Observations of the Royal Court of His Majesty George III relating to the proposition of establishing Trials by Juries in the Island

Reference: B/D/A/P15/2/1

Date: 1787 - 1787

Letter Patent of King George III appointing Major General John Pitt Chatham as Governor and Captain of Jersey, Mont Orgueil, and Elizabeth Castle with the wages and land pertaining to the post, including the Manor of Germayne or St Jermayne, land belonging to the late priory of St Illet and St Helier and the advowsons of the churches

Reference: L/C/63/A/1

Date: October 19th 1807 - October 19th 1807

Warrant from George III to the Sheriffs of London for the arrest of Thomas Matheioson/Mathewson of London to be brought to Westminster to satisfy a debt to Abraham Fernandes

Reference: L/C/65/C3/51

Date: June 11th 1764 - June 11th 1764

Letters Patent from George III to the Lieutenant Bailiff of Jersey and Peter Mallet, John Geffrard, William Patriarche, Thomas Hillgrove, Philip Robin and Thomas Le Breton esquires, Sir John Dumaresq Knight, James Pipon, Francis Janvrin Junior, Thomas Hammond, James Pipon, John Dumaresq, John Poingdestre, and John Pipon esquires. Appoints the above named people to examine and interrogate the respective masters and other members of the crew of any ship or vessel belonging to the French Republic or to any person who are subjects of, or who inhabit the French Republic.

Reference: L/C/68/B2/5

Date: June 2nd 1806 - June 2nd 1806

Copy of a letter patent from George III to Nicholas Fiott, Merchant pardoning him after he was judged to be guilty of contempt of the Royal Court in Jersey and fined 300 livres tournois.

Reference: L/C/88/A/29

Date: June 7th 1771

Copy letter from General C P Rogier de Rothement, Dol to George III offering the Royalist Army's allegiance

Reference: L/F/08/A/8

Date: November 9th 1793 - November 9th 1793

Book belonging to Jean Renouf containing details on the militia and rules for the militia. Also contains notes on the Battle of Jersey, the appearances of French and English Fleets in Channel Islands waters, the declaration of war on France in 1756 the declaration of war on Spain in 1765 and the declaration of George II as King.

Reference: L/F/08/H/6

Date: 1744 - 1781

Letters Patent

Reference: L/F/152/A

Letters patent of George III granting George Marquis Townshend the Office of Governor and Captain of the Island of Jersey and of Mont Orgueil and Elizabeth Castle.

Reference: L/F/152/A/1

Date: July 29th 1796 - July 29th 1796

Letter of Marque from George III to Francis Journeaux for the ship Lottery of which Francis Journeaux is commander and Thomas Mallet, Philip Thoreau and George Hooper the younger, Jersey Merchants are owners

Reference: L/F/67/A/1

Date: November 29th 1797 - November 29th 1797

Letter from Lieutenant General George Don to Lieutenant General Sir John Doyle concerning the sending of recruits to the Channels Islands, includes; an order in council of George III concerning imports from France to Jersey and a memorandum relating to Alderney

Reference: L/F/95/A/27

Date: December 7th 1807 - December 7th 1807

George III Letters of Marque for the ship Defiance principally owned by James Amice Lempriere, Merchant and commanded by Clement Messervy

Reference: L/F/99/A/12

Date: 1762 - 1762

Jersey Evening Post Newspaper article : 'The Great Moderniser' - General Sir George Don changed the face of Jersey during his term as Lieutenant-Governor over 200 year ago

Reference: US/1539

Date: April 13th 2017

Article about Sir Hilgrove Turner, onetime Lieutenant-Governor of Jersey plus photographs of various items to be auctioned - 02/05/2008

Reference: US/659

Date: 2008 - 2008

Letter to Samuel Whitbread from Thomas Schreiber: King's writ does not run in the Islands, but the Kings commission under the great seal. The local court made a law that an Englishman can be arrested for bond or bill, but this was not santioned by the King in Council. Writer intends to appeal on this to the House of Lords. Will ask Allen to draw out his case. Hopes for support. 24 September 1814.

Reference: WI/5796

Date: 1814 - 1814

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