Vente de Rente between Pierre Philippe Guiton procureur of Maximillian Léopold Alexandre Anselm and Emilie Guille Le Bas his wife daughter of John by procuation passed in Paris of the first party and Matthieu George Alexandre of the second party. Records the sale from 1 to 2 of 13 quartiers 2 cabots 1½ sixtonniers of wheat of rente annually for the payment of 2 dowers of £7 per annum: Registered Livre 292 folio 271 [Document is unable to be fully opened due to damage]

Reference: L/C/51/C5/187

Date: November 6th 1886 - November 6th 1886

Declaration books of the Prince of Wales Lodge

Reference: L/D/48/B2/3

Date: August 2nd 1916 - April 3rd 1940

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