Letter from Gervaise Le Gros, Seafield to Colonel Murrary regarding a previous enquiry concerning three men of the 32nd Regiment released from prison on 13 September 1880 on the authority of General Nicholson copy of his note enclosed, also reference to case of Ann Lake whose pardon was not registered and prisoner Ogilvie pardon registered 23 March 1849

Reference: A/C2/29/2

Date: April 10th 1890 - April 10th 1890

Requisitioning of Block B and the Women's Section of the local prison

Reference: B/A/W40/8/30

Date: November 7th 1941 - March 19th 1942

Request for cement from the Jersey Prison Board for the construction of additional cells

Reference: B/A/W81/1

Date: February 8th 1943 - February 10th 1943

Transfer of the local civilian prison to the Chelsea Hotel due to overcrowding

Reference: B/A/W81/10

Date: April 7th 1945 - April 7th 1945

Possible remission of sentences of political prisoners, includes list of political prisoners held at the prison in April 1945

Reference: B/A/W81/11

Date: April 10th 1945 - April 25th 1945

Papers re. Lucien Gosset, a political prisoner sent to the General Hospital suffering from turberculosis. Advertisement to be placed in the Evening Post for new prison warders for the annexe to the prison at the Chelsea Hotel

Reference: B/A/W81/12

Date: April 20th 1945 - April 30th 1945

Enquiry re. rations for civil prisoners imprisoned by the German Forces

Reference: B/A/W81/2

Date: November 18th 1943 - December 17th 1943

Complaints re. rations allowed to political prisoners from the Medical Officer of Health at the Public Health Department. Extra rations given to TB sufferers John Mackay Tipping and Stanley Coombs

Reference: B/A/W81/3

Date: March 11th 1944 - March 24th 1944

Inquiry ordered by the Troops Court, Jersey into Ernest Briard, Governor of the Prison with regard to negligence of the prisoners after giving assistance so that a prisoner was able to escape the local prison

Reference: B/A/W81/4

Date: November 11th 1944 - November 24th 1944

Petition from the Political Prisoners relating to Red Cross parcels

Reference: B/A/W81/5

Date: February 9th 1945 - February 10th 1945

Medical treatment of prisoners at the General Hospital

Reference: B/A/W81/6

Date: February 12th 1945 - February 12th 1945

Complaints about the conditions of people imprisoned on the Military Side of the Public Prison

Reference: B/A/W81/7

Date: February 19th 1945 - February 19th 1945

Request for cement to construct a closet in the courtyard of the Public Prison

Reference: B/A/W81/8

Date: March 20th 1945 - March 20th 1945

Copy of the Medical Officer of Health of the Public Health Department's report on the conditions in the public prison

Reference: B/A/W81/9

Date: February 26th 1945 - April 25th 1945

Correspondence file concerning the Prison Board, includes alterations to the Prison at Newgate Street, reports of the Board to the States of Jersey, legislation, the construction of a new prison at La Moye and transfer of prisoners

Reference: B/D/A/P1/2

Date: May 23rd 1947 - July 21st 1980

Correspondence file concerning the Prison Board numbers1-59. Contains information on a variety of subjects related to the board and their work.

Reference: B/D/A/P1/2b

Date: March 16th 1981 - July 1st 1987

Correspondence file concerning Parole [older files were previously referenced 18/1.C]

Reference: B/D/A/P1/3

Date: August 7th 1968 - May 3rd 1989

Correspondence file concerning petitions of individual prisoners [previously numbered 18.1D]

Reference: B/D/A/P1/4

Date: March 17th 1977 - October 27th 1986

Correspondence files - Prisoners Miscellaneous September 1976

Reference: B/D/A/P1/5 a

Date: August 19th 1976 - October 11th 1991

Correspondence files - Prisoners Miscellaneous from 1992

Reference: B/D/A/P1/5 b

Date: August 28th 1993 - October 18th 2000

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