/D1/5

Date: November 19th 1936 - June 5th 1945

Declaration books of the Prince of Wales Lodge

Reference: L/D/48/B2/3

Date: August 2nd 1916 - April 3rd 1940

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