Percival T Hills of 42, Don Road, St Helier's need for specialist medicine daily.

Reference: B/A/W36/2

Date: July 17th 1940 - August 9th 1940

Request from Mr A de Gruchy of 12, Victoria Crescent, for an allowance of whisky for medicinal purposes.

Reference: B/A/W37/2

Date: October 1st 1940 - October 9th 1940

Requisition of All Mains Wireless Receiving Sets by Superior Council order Requisition of a further 80 wireless sets

Reference: B/A/W40/11/2

Date: July 4th 1941 - August 5th 1941

Requisition of 5000 sandbags

Reference: B/A/W40/7/1

Date: September 7th 1940 - September 7th 1940

Supply of 1000-1200 woollen blankets to be stored in Fort Regent and subsequently in the Town Arsenal for the German troops, includes later requests for their use.

Reference: B/A/W40/8/3

Date: October 12th 1940 - August 16th 1941

Wagon awning from David Dumosch, The Esplanade, and G D Laurens, Queen Street

Reference: B/A/W40/8/5

Date: October 28th 1940 - October 31st 1940

Provision of soap for the German Troops

Reference: B/A/W40/8/6

Date: November 1st 1940 - November 4th 1940

Request for a safe to store documents

Reference: B/A/W40/8/7

Date: November 8th 1940 - November 9th 1940

Livestock and Cattle census results. Copy of the Livestock (Returns) (Jersey) Order 1943, and the Livestock (Returns) (Jersey) Order, 1944 Detailed statistics from both livestock returns orders giving numbers of animals per parish by type

Reference: B/A/W41/20

Date: April 8th 1942 - July 12th 1944

Family Allowances and Childrens Benefit Fund, includes; Copies of the Social Assurance Committee Child Allowance Section Secretary's Report, 03/02/1945. Report on the Children's Benefit Fund, 1943. Act of the Superior Council on the subject of the payment of allowances for children, 11/08/1943, and 29/04/1942 Published copy of the 'Billet D'Etat', 09/08/1943 - debating the subject of children's allowances

Reference: B/A/W42/13

Date: May 8th 1942 - February 27th 1945

Request that letters sent to Field Command always include a German translation

Reference: B/A/W43/4

Date: December 31st 1940 - January 3rd 1941

Printed copy of The Adjustment of Rent (Jersey) Law, 1940. Includes correspondence. For legislation with regard to Rents see also B/A/W41/10

Reference: B/A/W44/1

Date: August 24th 1940 - July 18th 1941

Printed copy of the Loi (1940) (Amendement) sur la Santé Publique (Amendment on the Public Health Law) Includes Correspondence

Reference: B/A/W44/10

Date: December 16th 1940 - January 2nd 1941

Printed copy of the Public Debt (Temporary Provisions) (Jersey) Law, 1940. Includes Correspondence

Reference: B/A/W44/11

Date: December 16th 1940 - January 2nd 1941

Printed copies of the; Currency Notes (Jersey) Law, 1941. Currency Notes (Amendment) (Jersey) Law, 1941. Includes Summary of the increased prices, in essential services, foodstuffs, textiles, tobacco, etc., and correspondence re. issue of notes by the States of Jersey

Reference: B/A/W44/12

Date: January 6th 1941 - May 23rd 1944

Printed copy of the Loi (1941) (Amendment) sur l'Instruction Publique (Public Education Law). Includes Correspondence

Reference: B/A/W44/13

Date: May 16th 1941 - May 30th 1941

Printed copy of the Loi (1941) (Amendment) sur l'Expropriation pour Cause d'Utilité Publique ( Amendment to the law relating to compulsory purchases for the public good). Includes Correspondence

Reference: B/A/W44/14

Date: May 16th 1941 - June 7th 1941

Printed copy of the Motor Vehicle Tax (Refunds) (Jersey) Law, 1941. Includes Correspondence

Reference: B/A/W44/15

Date: May 16th 1941 - June 7th 1941

Printed copies of the; Parish of St Helier (General Purposes Loan) (Jersey) Law, 1942. Confirmation of the passing of the Parish of St Helier (General Purposes Loan) (Amendment) (Jersey) Law, 1944 Includes Correspondence

Reference: B/A/W44/16

Date: December 14th 1942 - December 2nd 1944

Printed copy of the confirmation of the passing of the Acte renouvelant les Lois concernant l'impôt sur certaines huiles et essences (Act renewing the Laws concerning the import of oil and petrol). Includes Correspondence

Reference: B/A/W44/17

Date: January 9th 1943 - January 30th 1943

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