Copy letter from J F Murray? to the Assistant Adjutant General originally enclosed with correspondence re. Captain Godfray & Mr E M de la Taste

Reference: A/C2/22/10

Date: May 10th 1882 - May 10th 1882

Letter from G Bertram, Attorney General to Lieutenant Governor Nicholson re. Captain Godfray's legal costs

Reference: A/C2/22/12

Date: May 9th 1882 - May 9th 1882

Letter from the Lieutenant Governor Nicholson to G Bertram the Attorney General re. a letter from Captain Godfray on the matter of Alfred de la Taste who had been brought before the Petty Debts Court

Reference: A/C2/22/7

Date: April 28th 1882 - April 28th 1882

Copy letter from the Lieutenant Governor Nicholson to G Bertram originally enclosed with a letter from Captain Godfray, Adjutant to the West District re. a remonstrance served on him by the Deputy Viscount

Reference: A/C2/22/9

Date: April 30th 1882 - April 30th 1882

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