Correspondence and papers relating to Education, includes; history of Grouville School, 1868, Grants to schools, Rules and Regulations of the Jersey Industrial School and Education Acts.

Reference: A/D1/E1/2

Date: January 18th 1864 - December 4th 1930

Papers concerning various schools including; St Mannelier, St Anastase, Don School St Brelade and correspondence relating to the change of name of the Jersey Industrial School to the Jersey Home for Boys and the funding for the construction of the Elementary Schools

Reference: A/D1/S6

Date: November 20th 1869 - November 29th 1977

Applicants with surnames beginning with the letters M and N - Douglas Donald Norman

Reference: B/A/L42/10/562

Date: 1943 - 1945

Guernsey young offenders to be sent to the Jersey Home for Boys

Reference: B/A/W45/30

Date: February 5th 1942 - July 27th 1945

Request and refusal for Peter Leigh Sweetland from Guernsey to be sent to the Jersey Home for Boys

Reference: B/A/W45/44

Date: June 22nd 1942 - June 22nd 1942

Official correspondence with index. Subjects include: naturalisation of aliens; Ann Street Brewery Company; Privy Council appeals; auditors' reports; Sir Maurice Fitzmaurice's report on drainage; contingent for services overseas; currency arrangements; criminal justice administration; export of nursery stock to USA; protection of hospitals against bombardment; Jersey Savings Bank rules; Jerseymen serving overseas; Jersey Home for Boys; laws awaiting royal sanction; remission of sentences; the prison; management of telephone service; weights and measures and the import of tea

Reference: C/A5/13

Date: January 4th 1913 - December 21st 1916

Official correspondence with index. Subjects covered include charges of the Jersey New Waterworks Company; agreement concerning the requisition of houses; admission of children to the Westaway Creche, the Jersey Home for Boys and the Jersey Home for Boys; Compulsory Arbitration Act; bakeries built by occupying forces; reorganisation of States Greffe; royal messages; agricultural policy for 1946; admissions to the asylum; amalgamation of committees; report of the States Analyst; Social Assurance reports; report on awards for death or disablement of internees; auditor's report; Natural Beauties Committee controlled zones; assistance given by Bedford School to Victoria College; butter; 1946-1947 budget; cereal tithes; the civil service; colorado beetle; the conduct of certain inhabitants during the occupation; report on reform of Royal Court; Red Cross; report on divorce; evacuees; export of potatoes; use of the cattle market as a car park; import statistics; Medical Inspector's report; report on Wellington Road Estate; report on the asylum; petition from the Jersey Democratic Movement; agricultural wages; Jersey Loyalists' petition; petition rlelating to holiday camps; report on the prison; the militia; establishment of unemployment bureau; the church at Gorey; Royal Air Force at the airport; resettlement of the island; Terminus Hotel at St Aubin; station at Corbiere; car racing

Reference: C/A5/22

Date: February 14th 1945 - December 20th 1946

Haut De La Garenne and Residential Children's homes. lodged by the Education Committee

Reference: C/A613/1983/P79

Date: May 24th 1983 - May 24th 1983

Haut De La Garenne Transfer of Adminstration, lodged by the Education Committee.

Reference: C/A617/1987/P13

Date: January 13th 1987 - January 13th 1987

Haut De La Garenne, St Martin: Redevelopment, lodged by the Housing Committee.

Reference: C/A621/1991/P177

Date: November 19th 1991 - November 19th 1991

Haut De La Garenne, St. Martin: Redevelopment, lodged by the Housing Committee.

Reference: C/A622/1992/P30

Date: March 10th 1992 - March 10th 1992

The Hospital Committee Minutes. They contain information regarding suppliers to the hospitals, appointments and details of staff, lists of people receiving and applying for public assistance payments. To view an entry locate the page number on the index and then look at relevant page on the PDF containing the page number.

Reference: C/C/V1/9

Date: January 5th 1880 - March 6th 1883

Various committee minutes, with index

Reference: C/D/AD1/8

Date: March 27th 1907 - August 5th 1919

Plans of Haut de la Garenne. Water pump on Mont du Gouray

Reference: D/AL/A2/1746

Date: 1946 - 1946

Plans of Haut de la Garenne, includes proposed alterations

Reference: D/AL/A6/1619(C1)

Date: 1946 - 1946

Plans of Haut de la Garenne, includes proposed alterations

Reference: D/AL/A6/28(C1)

Date: 1865 - 1925

Regulations relating to the establishment of an Industrial School, lodged au Greffe. Printed by Le Lievre Brothers, 13, Halkett Place

Reference: D/AP/AD/3/2

Date: December 15th 1854 - December 15th 1854

Report from T D Robertson, Inspector of Reformatory and Industrial Schools regarding the Inspection of the Industrial School. Presented to the States. Printed by Le Lievre Brothers, States Printers

Reference: D/AP/AD/7/64

Date: March 24th 1896 - March 24th 1896

Order of her most excellent Majesty in Council dated 1st August 1896 confirming certain Act of the States dated 22nd April 1896, entitled: Law on the detention of young children convicted of crimes, offences or vagrancy in 'Reformatory or Industrial Schools' in the United Kingdom, or in certain institutions of like nature, situated in the Island. Registered. Printed by Le Lievre Brothers, States Printers

Reference: D/AP/AD/7/70

Date: August 15th 1896 - August 15th 1896

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