Bail à fin d'héritage between Thomas Pipon Attorney for Jean Dumaresq and his wife Marie Gordon of the first party and Charles Poingdestre Attorney of George Dumaresq and Jean Le Rougetel of the second party of one quartier of wheat of rente. Signed by Charles Lempriere Seigneur de Rozel and Jurats Jean de Hardy, Josu Pipon and Nicholas Messervy. Registered Livre 54, folio 137

Reference: L/C/32/6

Date: September 5th 1772 - September 5th 1772

Vente de Rente between Thomas Pipon son of Josué procureur of Jean Dumaresq and Marie Gordon his wife with Charles Poingdestre procureur of George Dumaresq. Jean and George are the children of Jean son of Jean son of Jean son of Abraham of the first party and Richard de Carteret son of Jean of the second party. Records the sale from 1 to 2 of 4 quartiers 2 cabots of wheat of rente for the sum of £1558 6 sous 8 deniers of the order of the King. Registered Book 55 folio 172

Reference: L/C/47/A/577

Date: April 24th 1773 - April 24th 1773

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