Papers relating to the celebration of coronations. Includes; Edward VII, George V, abdication of Edward VIII and accession of George VI

Reference: A/D1/C22/1

Date: March 3rd 1901 - June 14th 1937

File 135/J/21/2 Royal Visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth includes a map showing proposed route of the Royal Procession [contains 1 closed document catalogued as A/N3/2]

Reference: A/N6/1

Date: 1945 - 1945

Document originally part of File 135/J/21/1 relating to the Royal Visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth

Reference: A/N6/2

Date: January 31st 1995 - January 31st 1995

Official messages of congratulations. Includes; Greetings from the King George VI, messages from Lord Mayors in England, messages from other persons in an official capacity e.g. Commander in Chief, Plymouth

Reference: B/A/L1/2

Date: May 11th 1945 - May 22nd 1946

Minutes of the States of Jersey, includes greeting from King George VI and response

Reference: B/A/L20/1

Date: May 14th 1945 - May 14th 1945

Royal Visit

Reference: B/A/L28

Correspondence concerning the coming visit of the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Jersey, includes; request for an amnesty for prisoners, and feudal dues

Reference: B/A/L28/1

Date: May 28th 1945 - June 4th 1945

Official papers relating to the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, includes; timetables, route taken, and the order of the march

Reference: B/A/L28/2

Date: May 31st 1945 - June 4th 1945

List of question concerning the Royal Visit, includes a list of those to be presented - not dated

Reference: B/A/L28/3

Date: April 30th 1945 - April 30th 1945

Message from the King and response from the States of Jersey - not dated

Reference: B/A/L28/4

Date: April 30th 1945 - April 30th 1945

Letters of thanks from the Bailiff to various bodies and persons who helped with the Royal Visit

Reference: B/A/L28/5

Date: June 8th 1945 - November 2nd 1945

Liberation Day 1946: Draft of message from Jersey to King George VI renewing allegiance

Reference: B/A/L41/1/4

Date: April 30th 1946 - April 30th 1946

Kings Message

Reference: B/A/L8

Greetings to the Channel Islands from King George VI and the response from Jersey

Reference: B/A/L8/1

Date: May 10th 1945 - August 23rd 1945

Loyal address to the King, 1939 and the Royal message regarding the removal of military forces from the Channel Islands

Reference: B/A/W12/1

Date: September 16th 1939 - June 25th 1940

Correspondence file concerning the details for the Royal Visit of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh to Jersey on 22nd June 1949, includes a signed copy of the speech made by George VI on his visit to the Island in 1945

Reference: B/D/A/R14/1/2

Date: 1945 - 1949

Correspondence file concerning the coronation celebrations for Edward VII, 09/08/1902, George V, 22/06/1911, George VI, 12/05/1937 and Elizabeth II, 02/06/1953, includes minutes of the Memorial and Coronation Committee

Reference: B/D/A/R15/2/1

Date: November 8th 1901 - July 16th 1953

Correspondence file concerning the death of King George V and accession of King Edward VIII and the abdication of King Edward VIII and accession of King George VI, includes research into proclamations of the accessions of former monarchs including Charles II and William IV

Reference: B/D/A/R15/3/1

Date: January 21st 1936 - February 20th 1937

Correspondence file concerning the death of King George VI and accession of Queen Elizabeth II

Reference: B/D/A/R15/3/2

Date: February 6th 1952 - April 21st 1952

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