Applications of evacuees with surnames beginning with letter H wishing to return to Jersey after the Occupation.Each volume of applications includes; names of applicants, date they left the Island before the Occupation, names of children, occupation, date of birth, address in Jersey and address in United Kingdom.

Reference: B/A/L42/7

Date: 1943 - 1945

Volume of Copy Testaments. Contains an index to all testaments and copies of all testaments with grants of probate (post 1949) (Volume 83 - Numbers 548/73 - 724/73)

Reference: D/Y/B2/48

Date: September 6th 1973 - November 27th 1973

Statement of Superintendent with reference to Master's report of character on appeal of Robert Halliday

Reference: L/F/76/D/10

Date: April 29th 1916 - April 29th 1916

Robert Halliday's certificate of discharge

Reference: L/F/76/D/3

Date: April 26th 1916 - April 26th 1916

Robert Halliday's identity and service certificate

Reference: L/F/76/D/4

Date: August 19th 1919 - August 19th 1919

Robert Halliday's Channel Islands pilotage book

Reference: L/F/76/D/5

Date: June 7th 1920 - June 7th 1920

Robert Halliday's Jersey pilotage book

Reference: L/F/76/D/6

Date: May 29th 1922 - May 29th 1922

Robert Halliday's Weymouth pilotage book

Reference: L/F/76/D/7

Date: August 21st 1926 - August 21st 1926

Robert Halliday's Jersey pilotage books

Reference: L/F/76/D/8

Date: March 1st 1926 - March 1st 1926

SS St Helier and SS St Julien log book on Jersey/Weymouth route

Reference: L/F/76/D/9

Date: June 29th 1928 - October 20th 1928

Photocopies of extracts from the diary of Robert Fitzgerald Plunkett Halliday

Reference: M/22/A/1

Date: July 18th 1910 - November 11th 1910

Photocopies of two letters, 1) Letter from Peter Kennedy, The English Folk Dance and Song Society, Cecil Sharp House, 2, Regent's Park Road, NW1 to Captain Halliday relating to the inclusion of an interview with Halliday in the Folk magazine. 2) Letter from Holbrook to Captain Halliday relating to his passage to Tocopilla.

Reference: M/22/A/2

Date: November 16th 1915 - November 30th 1956

Information concerning Halliday's boat the Imberhorne

Reference: M/22/A/4

Date: 1882 - 1917

Information concerning Halliday's boat the Killoran

Reference: M/22/A/5

Date: 1900 - 1940

Letter from Mick Millar, great nephew of Commander Robert Fitzgerald Plunkett Halliday, to Doug Ford concerning various research undertaken into the life of Commander Halliday

Reference: M/22/A/6

Date: December 13th 2000 - December 13th 2000

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